What is the Stardew Valley Earthquake?

“There was an earthquake during the night.” Oh no! Don’t panic. Will it affect everything around on your farm in Stardew Valley? This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Earthquake!

The player standing near the Raildroad pathway after an earthquake.
The pathway to Raidroad is now clear of rocks.

There are many random events in Stardew Valley, such as meteorites, strange capsules and witches. I know, these all sound incredibly scary, but most of them are extremely rare. However, the Stardew Valley Earthquake is not rare, it is an event that every player experiences. Some of these events can be a good thing and some may not be. Events may have effects on your crops or allow certain areas of the map to be accessible. The earthquake may be the first event you experience as a new player. 

When does the Earthquake happen in Stardew Valley?

The Stardew Valley earthquake occurs on day 3 of year one’s summer. It always occurs at night, so in the morning you will receive a notification stating that “There was an earthquake during the night.” As it occurs at night, the earthquake does not affect your peacefully asleep character. Therefore, don’t worry about having to run away from an earthquake during the day. 

Where does the Stardew Valley Earthquake occur? 

To find the area of the Stardew Valley earthquake, you must go north of your home and north of the mountains.

Does the Earthquake Affect my Crops?

Thankfully, the Stardew Valley earthquake does not affect your crops. All of that early game hard work won’t be destroyed by this event. However, the meteorite event is more likely to occur in the summer and it can affect your crops. Consequently, keep that in mind!

Can the Earthquake Affect my Buildings?

Although earthquakes can cause huge destruction to buildings in real life, the earthquake in Stardew Valley does not cause any damage. Many new players get worried about their buildings when an earthquake occurs, but this event’s purpose is not to cause harm. All of your built structures will survive the earthquake.

What does the Stardew Valley Earthquake do?

So, what is the point of the earthquake? Earthquakes are beneficial when it comes to Stardew Valley. They unlock areas on the map which were not accessible before it. The area unlocked by the earthquake is the Railroad. This is located north of your house, as aforementioned.

The Railroad

The player sitting on the train waiting shed outside the Railroad in Stardew Valley.
The Railroad in Stardew Valley.

The Railroad is a great place to collect loot such as Geodes, Coal, Iron Ores, Leprechaun Shoes and Stone. This is because trains passing by may have loot falling out of them. Sounds a lot better than mining all day for these items, right? However, you may not find great things if you don’t check it regularly. You have a higher chance of collecting rarer items if you check the area every day. 

What happens if you stand in front of a passing train?

Don’t do this! Your character will lose health and will be knocked away. If you attack the train with any weapons, the same thing will happen. There is also a chance of getting stuck on the tracks, causing you to suffer a lot of damage and passing out. 

When can you get the loot?

Trains pass through the railroad between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. If a train is passing by on the Railroad and you are not there, you will receive a notification stating that “A train is passing through Stardew Valley”. You will also know that a train is passing if you hear a whistling noise. Therefore, you will know when the loot is available to collect. However, the loot only stays there for the day and is gone the next morning. Due to this, make sure you collect the loot the same day it has dropped, or you will miss out on it!

The Spa

The player entering the Spa in Stardew Valley.
Unlocking the Railroad comes with a comfy place like the Spa.

The Spa is an amazing spot. It is located within the railroad. If you go inside, you will find changing rooms and an adorable pool. This pool is a great way to restore your health and energy. You will also notice that your character changes into a cute little swimsuit. You can visit the Spa whenever you like as it is open all day and is never closed. The Spa is a great way to save your hard-earned crops as you won’t need to eat them all the time for energy. 

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