Top 15 Best Fish for Fish Pond in Stardew Valley

With overwhelming numbers of fishes in Stardew Valley, it’s no surprise that beginners take time to profit. However, we’ve compiled all the best fish for fish pond in this guide, so you can just catch them whenever you want.

Let’s face it. It’ll become more tedious and repetitive no matter how good you’re at Fishing in Stardew Valley. Sure, almost every competitive player has muscle memory for each behavior and difficulty. But what if you’re busy with other things like searching for the best boots in the game?

Also, there’s no massive gold in deep waters that’ll make you rich quick, and you’ll end up in a loophole. The Fish Pond is the answer if you want to relax and enjoy your prized possessions. You’ll also get something in return while waiting or challenging yourself at the endgame.

As of 1.4, the artificial pond structure becomes available from the Carpenter’s Shop for Green Algae (5), Stone (200), Seaweed (5), and 5,000g. It has three initial capacity that expands to ten after completing item requests from fishes. However, the material you’ll bring will depend on the type.

Some of the best fish for fish pond in Stardew Valley.
A typical Fish Pond setup in Stardew Valley.

Now you’re familiar with the building, and it’s time to choose the best fish for extra profit! We prioritize those with special produce, quantity, and item type since they matter the most.

The Best Fishes For Fish Pond

The following are ranked from least to most performing mainly because of their produce. Every fish isn’t difficult to maintain, but the reproduction rate and item requests will vary. But there are reasons why these are on our top 15 list:

15. Blue Discus

Blue Discus in the fish pond in Stardew Valley.
It’s from the Ginger Island waters!

After the Ginger Island update from version 1.5., Blue Discus becomes available to catch in the same area. You can cast your Fishing Rod either North or West to get this tropical fish in your Fish Pond. There’s no need to use Magic Bait as they’re available at any time, season, or weather.

Catching a Blue Discus is easy, and they reproduce every three days. However, they’ll be happier in their new habitat if you give them the following items:

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
ThreeTaro Root (3)Five
FiveTaro Root (10)Ten

Moreover, you’ll get daily drops that you can’t find on Stardew Valley:

Table of loots - Blue Discus.

The best item you may get by breaking open a Golden Coconut is Golden Helmet. However, it also offers crops and tree seeds such as Banana Saplings, Mahogany Seeds, and Pineapple Seeds. 

14. Octopus

The Octopus in the fish pond in Stardew Valley.
All the best of luck catching an Octopus.

As one of the most challenging fish to reel in, the daily loot it gives isn’t the most rewarding. However, you’ll get Omni Geodes that you can exchange for rare items from the Desert Trader. But the chances are still slim, as shown in the later table comparison.

You can start catching this intelligent creature in all Oceans and exclusively in the Submarine (Night Market). They’re primarily available during Summer from 6am – 1pm, but the fishing part can be frustrating. However, Trap Bobber offers a solution as it gives Octopus less opportunity to move around the fishing bar.

Placing it in the Fish Pond will let them reproduce every four days while requesting the following materials for expansion:

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
ThreeCoral (3), Honey (1), Oyster (1), or Refined Quartz (3)Five
FiveDried Starfish (1), Emerald (2), Omni Geode (2-3), or Purple Mushroom (2-3)Seven
SevenGreen Tea (1)Ten

Here’s what you’ll get from the first day until its maximum capacity:

Octopus fish pond loots.

13. Woodskip

The Woodskip in Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
It’s hiding deep within Cindersap Forest!

Catching a Woodskip in Stardew Valley can bring different hurdles. For example, there’s a 15% to 27% chance in the Secret Woods, depending on the fishing level. You should also consider higher Fishing Zones as it drastically improves your catching chance.

Once in your inventory, you can deposit one into the pond as they reproduce every two days. Since the fish comes from deep woods, it’s not surprising how most items it needs are forest-related:

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
OneHardwood (10)Three
ThreeCommon Mushroom (2-3) or Red Mushroom (2-3)Five
FiveOak Resin (1) or Pine Tar (1)Seven
SevenJade (2) or Tea Leaves (1)Ten

Woodskip earns the 13th spot since its produces aren’t a big deal. Sure, they’re resources and tree seeds, but you can quickly and conveniently gather them everywhere if you’re experienced.

Woodskip fish pond loots.

12. Ghostfish

The Ghostfish in the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
It’s a mysterious fish below the Mines’ depths.

Although the Mines offer ores and stones, encountering the 20th floor will welcome you with underground water. It’s open for fishing, and you can catch a Ghostfish with enough Luck and patience. 

