Top 5 Best Fish for Fish Pond in Stardew Valley


Are you looking for ways to upgrade your Fish Pond in Stardew Valley? Then this best Fish for Stardew Valley guide is just what you need right now!

We will go over the main things you need to know about the building the best version of your pond and how you can choose the right fish for it.

Why Do You Need a Fish Pond in Stardew Valley?

Before we jump right into all types of fish you should keep in mind, here’s why you should even think about getting a pond in the first place.

All experienced players know that passive income is the best way to ensure that you will succeed in the game. In all fairness, you will need plenty of resources, gold included, to build all the building you need in the game and for all the items you will want to plant.

How do you even get money from the ponds? Well, the fish have a chance to produce an item that you can sell for money. You can keep selling it for quite a good amount of money, so you will get back your investment soon.

P.S. While you’re thinking about your fish pond, don’t forget to take a look at our favourite fishing mods!

How to Build a Fish Pond in Stardew Valley?

Let’s get to the good part!

It’s actually not that difficult to get everything you need to build a fish pond. you can do that early in the game, so you won’t need to wait that much.

In terms of resources, you will need 5k Gold, 200 Stone, 5 Seaweed, and 5 Green Algae. The pond itself is not even that big. It will be 5×5 space on your farm. As long as you have these resources, a bit of empty area, and can wait 2 days, then this is all you need to start your pond journey.

Just go talk to Robin once you’re ready to start working on your fish pond.

The Best Fish for Your Stardew Pond

Now that you know what you need to prepare, let’s take a look at what you can actually put in the pond.

There are some many different types of fish in the game, so picking the best ones wasn’t that easy! Be ready to take some notes from this guide to the best fish for the fish pond in Stardew Valley:

Lava Eel

When it comes to choosing the best fish for your pond, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look into something exotic! That’s why we are talking about the Lava Eels. Sounds good, right?

It’s not so easy to catch this fish, but just take your time. This one in particular will bring you a good amount of gold, but that’s exactly the type of fish you need to become rich in Stardew Valley.

Ice Pip

As a contrast to the previous fish, let’s take a look at the colder part of this list. That’s right, we are talking about the Ice Pip. It made our list for the nest fish for the fish pond in Stardew Valley for multiple reasons.

Ice Pips can get you a lot of iron, geodes, and diamonds, so definitely keep this one on your mind.

Just note down that you will need to have 9 Ice Pips if you want to get your hands on the diamonds!


If there’s one fish that’s not so nice to look at, it’s the Blobfish. However, it would be a huge mistake to overlook it! They can create a lot of roe. If you have at least 9, they can produce rare items too.

The one thing that makes it more difficult is the time when you can catch them. Despite being some of the best fish for the fish pond in Stardew Valley, these can only be found in Winter during the Night Market.

Midnight Squid

Speaking of the Night Market, the Midnight Squid is another fish that can be caught during that time. It definitely deserves and honorary mention on this list!

The squid can actually produce ink. The more squids you have, the more ink you can get! You can use it for various situations in the game, so keep this one as an option.


There is no way we could have a list like this and forget to include Sturgeon! It’s such a high quality fish that players with ponds can’t imagine the game without it.

Sturgeon can actually be used to produce Caviar! Just go to the Mountain Lake (can be done during both Winter and Summer) to try to catch your first Sturgeon.

Here you go! These are just some of the best fish for your fish pond to get started!

P.S. if you’re looking for other ways to ensure a passive income in Stardew Valley, definitely consider fruit trees and various crops for harvesting!

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