How to Use a Furnace in Stardew Valley – Full Guide 2022

Do you want to make good use of your ores in Stardew Valley? These small resources aren’t lucrative but turning them into bars with a Furnace’s aid gives you many advantages in crafting. Here’s a full guide on getting and using it!

A player surrounded with furnace in Stardew Valley.
What would you smelt in this equipment?

Getting resources like ores is useful in Stardew Valley, especially if you turn them into usable bars. You may not know, but these transmuted resources take part in several crafting recipes for useful items. New players won’t need to wait long to get it since it’s one of the blueprints you can get at the beginning of the game!

Important Questions

What is a Furnace?

A player crafting a furnace in Stardew Valley
It looks simple yet its end-products offer many benefits.

It’s an unsellable piece of equipment that turns ores into bars. You also need to get on a unit of coal to get its end products successfully. Each ore has its due time process. Some may take at least half-hour or more. 

Moreover, you can get it for free by completing the Blacksmith’s Bundle in the Boiler Room at the Community Center. But you can still make it by collecting a few items and obtaining its recipe.

How to Craft a Furnace?

 A player beside a furnace in Stardew Valley
Do you see that bar producing machine? You’ll earn a lot of gold from it.

You can obtain a Furnace’s blueprint for free once you’ve obtained at least one Copper Ore. A cutscene gets triggered the next day from around 6:00 AM to 11:30 AM, and Clint will share its recipe. You only need several pieces of Copper Ore (20) and Stones (25) to craft it. 

How to Use a Furnace?

Before producing Furnace items, you first need to gather resources from mining sites like Skull Cavern, Quarry, and Mines. You may consider breaking crates and barrels since they contain these ores. And make sure to carry your starter sword or better weapons as these areas have monsters like Dust Sprites and Ghosts.

While the Blacksmith Shop also sells these items, it’ll help you gather them quicker. Additionally, a furnace requires specific amounts of resources and one coal. Here are the things you can make as you fill your inventory with the ingredients you need:

InputProductProduction DurationSelling Price
Bouquet (1)Wilted Bouquet (1)Less than ten minutes.100g
Copper Ore (5)Copper Bar (1)30m60g
Fire Quartz (1)Refined Quartz (3)90m150g
Gold Ore (5)Gold Bar (1)300m250g
Iridium Ore (5)Iridium Bar (1)480m1000g
Iron Ore (5)Iron Bar (1)120m120g
Quartz (1)Refined Quartz (1)90m50g
Radioactive Ore (5)Radioactive Bar (1)600m3000g

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