How to Have A Baby In Stardew Valley

Are you wondering if it’s possible to have children in Stardew Valley? You most definitely can, and making a family can be an exciting process. Continue reading this guide to learn all there’s to know about having kids.

baby in nursery crib
Look at that cute sleeping baby!

Before getting to know the joys of parenthood, you must learn how to make a simple home upgrade. Installing a Nursery is essential because this is where your children will stay in their new home. Thereafter, you can interact with them and watch them grow. 

All it takes to have children is a little hard work, gold, and patience. Then, you’re closer to your dream of creating your perfect family. Read this guide more to learn everything you need to know about having a baby in Stardew Valley!

How To Have A Baby In Stardew Valley

In order to have children there’s a series of prerequisites and steps you must follow. It may not be easy but it will be worthwhile. Here’s the series of steps to having children in the game:

1. Get the Farmhouse’s second upgrade.

2. Acquire a Nursery for your home.

3. Get married to another player or NPC

4. Wait for your spouse to ask you if you want to have or adopt a child.

5. Say ‘Yes’ to having children.

6. Await for your first child to arrive in its crib.

7. Watch and interact with your first baby as it grows until the last stage (Stage 4).

8. Wait for your first child to fully grow before getting a second kid with the same process.

what is A Nursery?

nursery looks like this
Here’s a short tour of the Nursery!

A Nursery is part of the Farmhouse’s second upgrade. It’s one of the two new rooms that come with the renovation, which consists of two single beds and one crib. Moreover, this is positioned beside your corner room and above the midsection of your bedroom and living room.

More importantly, there’s a 5% probability that your partner will ask you if you want to conceive or adopt a kid after you have this room in your house. You can either respond “yes” or “not right now.” Regardless, you can ask Robin to remove or put the crib back anytime you change your mind about having children.

How to Make A Nursery?

robin counter
You can always rely on Robin for your Home upgrade needs.

To get a Nursery, you must go to the Carpenter’s shop in the north of town to get your first upgrade. After that, right-click the counter to view all of Robin’s services and select “Upgrade House.” The first renovation requires 10,000g and 450 wood to add a double bed, wider space, kitchen and fridge to your house.

Once you have your first home upgrade, you can avail the second one, containing the Nursery. The procedure is the same for the second house upgrade, except this time, Robin asks you if you’re interested in expanding your house, adding an extra room and Nursery. Here, she’ll request 150 pieces of Hardwood and 50,000g in exchange for her services.  

Then she’ll start working on your house the next day. In three days, she’ll finish the renovations. You’ll have an extra room and a Nursery equipped with one crib and two beds.

How To Use The Nursery?

To use this new room, you need to have children who will stay in it. However, before getting kids, you need to get married first. Here are the following ways you can get married in Stardew Valley: 

how To Marry An NPC?

If you’re still single, you may want to meet Stardew Valley’s bachelors and bachelorettes. To increase your friendship points, you can chat them up, go to the movies, or give them the gifts they love, especially on their birthday. Furthermore, the more hearts you gain, you’ll get more interesting cut scenes and benefits.

Once you have an 8-heart relationship with an NPC, you must express your romantic interest by giving them a bouquet. Now that you’re dating, you must keep wooing them until you have a 10-heart relationship. Upon reaching that stage, you can propose to them with a Mermaid’s pendant, and in three days, you’ll be married.

How to get married in multiplayer?

In Stardew Valley Multiplayer, players are allowed to marry one of their friends in Co-op. To marry another farmhand, the main player has to give their chosen partner a Wedding ring to make a marriage proposal. If the other player accepts your proposal, your wedding ceremony will commence in three days.

how to have a baby?

baby stardew valley ask
These are the dialogues you should look out for if you want a baby.

Once married, there’s a 5% chance your spouse will ask if you want to have or adopt a baby in the middle of the night. If the player agrees to have kids, they get to name their child and officially become parents. Regardless, the baby will appear in the crib after 14 days.

The main player in multiplayer mode is randomly questioned first about having children. The same question will be directed to the farmhand. If both say, ‘Yes,’ they’ll welcome a new member into their family following the same mechanics in single-player mode.

In opposite-gender couples, the female spouse will give birth after 14 days, despite not being visibly pregnant. On the other hand, in same-gender couples, after working on the adoption paperwork, a child will appear in its crib at night. Along with its arrival comes a note saying the adoption agency has dropped off your baby.

In Stardew Valley, the maximum number of children you can have is two, which could either be male or female. The gender of your first offspring will be random, while your second child will be the opposite of the older one. Furthermore, you can only have a second kid once the first child reaches Stage 4.

Your children will undergo a series of stages in their growth. However, they stop growing past Stage 4 and stay in the Toddler stage. See the table below on how you can interact with your child as they grow up in the Nursery.

114The baby spends most of its time sleeping in the crib.• If you click on the baby, a text will appear saying, “[child’s name] is sleeping.”
214The baby can stand in the crib.• When you toss the baby into the air your relationship level increases.

• If you throw the baby into the air while it’s sleeping a funny animation will play.
328The baby plays with its toys and crawls around your home.  The baby will automatically get transferred back to the Nursery at night.
The baby can also get stuck in furniture when there’s a bug.
• Right-clicking on your baby can increase your relationship level.
428 +The child will run around your home.• Right-clicking on your child will raise your friendship level.

What Happens when you Dismiss Your Children?

If you decide to dismiss your children, you must venture into the Witch’s Hut and interact with the Dark Shrine of Selfishness. After offering a Prismatic shard, your children will turn into doves and fly away. Once the deed is done, they’re gone forever.

Fortunately, you can access or remove the crib anytime from the carpenter shop with the  ‘make house renovations’ option, even after dismissing your children. Moreover, there’s still a chance your spouse will ask you if you’d want to have kids again if you keep it. While getting rid of the crib takes away your chances of parenthood along with it.

After turning your children into doves, it can unlock multiple easter eggs in the game. Here’s an overview of the following events:

  • Mysterious Phone Call. You’ll get a strange telephone call one day, and when you put the receiver to your ear, you hear an abrasive static. As you listen longer, you make out an otherworldly voice saying, ‘Y-O-U H-A-V-E F-O-R-S-A-K-E-N U-S.’ However, this will no longer occur once you unlock the cursed doll spawn below.
  • Cursed Doll Spawn. If you watch TV at the Standard Farm on Fall 26 and choose the “???” channel, your screen will show something spooky. An Ancient doll will emerge with the chilling message, “You’ve brought this upon yourself… Now I’m free… Hee hee hee!” After getting out the screen, it’ll transform into a dark-colored bird and take flight.
  • Fishing. If you live on the Four-corners Farm, there’s a possibility you might catch an Ancient doll. Moreover, you’ll find this strange item inside Fishing Treasure chests. Note this can only happen once.

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