If you put one piece at the Fish Pond on Day 1, they’ll start to multiply on Day 3 exponentially. The limit is at population ten, but you can fill the habitat easily since you can find the following items on the exact location:

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
OneQuartz (5)Three
ThreeCave Carrot (5)Five
FiveWhite Algae (5)Seven
SevenDwarf Scroll I (1), Dwarf Scroll II (1), or Refined Quartz (2)Ten

What you’ll get are most items you dropped to the inhabitants. However, they’re not as valuable as you might expect:

Fish pond loots from a Ghostfish.

11. Stonefish

A Stonefish in Fish Pond.
It might be one of the most frightening abominations in Stardew Valley.

Like the Ghostfish, you can hook a Stonefish on the 20th floor of the Mines. The highest possible chance of catching one is achieved by equipping a Curiosity Lure, maximizing fishing level, and casting the rod at Zone 5.

Despite being inedible, it sells above average among common and uncommon fishes in Stardew Valley. Moreover, they introduce another member every five days (which takes a lot while). But once you’ve seen the “!” near the Fish Pond, deliver them the following depending on their requests:

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
OneCopper Ore (10)Three
ThreeEarth Crystal (5)Five
FiveCoal (10) or Geode (5)Seven
SevenCopper Bar (4) or Refined Quartz (5)Ten

The drops from Stonefish are exclusive on levels one to 39 of the Mines, with Copper Ore as the most prevalent. Here are other items to watch out for with chances depending on different capacities:

Stonefish's loots from Fish Pond.

10. Ice Pip

The Ice Pip at the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
Have you caught one of these?!

Descending 60 floors in the Mines is another body of water similar to the one 40 levels above. Albeit existing in a snowy temperature, a rare Ice Pip thrives that you can catch at any time, season, and weather. However, the best odds you have is 10.95% with the following: Level 10 Fishing, Fishing Zone 5, and Curiosity Lure.

Most items you’ll have to donate are exclusive to floors 40 to 79. However, they take five long days before another inhabitant exists on the same Fish Pond.

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
OneIron Ore (10)Three
ThreeFrozen Tear (5)Five
FiveCoal (10), Crystal Fruit (1), or Frozen Geode (5)Seven
SevenIron Bar (4) or Refined Quartz (10)Ten

Ice Pip’s loots are decent upgrades from its previous counterparts that you can find in the Mines. The only issue is the loot probability and how little the items pool there is.

Ice Pip loots from Fish Pond.

9. Sturgeon

Sturgeon in Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
If you have a Sturgeon already, please don’t sell them.

Spoiler: Fetching a Sturgeon is the key to making a Caviar for the Missing Bundle in Stardew Valley. The progress for that sweet Movie Theater is challenging, but catching the fish is harder. They’re slightly difficult to spot, but you have ample time – from 6am – 7pm. You can find them during Summer and Winter at Mountain Lake.

You’ll need the following items, so Sturgeon multiplies every four days:

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
OneDiamond (1)Three
ThreeJelly (1), Maple Syrup (2), or Pickles (1)Five
FiveOmni Geode (3)Seven
SevenNautilus Shell (1)Ten

Turning the fish’s eggs into a Caviar is possible using Preserves Jars. It’s the only loot, and here’s a table of overall chances and item percentages at different capacities:

Sturgeon's Fish Pond loots.

8. Midnight Squid

The Midnight Squid at Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
What a beautiful bluish variant of the normal Squid!

Winter 15 to 17 is when multiple merchant boats and vessels visit the Docks. The Night Market’s official opening begins from 5pm – 2am. Going to the left side of the map is a Submarine that’ll take you on an underwater trip for 1,000g. 

After ten in-game minutes, a hatch will open where you can start reeling in the Midnight Squid. It’s the only place you can get one, but they’re worth putting into the Fish Pond.

Before multiplying every three days, fetch the following items first and throw them to the habitat:

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
ThreeCoral (3) or Sea Urchin (2)Five
FiveSardine (2)Seven
SevenOcean Stone (1)Ten

Squid Ink isn’t valuable on its own – Seafoam Pudding is. That’s because you’ll get an extra +4 Fishing level, which helps increase the mini-game bar’s length. 

Squid Ink Ravioli is another powerful dish that grants you complete immunity from debuffs. Hate that Putrid Ghost spewing something which makes you feel ill? This item may have saved your life after consumption!

Midnight Squid's Fish Pond loot.

7. Blobfish

Blobfish at a Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
Blobfish also deserve the love.

