Here’s How To Get The Skull Key Within A Year

Are you desperate to get the Skull Key in your hands without spending too much gold? Do you also want to be more efficient in the simple process? Here’s how to get the item before another year changes!

The tab menu in Stardew Valley where the Skull Key is at the player's wallet.
The Skull Key can be found in the player’s wallet once obtained.

Stardew Valley is a simulator and open-world game where you live a life miles away from the city and let your grandpa’s legacy thrive inside Pelican Town. The game combines different farming, fishing, mining, and combat elements to bring a surreal experience that many players love. 

Despite its cartoonish theme, Stardew Valley is shrouded with many strange secrets waiting to be discovered. One of these is the Skull Key that some players may not have heard. 

Today, I’ll guide you on everything you need to know about the mysterious key and how to get it fast, even if you’re just a beginner. 

Where to find it?

Finding the Skull Key would take forever if you’re not looking at the right place. Hint: It’s well-hidden below the mines on the 120th floor, where you’ll get it on a treasure chest as a reward for reaching that level.

You will also face many hurdles and encounters before even getting your hands on it. But good news, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks on reaching the bottom part of the mines as early as possible.

How to Get the Skull Key fast?

There’s no guaranteed way to get the Skull Key in one or two days, especially if you just started playing Stardew Valley. You have to complete different missions, cutscenes, and wait for the local mines to open.

However, there are many strategies you can use to reach the bottommost part of the mines. It will take you a whole season to prepare, but the result will be worth it.

Here are some valuable tips a veteran Stardew Player has for you:

Prepare Your Tools First

In the first few minutes of the game, your pickaxe is inefficient in breaking stones and ores. What I do first is smelting the ingots I have from mining and letting Clint do the upgrade for me. You can get it after three days if he decides to leave his shop open. 

Clint the Blacksmith is usually open on most days. However, he can get a mixed schedule depending on the day of a particular season. You can find more about him and his routine in this guide.

Mine on Super Lucky Days

Every time you wake up in the morning, always watch the TV for a heads-up about your luck. If you have high luck, there’s a better chance of you finding valuables in the mines. But if it’s the opposite, you can cook for luck buffs.

Lucky Lunch is the perkiest among all recipes because it gives you +3 Luck. Add the value you get from the Fortune Teller, and now you have better odds.

Bombs, Staircases, and Coffee

What we have here are three of the most indispensable items you’ll need if you want to progress faster in the mines. 

Bombs clear the way for you and may reveal the ladder you need to go further down. You can craft it if you have the materials or buy some from Dwarf. 

Alternatively, you can stack up 999 stones from your inventory and take 99 to craft that into a staircase. It functions as a ladder, and it’s the fastest way to skip a floor. 

Coffee, on the other hand, gives you a speed boost. You can combine three coffees to make a Triple Shot Espresso which lasts longer than usual.

Avoid Combats

You have a single goal on the line, and it’s finding the Skull Key. Naturally, you might want to focus on digging, crafting, and ignoring slimes and bugs along the way. 

If you have the Slime Charmer Ring, that should fix your slime problems and take out other monsters on your way.

Mind the Elevators

Elevators in Stardew Valley can be found inside the mines, and it lets you travel on any floor. It’s available every five floors, so make sure o have that micro-goal whenever you go down.

As much as possible, try to reach five to ten floors per run and avoid using the ladders as it deletes your progress. 

Why Find the Skull Key?

The key opens different opportunities once you have access to the Calico Desert. For instance, you’ll unlock the Skull Cavern and farm Iridium – the strongest metal in-game.  

Along with these are the unspoken riches you can unearth once you’ve reached the 100th level of the Cavern. Access to Calico Desert and Skull Key also unlocks the Casino rich in exotic surprises inside. On top of that, Stardrop Saloon now lets you play the cutest arcade game in town, Junimo Kart.

So it’s justified all the grind for a mysterious key is beyond worth it.

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