Stardew Valley Baby: How To Have A Child?

Stardew Valley Baby Guide will offer you the answers to what happens after you marry your loved one. So, you are happily married, and you and your partner decided you want to have a baby.

In the following lines, we will get to know how to do it and what it looks like to have a baby in the Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Baby Guide

Well, well, children don’t come with the guidelines in real life, don’ they? Luckily, here we have certain rules to learn and follow.

Let’s begin.

  • The number of kids is limited to 2
  • You will always have a boy and a girl (you can’t have 2 boys or 2 girls)
  • Kids grow up, but stop growing at toddler stage
  • They never come as a surprise
  • You can either have a baby or adopt it (adoption is the option if you are in the same sex marriage)

The criteria you have to meet to become a valid candidate for a child:

  • You have to be married for minimum of 7 days
  • At least 10 heart relationship with your spouse
  • You farmhouse should be updated twice and you should own a nursery with a crib

Having and Adopting Children?

Imagine, you meet all the criteria from the list. Happily married with a wonderful farmhouse, ready to start a pleasant family life. So, that means only one thing – you should wait.

During nights the chance for your spouse to ask you if you want to have a child is 5%. Therefore, when she asks you, you will have two options – YES and NO.

In case you say YES to a baby, you will have to wait for 14 days. On the 14th day, you will see a baby in the crib.

On the other hand, if you refuse to have a baby, your partner will accept it without any negative consequences.

You will certainly get the opportunity to have a child later on in the game, as long as all these criteria are met.

Having Kids In The Multiplayer Mode?

Okay, in this mode things work slightly bit differently, in case you want to marry another player. And yes, it is more complicated for sure.

So, when the main player is randomly asked if they want to have a child. If they respond positively, the farmhand will be asked the exact same question. Once the farmhand, says YES, the child will appear in the game as expected.

Stardew Valley 2nd Child

Before you can have another kiddo, there are four stages you should get through with your first one.

Therefore, let’s get straight to these stages, luckily, they never hit puberty.


  • Phase 1: In the beginning, your baby remains in the crib, asleep, for 14 days after they arrive. When you choose to interact with them, it will notify you stating they are sleeping.
  • Phase 2: After those 14 days, the child will get to the next stage. They’ll stand up in the crib, and you’ll be get to build a relationship with them, by tossing them in the air playfully. This will enhance you friendship points.
  • Phase 3: Another two weeks later, your kiddo will get out of the crib to meet the world. They’ll crawl around your beloved house and play with toys. This cycle of their development lasts 28 days, or one full season.
  • Phase 4: Welcome to their fully-grown stage! Here kids never progress past it. In this stage, they’re toddlers, running happily and freely around the house. You can strengthen your bond with them by playing and generally interacting.

Now, when all of these stages have been fulfilled, you can hope for the second one! Isn’t that wonderful?

Dismiss Children

Another important piece of information is that you can always “dismiss your children”. However, to do that you will have to complete a specific Joja route. Also, you should’ve finished the Dark Talisman quest for the Wizard, and unlocked access to the Witch’s Hut.

In the Hut, there is a shrine called – the Dark Shrine of Selfishness. Once you present a Prismatic Shard, you will be able to dismiss your children.

Although, beware that you can’t reverse this.

So, in case you dismiss your children you will not be able to see them again.

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