The hatch at the Fishing Submarine is also the place to catch Blobfish. This floater sells high, with prices reaching 500g – 1,5000g each! However, the difficulty and behavior are slightly hard, but they’ll be more predictable after some practice.

Give them four days to add another inhabitant. They take time to reproduce in the Fish Pond, and you should be ready to give their demands once they show the “!” icon:

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
OneCoral (3), Frozen Tear (2) or Sea Urchin (2)Three
ThreeCoffee Bean (5), Mayonnaise (1) or Pizza (1)Five
FiveCookie (1), Green Tea (1) or Wine (1)Seven
SevenRainbow Shell (1) or Rice Pudding (1)Ten

The last two loots are the most important when keeping a Blobfish. The latter will teleport you to your Farmhouse, saving you from potentially passing out at 2am. Meanwhile, you can sell the Pearl for a hefty 2,500g. It’s half the price of a Treasure Chest, but the odds are higher.

Some loots from Blobfish at the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.

6. Slimejack

Slimejack at the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
Would you shove this slimy fish into your mouth?

Will you eat a fish from the Sewers, or would you keep them at a Fish Pond instead? It’s not the most priced nor gives loads of restoration effects, but Slimejack fills the Fish Pond every three days.

The items you’ll need are all things slimy and outright disgusting. However, it’s the only way to get the capacity higher for better loots.

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
OneSlime (20)Three
ThreeBug Meat (10)Five
FiveAlgae Soup (1) or Wild Bait (5)Seven
SevenPetrified Slime (1)Ten

Green Slime Egg is valuable, and you can even use it at the Slime Hutch to produce even more profit. The rest are fair enough, but you surely won’t run out of Slime Eggs to sell!

Fish Pond's Slimejack in Stardew Valley.

5. Spookfish

Spookfish at the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
Nothing spooky here.

Spookfish is another marine animal you can spot underwater with the Fishing Submarine. It’s less challenging than other rare fishes, although there’s also a selling price advantage.

Throwing a Spookfish at the Fish Pond will start the multiplying process every four days. It’ll gradually reach the tenth capacity, but notice how some items are demanding and not beginner-friendly. However, it’s a win-win since you’ll see later what loots you may get.

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
ThreeAmethyst (3), Coral (3), Iron Bar (3), Oyster (1), Red Mushroom (3), or Refined Quartz (3)Five
FiveDried Starfish (1), Emerald (2), Granite (1), Omni Geode (2-3), or Purple Mushroom (2-3)Seven
SevenDiamond (1), Gold Bar (3), Iridium Ore (1), Mayonnaise (1), or Pickles (1)Ten

Despite the lack in quantity, Treasure Chests stole the spotlight because of their incredible selling price. Although the chances are questionable, aging their eggs are decently profitable.

Spookfish Fish Pond loots.

4. Lionfish

Lionfish at the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
Another Island-exclusive fish in the game!

Lionfish is another Ginger Island exclusive that you can catch from the West, South, and Southeast coasts. It’s easy to get one on your inventory, but it means lower profit that you can pocket.

Since you can find Lionfish almost conveniently at any shore, it means you can build a Fish Pond farm out of it. Depositing at least one will start the reproduction process every three days. But you can increase the limit by giving the following items as they request:

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
ThreeGinger (3) or Pineapple (1)Five
FiveMango (1)Ten

Although a Lionfish’s typical selling price ranges from 100g-200g, its products beg to differ. That’s because the Tiger Slime Egg costs 8,000g per piece. Moreover, you can use it at the Slime Egg-Press at the Slime Hutch to make even more profit.

Lionfish Fish Pond loots in Stardew Valley.

3. Stingray

Stingray at the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
It’s an exotic sea creature from Ginger Island.

This type of fish is one of the hardest to catch in Stardew Valley with Sinker behavior and 80 difficulty. However, you can only find them at the Pirate Cove – East from the Ginger Island Resort. 

Stingray reproduces at the Fish Pond every four days, where they’ll request Cinder Shard and Dragon Tooth. If you’re a seasoned player, it’ll be easy to get the materials from Volcano. All you need to do is donate the following items and wait:

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
ThreeCinder Shard (7)Five
FiveDragon Tooth (1)Ten

Magma Cap, Cinder Shard, and Dragon Tooth are some rare valuables that you’ll get by raising Stingrays. While the odds are lower for more uncommon items, it’s clear how helpful they’re still, but here’s the overall chances and item percentage:

Stingray's Fish Pond loots.

2. Lava Eel

Lava Eel from the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
Is it hot to the skin?

