How to Get Hardwood in Stardew Valley and More | Full Guide 2022

Where and how to get hardwood in Stardew Valley? We have the locations for you! After playing Stardew Valley for some time, you may have collected plenty of Hardwood already. If you’re running out of ideas on where you can use them, here’s a guide to help you learn more about them.

Hardwood Stardew Valley: Location
Foraging some Hardwood means more items to craft!

In keeping your land neat and presentable, you must’ve scavenged loads of items as you clear up your farm every time it goes haywire. Upon constantly foraging and chopping woods, your inventory may have many things like Hardwood.

If you’ve run out of ideas on where you can use it, this guide will help you discover everything you can do with it.

Important questions

What’s Hardwood?

Hardwood is a resource you’ll get from cutting down a Mahogany Tree with an axe. To collect more of them you can start by planting plenty of Mahogany Seeds and wait for them to mature before chopping them. Moreover, you can market this kind of wood for 15g.

How to get Hardwood in stardew Valley?

A player standing beside large tree stumps and a barrel in  Stardew Valley.
Visit these areas to get more of this item!

Before gathering some of these resources, you may want to get a Lumberjack Profession as it increases the chances of getting Hardwood from normal trees. You can also use bombs to quickly destroy these trees. Here are the best spots to get them:

  • The Mines. Breaking barrels and boxes here may drop a few pieces of this resource.
  • Visit the Secret Woods. This area spawns at six large stumps every day, letting you obtain at least 12 pieces of it daily.
  • The Dangerous Mines. Reach levels 41 to 69 and don’t forget to bring a good quality axe.
  • Robin. You may receive 25 pieces of it during the Feast of the Winter Star.
  • Visiting Ginger Island. You’ll also find some Mahogany Trees on this island.
  • Woodskip from the Fishpond. Get five of it once the pond reaches a population of six.
  • Farm. You may find eight stumps on the left side of your farm. One stub also spawns on the corners of the area. Letting you acquire 30 pieces of Hardwood in total.

Facts & Information


Making different equipment and items in Stardew Valley drives everyone’s game-play extra exciting. You can also sell some of your crafted things, but it’s not recommendable since it’s not a lucrative way to earn gold. While there are items that are not sellable (NS).

Here are some recipes that use Hardwood (HW) for you to create interesting and useful things:

ItemsIngredientsRecipe Source (L= Level)Selling Price
Cheese Press10 HW
45 Wood
45 Stone
1 Copper Bar
Farming L. 6NS
Oil Maker20 HW
50 Slime
1 Gold Bar
Farming L. 6NS
Hardwood Fence1 HWFarming L. 610g
Cork Bobber5 HW
10 Slime
10 Wood
Fishing L. 7250g
Worm Bin25 Hardwood
1 Iron Bar
1 Gold Bar
50 Fiber
Fishing L. 8NS
Warp Totem: Beach1 HW
2 Coral
10 Fiber
Foraging L. 620g
Warp Totem: Mountains1 HW
1 Iron Bar
25 Stone
Foraging L. 720g
Warp Totem: Desert2 HW
1 Coconut
4 Iridium Ore
Desert Trade for ten Iridium Bars.20g
Warp Totem: Farm1 HW
1 Honey 
20 Fiber
Foraging L. 820g
Warp Totem: Island5 HW
1 Dragon Tooth
1 Ginger
Volcano Shop for 10,000g20g
Rain Totem1 HW
1 Truffle Oil
5 Pine Tar
Foraging L. 920g
Stump Brazier5 HW 
1 Coal
Carpenter’s Shop (800g)NS
Carved Brazier10 HW
1 Coal
Carpenter’s Shop (2000g)NS
Cask1 HW
20 Wood
Upgrade of Farmhouse CellarNS
Ostrich Incubator50 HW
50 Bone Fragment
20 Cinder Shard
Professor Snail after finishing his collections and surveys.NS
Heavy Tapper30 HW1 Radioactive BarMr. Qi for 20 Qi GemsNS
Mini Obelisk30 HW
20 Solar Essence
3 Gold Bar
Wizard’s Special OrderNS
Hopper10 HW
1 Iridium Bar
1 Radioactive Bar
Mr. Qi’s for 50 Qi GemsNS


A player beside a stable and a kitchen in Stardew Valley.
Get new in-game features with these building upgrades!

If you want to use your farm space effectively, you should visit Robin to add more buildings to your land! In purchasing a facility, ensure that you have enough gold and resources to acquire your desired structure.

You’ll need pieces of Hardwood in the following buildings:

FarmHouse Upgrade 250,000g
150 HW
100 HW
5 Iron Bar


Robin would appreciate receiving this item as a gift, but other NPCs won’t since they dislike it. Instead of giving it away, you could use it to enhance your farm or craft helpful items. This resource offers plenty of uses, it’s best to not resort to handing it over to villagers.


A player wearing a brown shirt and a beanie in Stardew Valley.
Tarzan with a beanie? Let’s go!

You can use it in the spool of the sewing machine and produce a shirt. It also makes a great brown dye for dyeable shirts. While dye pots benefit from it as well since it changes their color to orange.


You can also complete quests with it, including:

  • “Robin’s Request” Quest, requesting 10 HW.
    • Rewards: 500g and 1 Friendship Heart.
  • “Robin’s Project” requests 80 HW.
    •  Rewards: 2,000g and Deluxe Red Double Red Recipe.
  • Repair Willy’s Boat for 200 HW
  • 10 HW Requested by Woodskip in Fishpond Quest (increases pond capacity from one to three).
  • 5 HW Requested in Fishpond Quest (Increase pond capacity from five to seven).


Hardwood (HW) is handy in completing bundles like the Construction Bundle in the Crafts Room. By collecting ten of them from large stumps and trees, you’ll get a Charcoal Kin as a reward. You can use this equipment to produce more coal in-game.

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