A Full Guide To Stardew Valley Secret Note #20

There are loads of Secret Notes in Stardew Valley; finding them and solving their puzzles can be pretty tricky at times. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Stardew Valley Secret Note #20.

A screenshot from Stardew Valley. In it, the farmer is solving the puzzle from Secret Note #20.

What are Secret Notes?

Secret Notes are hidden items you can find all over Pelican Town and in the surrounding areas. These notes contain secret information, helpful tips, and puzzles you can solve to earn special rewards! However, before you can find them, you’ll need a Magnifying Glass.

You can access all of your Secret Notes in the collections tab:

How To Get The Magnifying Glass

If you are in the Winter season, follow these steps:

Firstly, you must walk to the Bus Stop between 06:00 am and 04:00 pm. Once you reach there, a cutscene will appear and a mysterious “Shadow Guy” will be startled by you and run away. After this occurs, you will notice that “A Winter Mystery” will have been added to your journal.

Head in their direction towards Pelican Town now. In the snow, you’ll see small footprints leading northeast.

Follow the footprints to find the shadowy figure.

Follow these footprints all the way until you reach the playground that’s next to the Community Center. There, you’ll find a big bush. Interacting with it will reveal the shadowy figure once again. They will be spooked once again, and produce the Magnifying Glass before running away once more. This item will be added to your wallet, and you’ll be able to find Secret Notes from now on!

You can access your Wallet from the Skills tab.

How to Find Secret Note #20?

With the Magnifying Glass in hand, you’ll be able to find all of the Secret Notes in Stardew Valley. However, which of the 25 notes you find is completely random. This means that Secret Note #20 can be the first note you found or the very last. Doing the following actions have a chance of yielding a Secret Note:

  • Killing monsters – The killing blow on a monster of any kind has a chance to yield a Secret Note, in addition to regular loot.
  • Cutting weeds – Aside from collecting Fiber, which is used in a lot of crafting recipes, you can now also find a Secret Note when you cut down weeds.
  • Chopping down trees, Large Stumps, Large Logs – Every single smack with your axe has a small chance to drop a Secret Note. Large Stumps and Logs grant a higher chance to find a Secret Note.
  • Mining Stone, Meteorite, and Boulders – Each time you mine, there’s a chance you’ll find a note. The chance is higher when mining big Boulders and Meteorite Nodes.
  • Fishing – You’ll have a chance to fish up a Secret Note when you go fishing with the Magnifying Glass in your wallet. You can also find notes in Treasure Chests.
  • Tilling Artifact Spots – Grab your Hoe and get to tilling. When you see an Artifact Spot, make sure to dig it up and find yourself a Lost Book, Artifact, or a Secret Note.
  • Harvesting a Giant Crop – Finally, harvesting a Giant Crop – Melon, Cauliflower, or Pumpkin – has a 100% chance to drop a Secret Note.

Do you really need Secret Note #20?

Unfortunately, even though it’s totally random and can take time, it’s necessary to find this note. Even if you solve the puzzle perfectly by following our guide, you won’t be able to get the reward without first having this Note in your inventory.

How to Solve the Puzzle

Stardew Valley Secret Note #20 can be quite confusing at first. It portrays a tiny green ball, surrounded by a red circle, and then some gray gravel. Ring any bells? What the puzzle is depicting is actually the main square in Pelican Town:

Below this image, you’ll find a series of green arrows. Standing in the very center of the red circle, you’re meant to walk in the direction that the arrows dictate until you hit an obstacle. At that point, look at the next arrow, and continue following the instructions. Let’s do it together!

Starting from the middle, head left until you bump into the dog pen, then go down. You’ll bump into a bush next to Mayor Lewis’ house. Next, head right – right up to the mayor’s house – then up, and right again. You’ll be here:

Head up and you’ll find yourself in front of George, Evelyn, and Alex’s house. Turning right, you’ll be by the river. Head down, left, and up again and find yourself here, right above Pam’s trailer:

Go left and up and you’ll be right in front of a small bridge that leads to the Jojamart/Cinema. Then, take a long right and you’ll be in the small parking lot by the main building. Make a quick up and left turn, and you’ll be here:

Liking the Movie Theatre a lot more than Jojamart? Learn how to get it here!

Nearly done! Simply go up and then right-click on the window. You’ll find yourself speaking to the driver of the car. The driver will want a Rabbit’s Foot delivered to them. Do that, and you’ll have solved Secret Note #20!

How to get a Rabbit’s Foot

You can get a Rabbit’s Foot by owning Rabbits and caring for them well. Every animal produces something – Chickens produce Eggs, Cows produce Milk. Rabbits generally and reliably produce Wool – one piece of Wool every four days. However, a happy and well-cared-for Rabbit may produce a Rabbit’s Foot instead. This item is more valuable and has several uses – one of which is exactly this Secret Note.

Rabbits provide Wool and Rabbit’s Foots.

Need some extra help? Read our Rabbit Foot guide:


If you don’t own any Rabbits, you can alternatively purchase a Rabbit’s Foot from the Travelling Cart which is located in the Cindersap Forest each Friday and Sunday until evening. Visit the cart every Friday and Sunday and peruse their wares to see if the Rabbit’s Foot is there. The stock is limited and randomized, so you’ll need a bit of patience and luck to find the Foot in this way.

Once you’ve got a Rabbit’s Foot, go back and give it to the driver!

What do you get by completing Secret Note #20?

The driver will give you a Special Charm in return for a Rabbit’s Foot. This item permanently increases your daily luck score. Like the Magnifying Glass, The Special Charm can be found in your wallet in your menu on the skills tab.

What is Daily Luck?

Luck is a hidden statistic in Stardew Valley that affects a great number of things in the game. Essentially, it just makes you a bit luckier. For example, on a luckier day, you’re more likely to find Treasure by fishing, and ladders when destroying rocks in the mines or Skull Cavern. It’s always better to be more lucky than less lucky, so the Special Charm is very useful indeed!

Check your Daily Luck every day by watching the Fortune Teller on TV!


Secret Notes are always worth solving as they can give you great benefits that can make your gameplay easier. Secret Note #20 can be confusing for many people, but once you understand the note and complete it, you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic item!

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