The Stardew Valley Spa: All About This Great Spot

A Stardew Valley Spa? Yes, it exists! If you haven’t been able to visit a long-needed visit to the Spa in person, you can do so in Stardew Valley. The Spa is an incredible spot within the game, so if you want to learn all about it you’re in the right place. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about it.

What is the Stardew Valley Spa?

The Spa is a wonderful building within Stardew Valley. There are a few things to do inside it, which we will get to as you read on. However, if you are a new player, you may not have access to it yet. Players who have experienced an earthquake are the only ones that will have access to the Spa. Therefore, if you have not yet experienced the earthquake, you will need to wait till the 3rd day of Summer in the first year to gain access to it.

Where is the Stardew Valley Spa?

The Spa can be located north of the Mountain within the Railroad. As aforementioned, this area is blocked until you have experienced the earthquake. If you are still struggling to find the Spa, if you check your map, you will need to go to the most northern area of it. There should be a little train track north of the map, you have to travel to this area. It is not too far from your farm, so don’t worry, you won’t be walking for ages!

When is the Spa Open?

Thankfully, the Spa is never closed! It is open every single day for the whole day. We love a 24 hour Spa. Therefore, it’s a great place to go after a long day or in the early mornings when nothing else is open yet.

What can you do in the Spa?

This adorable spot includes changing rooms and a little pool. You will notice your character changing into a wonderful swimsuit when you enter the changing rooms. The best part of the Spa is that the pool restores all of your energy! Relaxing in the pool can save you from eating hard-earned crops or things you have foraged for energy. It is a great and free way to get all of your energy back and carry on with the rest of your busy day.

What else does the Stardew Valley Spa Include?

There is a peaceful fishing spot next to the Spa. This is a great area to fish as if you run out of energy while fishing, you can just go ahead and restore it inside the Spa. Therefore, this is a wonderful way to enjoy endless fishing.

Furthermore, if you come across secret note #25, you will read that someone stole their mother’s necklace and ended up losing it near the Spa. They are worried that their mother will freak out when she realises that her necklace is missing. Therefore, to find the necklace you will need to simply fish in the water near the spa during spring, summer or fall. If you successfully find the ‘Ornate Necklace’ it will be a great way to boost friendship points with Caroline and Abigail.

Lastly, there is an episode about the Spa. “Livin’ Off The Land” features an episode about it. This episode occurs every odd year on the 15h day of Summer. It will state: “Got a Spa in your town? Relax in the steaming hot water to replenish your energy. Ahh… feels good, don’t it?”

Do NPCs visit the Spa?

A lot of the time, you may not notice anyone else go to the Spa. However, it is believed that Alex usually goes to the Spa to work out and that Linus goes there in the Winter to get warm. However, most of the time, the Spa is empty so you can relax in peace.


In conclusion, the Spa is a great place to restore all of your energy. It is very beneficial when you are running low on things to eat to replenish your energy. Therefore, you should definitely check out the Spa in your free time or whenever your energy needs to be restored.

Hopefully, this guide helped you out! See you in the next one.

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