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Are you looking for a generally liked gift for the Feast of the Winter Star in Stardew Valley? You may want to start producing wine, a beverage that can heal and make its drinker tipsy. Continue reading to learn more about this artisan good!

Kegs filled with Wine in Stardew Valley.
Are you ready to earn tons of money?

After purchasing the final farmhouse upgrade, you now have the cellar. Having this space allows you to start a Wine Business in Pelican Town. We bet you know it’s a guaranteed money-maker to help grow your farm. 

But how do you produce it? In this guide, you’ll learn the complete process of making this beverage in Stardew Valley.

Important Questions

What is Wine?

It’s an Artisan good available for all seasons and created by processing fruits in a Keg. On another note, the fruits used in this item do not affect their healing effects.

Consuming this boozy beverage causes – 1 Speed and Tipsiness buff that can last for 30 seconds. Its base quality offers decent healing effects, but better grades give higher restoration effects. Nevertheless, remember to drink in moderation. 

Follow this table of restoration effects:

Normal+50 +22
Silver+70 +31 
Gold+90 +40 
Iridium+130 +58 

How to Get Wine?

You can get this alcoholic drink through these methods:

  • Traveling Cart. This transportable bazaar may occasionally sell its no-base fruit counterpart for 1200-2000g.
  • Statue of Endless Fortune. This furniture produces Wine every Winter 14 on Harvey’s Birthday.
  • Feast of the Winter Star. Any adult may give this to you during the festival, except for Clint, Evelyn, Marnie, Willy, and Robin.
  • New Year’s Eve. If you’re married to Leah or Elliott, they might offer you this drink during the event.

How to make Wine?

Making this item only takes a few things– a Keg and a piece of Fruit. To get the first item’s crafting recipe, you’ll need to reach Farming Level 8. You then have to collect Wood (30), Copper Bar (1), Iron Bar (1), and Oak Resin (1) to make it. 

While you’ll get its main ingredient by foraging through the woods or harvesting fruit trees and fruit crops on your farm. Here’s the list of fruits you can choose from alongside their seasons:

Ancient FruitSpring, Summer, Fall
BananaAll on Ginger Island (G.I), Summer (elsewhere)
Cactus FruitAll
Crystal FruitWinter
GrapeSummer, Fall
Hot PepperSummer
MangoAll on G.I, Summer (elsewhere)
PineappleAll on G.I, Summer (elsewhere)
Qi FruitAll
Spice BerrySummer
Wild PlumFall

Once you’ve picked the fruit you like, proceed by placing it in the equipment. This process takes about seven days and is only applicable to produce its standard quality.

Nevertheless, you also have an option to age it. The aging procedure takes another 14 to 28 days and requires extra equipment.

Facts and Information

Selling Prices

Wine placed in Kegs and Casks in Stardew Valley.
Aging them can do wonders!

This boozy beverage’s selling price depends on its quality. But its fruitless counterpart can be sold for 400g. But if you have the Artisan Profession, its price will increase by 40%, turning its value to 560g.

Nonetheless, you can enhance the fruit-based version by putting it in a Cask and letting it sit for a few days. Its grade turns into a Silver to Iridium Quality depending on how long you aged them. 

Moreover, it’s possible to prematurely remove any quality by striking the Cask with an Axe, Hoe, or Pickaxe. You may refer to the table below for more information on the equations used to compute the price of wine:

QualityNormalWith Artisan Aging Duration (Days)Total Number of Days to Produce
Normal3 x Fruit Base Value 1.4 × Wine Base Price (WBP)07
Silver Star(3 × Base) × 1.251.4 x WBP1414
Gold Star(3 × Base) × 1.51.4 x WBP1428
Iridium  Star(3 × Base) × 21.4 x WBP2856


A black leather jacket made in the Sewing Machine in Stardew Valley.
Show off that new jacket!

You can use it in a spool of a sewing machine and make a Black Leather Jacket. And if you want to give your dye pots a purple hue, this good does the trick. However, you can’t use it to color your in-game dyeable shirts.


Harvey and Leah love receiving this as a gift. This drink is also well-appreciated by the rest of the villagers. But Jas, Leo, Penny, Sebastian, and Vincent are exempted because they’ll hate it.


You can’t use it in many quests, but the Blobfish may randomly ask for it to increase the Fish Pond’s capacity from five to seven. It doesn’t require a specific type of Wine. So, quickly dump in that excess booze to boost your pond’s population!


Complete the following bundles with this item:

  • Enchanter’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board. You’ll receive five Gold Bars by using this good to complete the donation.
  • The Missing Bundle in the Abandoned JojaMart. Achieving it requires at least a Silver Quality Wine or better.
  • Brewer’s Bundle in the Pantry (remixed). Accomplishing this bundle gives you a Keg as a reward.


What is the Most Profitable Wine?

Starfruit Wine is the most lucrative wine among these goods. But here are the top five highest-selling wines in Stardew Valley you may want to consider. Note that some have down-to-earth rarity, so consider yourself lucky if you find them.

ItemNormalSilverGold IridiumNormal with ArtisanSilver with ArtisanGold with ArtisanIridium with Artisan
Starfruit Wine (W.)2250g2812g3375g4500g3150g3936g4715g6300g
Ancient Fruit Wine1650g2062g2475g3300g2310g2886g3465g4620g
Pineapple Wine900g1125g1350g1800g1260g1575g1890g2520g
Melon Wine750g937g1125g1500g1050g1311g
Rhubarb Wine660g825g

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