At the Mines’ near-scorching hot floor 100 lies a pool of hot magma where you can catch the Lava Eel. It has a mixed behavior complemented by its 90 difficulty – one of the hardest and almost the same difficulty for Legendaries. As one of the most valuable fish, it sells for 700g-2,100g.

Placing them at a Fish Pond is also a smart move since Lava Eel offers many goodies! They’ll start multiplying every five days. However, don’t forget the following items once they start requesting:

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
OneFire Quartz (3)Three
ThreeBasalt (1), Diamond (2), or Dwarf Scroll III (1)Five
FiveMega Bomb (2)Seven
SevenIridium Bar (1)Ten

The daily drops you’ll get are mostly from floors 80 to 119 of the Mines. Spicy Eel and Magma Geode are the best as the former offers Luck and Speed buff while the latter contain minerals.

Loots from Lava Eel in a Fish Pond.

1. Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout - the best fish for Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
The best fish for your Fish Pond!

Are you wondering why Rainbow Trout is first on the list? It’s effortless to catch and one of the most common River and Mountain Lake fish during Summer. They also multiply every two days – which is quick, so how’s it on the top? Prismatic Shard.

However, you’ll need to drop the following items on the Fish Pond:

Initial CapacityInputImproved Capacity
ThreeCoral (3), Honey (1), Oyster (1), or Refined Quartz (3)Five
FiveDried Starfish (1), Emerald (2), Omni Geode (2-3), or Purple Mushroom (2-3)Seven
SevenDiamond (1), Gold Bar (3), Iridium Ore (1), Jelly (1), or Pickle (1)Ten

There’s not much you can get from this fish except Prismatic Shard. Although it sells for 2,000g-2,600g, there are fantastic and shady uses it can offer in Stardew Valley.

Rainbow Trout loots from a Fish Pond.

Facts And Trivia

What Is The Point Of The Fish Pond In Stardew Valley?

To collect different fish types, have a nearby source in case of an emergency, and raise them for products. Those are some main reasons for the Fish Pond’s importance. However, the best answer is petting them while receiving excellent loots in return.

What fish gives you the most money in Stardew Valley?

Money is essential in-game. However, most players prefer utility over profiting since every fish on this list have other uses aside from selling. Technically, it’ll be the Lionfish assuming it constantly produces a Tiger Slime Egg every day. Since it costs 8,000g, you’ll get rich within a season.

Lava Eel is definitely the most uncontested without the Ginger Island update because its Aged Roe sells impressively high! 740g-1,064g is a massive value, but there’s the trouble of catching it. 

Lava Eel is also the highest-selling non-legendary fish, costing 700g-2,100g. 

Does moving pond remove fish Stardew?

You may move your Fish Pond to construct other buildings or save farmland spaces from Robin’s Shop. With the habitat’s relocation, every fish (no matter the quantity) will stay the same.

How do you collect fish from a Stardew Pond?

Most beginners, when encountering the pond, rely on clearing the habitat. It’s unfortunate to lose all those hard work. The next time you’re broke or need an extra ingredient, grab your Fishing Rod and cast it to the water. There’s no need to play the mini-game, no bait or tackle consumption and depletion, but they’re at the lowest quality.

What happens when you empty a Fish Pond in Stardew Valley?

Everything resets to zero. Whether you refill the Fish Pond with another type or destroy the infrastructure is up to you. But if you emptied the habitat using a Fishing Rod, you’ll need to press the “Empty Pond” button after right-clicking to reset and refill.

Can you remove fish from a Pond?

From a fishing perspective, it’s possible. You’ll know it’s empty if the sign doesn’t show a fish or you’re catching junk items. While clicking the “Empty Pond” is the fastest, it’s better to retrieve them one by one.

What Roe is worth the most Stardew?

Selling Roe alone isn’t enough. You’ll need to load a piece at the Preserves Jar for aging and increasing the price. However, Lava Eel ranks the highest since you can sell a jar for 740g-1,064g each.

Can I put Legendary Fish in the Fish Pond?

Legendary Fishes are the most difficult to catch in the game, so it makes sense you can’t put any. Even if it’s their relatives from the quest “Extended Family” that you can activate from Qi’s Special Orders board, they won’t like it.

Do Super Cucumbers give you Iridium?

They do at populations nine to ten, with 4% – 5% of giving one to three pieces! While we could’ve put Super Cucumber on the list, we intentionally didn’t because the products are too common.

Is Super Cucumber good for Fish Pond Stardew?

It’s outside our top 15 list of the best fishes for Fish Pond in Stardew Valley. However, it’s a mid-tier choice if you need extra Iridium Ore aside from Statue of Perfection and Skull Cavern mining.

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