Stardew Valley Character Guide: Pam


If you’d like to learn more about Pam in Stardew Valley, then you’re in the right place! Let’s talk about her as a character and the best ways to build a friendship with her.

Stardew Valley Pam: A Bus Driver in Pelican Town

Stardew Valley Pam is a bus driver who lives in a trailer. However, sometimes Pam might not be at the bus stop. For example, if you’re trying to find her on Spring 25, this woman will be busy because she has a doctor’s appointment that day!

When it comes to friendships, Pam and Gus are good friends in the game. If you want to join her friends’ list, then you’ll have to be nice to her by giving gifts. P.S Spring 18 is her birthday, so don’t forget that!

The Best Gifts For Pam

If you want to get on Pam’s good side, gifts are the way to go. The best gifts for Pam are beer, cactus fruit, glazed yams, mead, and pale ale. If you get your hand on some ale in the game, you know where to bring it!

There is even a quest called “Pam is Thirsty”, where you are asked to bring her some pale ale! Also, this woman definitely has an interesting taste because during one task, she asks for 12 Potato Juice! 

If you don’t have these things, you can also bring Pam some apples, milk, or wine. These gifts might not do as well as pale beer, but she will still appreciate the gesture! 

Befriending Pam in Stardew Valley

If you improve your friendship with Pam, here’s what happens: you get recipes! After three and seven hearts, Pam will send you a recipe. The first recipe is for Cheese Cauliflower, and it gives you even 62 health points! Nice, isn’t it? The second recipe is Stuffing. This will add 76 health points to your character.

Pam’s Location and Her House

First of all, if you’re looking for where Pam lives, you might want to head over the river in Pelican Town because her trailer is quite close.

In the beginning of the game, she lives in a rather small trailer with her daughter Penny. However, later in the game, there are some nice changes. Once you upgrade the Farmhouse and complete the Community Center, you can choose “Community Upgrade” and build Pam a house. It’s a really nice upgrade because it truly has a lovely interior. Later in the game, you can either stay anonymous or make it known who paid for Pam and Penny’s house. Your relationship with her still increases even if you stay silent about the fact that you buy Pam a house.

Pam is definitely an interesting character. There’s even a moment where Gus complains that she is not paying her bar tab at the Saloon! This is just one of the situations where you will get to learn more about her as a person and will have a chance to build a friendship with this Stardew Valley character!

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