How to Easily Untill Soil in Stardew Valley?

Isn’t it frustrating when you till the wrong tile while farming in Stardew Valley? How about misplacing bombs to clear debris in no time? Although uneven seedbeds can be a bother, we’ll help you with this guide to untill soil in your farm.

To untill soil in Stardew Valley is both challenging and energy-consuming.
Aside from Hoe, Bombs make it harder for you to untill soil in Stardew Valley.

Your land undergoes several processes in producing crops, such as tilling, planting, and cultivating your seeds. Although farming can be an exciting task, getting started is the most tedious part. 

Tilling the farmland can be bothersome and confusing for beginners. If you’re a perfectionist, you wouldn’t want any uneven seedbeds on your farm. But don’t worry. This simple guide will make it easy for you to untill soil.

What Tool Do You Need For Tilling Soil?

Hoe is one of the hand-me-down tools you’ll get during your first day in Stardew Valley. You’ll need it to prepare an area for planting seeds. Moreover, you can use it to dig on other surfaces such as artifact spots, beach and desert sands, and even the underground. 

Tilling dirt from the Mines will give you artifacts, cave carrots, and other random items. While on the surface, you may get random resources and mixed seeds.

Your chance of finding something beneath the soil is higher during Winter. Snow Yam and Winter Root dominate the valley with even more artifact spots.

If you’re feeling lazy, use a hoe to remove objects like Scarecrows, Kegs, and Preserves Jar sitting on surfaces. It saves you time removing each of them and consequently tilling the tile. But, take note that this doesn’t work for crafted floors and paths.

Now that you know everything about the hoe, you can start scaling. But you can’t just click multiple times as it’s not efficient and will deplete your energy in time! Thankfully, upgrading your tool can speed up the process.

How to Upgrade Your Hoe in Stardew Valley?

Copper, Iron, Gold, and Iridium Hoe upgrades inside the Blacksmith's House.
The town’s Blacksmith offers four upgrades for your Hoe.

With Clint‘s help, you can upgrade your hoe and increase its efficiency. However, you’ll need some gold and resources before proceeding.

The upgrade lets you till more soil simultaneously by holding the left click button as it powers up. It comes in different grades, from Copper to Iridium.

Here’s a list of upgrades with their pricing that you can choose from:

Copper Hoe5 Copper Bars2000gIncreases the maximum effect area to three tiles in front of you.
Steel Hoe5 Iron Bars5000gIncreases the maximum effect area to five tiles in front of you.
Gold Hoe5 Gold Bars10,000gIncreases maximum area of effect to 3×3 tiles.
Iridium Hoe5 Iridium Bars25,000gIncreases maximum area of effect to 6×3 tiles.

Remember, even if your tool is upgraded, it’ll still cost you 2 points of energy whenever you use it on Farming Level 0. But it can decrease by one if you reach Level 10. 

How to Untill Soil?

The player using a pickaxe to untill soil in Stardew Valley.
Untilling soil is the hard part, but it’s doable with a pickaxe.

Untilling the farmland soil is possible with a pickaxe. Aim your tool on the tilled surface and click it. Doing so will return the surface to its original state. Don’t forget to turn on the “Tool Hit Location” to avoid wasting your energy from missed hits.

You can use this advantage to farm valuables such as common resources, artifacts, and cave forages if you’re below the ground. It’s a matter of hoeing several tiles, hitting it again with a pickaxe, and repeating the process. However, you should bring lucky items to get the best results.

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