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Stardew Valley is commonly known as a relaxing open-ended farming simulator game. People don’t associate Stardew Valley with clothes or fashion, but little do they know that Stardew has its charming fashion scene. In the game, players can collect, make, and equip all kinds of clothing like hats, shirts, pants, boots, and rings! This guide will focus on your farmer’s feet— specifically, how to equip boots in Stardew Valley. 

Footwear in Stardew Valley is actually quite purposeful and not just cosmetic. Aside from Rings, Boots are the only other clothing item in the game that benefits the player. Check out this page for a complete list of rings in Stardew Valley. All Boots have some amount of defensive or immunity boost. This guide will direct players on where to find bootswhich boots are good for your feet, and how to equip boots in Stardew Valley.

How to access my farmer’s clothing items in Stardew Valley?

1) Access your Menu in-game. 

Open Menu to equip boots in Stardew Valley
  • PC users: E/Escape.
  • Mobile users: 3-horizontal-lines icon.
  • Xbox One users: 3-horizontal-lines button.
  • Xbox 360 users: start play button.

2) See your farmer on the bottom left of the menu.

Image shows Farmer with all six clothing item slots around her filled.
Farmer Alice fully decked out with Clothing Items

There will be slots around your character, each with icons representing what you can equip. When playing for the first time, your farmer will already have clothes equipped, which you chose at the character creation menu. You can take any of these items on/off your farmer when the menu is open. Meanwhile, make sure to put clothing items in your inventory carefully, or you just might risk accidentally throwing them in the river or trash can!

Where do you get boots in Stardew Valley?

Being small and quaint, Pelican Town does not have a shopping mall with stores and stores of shoes. However, you can acquire footwear in several different ways in Stardew Valley.

  • Adventurer’s Guild: Owned by Marlon and Gil and located East of the Mines, the guild is where you can buy weapons, rings, and boots! They are open daily from 2 PM to 10 PM. See here for a guide on the best weapons to get. (You can unlock the Adventurer’s Guild only after completing the quest, “Initiation.”)
  • Mine Chest Rewards: You get rewards every ten or so floors in the mines. Sometimes, you’ll receive boots as a reward.
  • Crates and Barrels in the Mines: You can also get random boots and other thingamajigs from the many crates and barrels scattered throughout the mines. Be sure to never miss these! You just might find something special in them.
  • Monster Drops: Occasionally, after slaying any old monster down in the mines, you might find a pair of boots on the ground. 
  • Fishing Treasure Chests: When fishing, you’ll likely encounter a treasure chest at some point. These chests often hold useful items in the game, sometimes even ultra-rare ones! Fishing treasure chests can also randomly have some boots in there for you. Probably from pirates sailing the Gem Sea.
  • Skull Cavern: The mines in the desert hold many secrets in the game. For instance, you can find and experience so many rare and sometimes weird things in Skull Cavern. One of those things is getting random boots!
  • Volcano Dungeon Shop: The recent update brought in the all-new Volcano Dungeon. In its shop, you can find two rare boots. 
Special Events! 

Stardew Valley has so many secrets and easter eggs. Most importantly, it’s half the fun discovering them all on your own. Therefore, you will not find too much spoilers in this guide; however, just know there are special boots waiting for you to find them! Happy playing!

How To Equip Boots In Stardew Valley:

  1. Open up your menu.
  2. Make sure you have any kind of footwear/boot in your inventory.
  3. If there is footwear already on the slot, move it first to your inventory.
  4. After that, place the boot you want to wear on the empty footwear slot.
  5. Congratulations! You are now a boot closer to becoming Pelican Town’s Supreme Little Darling: Footwear Category.

There you have it! These were the ways you could access your farmer’s clothing as well as find and equip boots in Stardew Valley. Happy playing!

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