Stardew Valley Duggies: How to Defeat them easily?

Do you like being surprised by monsters in the Mines? We’re not talking about parties; this is about how Duggies suddenly charge their attacks. In this guide, you’ll learn about these monsters’ behavior, strategy, and more!

A player encountering Magma and Regular Duggies in Stardew Valley
The dangerous counterpart is quite difficult to hunt.

Monsters in Stardew Valley embody various skills; some may fly, jump, or even attack you as they pop from underground. If you’re wondering what kind of mob comes from underground, they’re Duggies!

It’s pretty apparent why they’re called that way. Read further to learn more about these mobs who’ve mastered the element of surprise!

What are Duggies in Stardew Valley?

A regular duggy attacking a player in Stardew Valley.
They’re definitely the masters of surprise!

They’re mobs found in different areas depending on the variation you’re going after.  They come in three types: regular, dangerous, and magma Duggies. They’re bug-like creatures that suddenly pop out from the ground. After casting their attacks, they eventually retreat to the hole they made.

Moreover, note that these holes can’t be removed using a hoe. While killing 30 of them (any variation) helps complete Adventurer’s Guild Monster Eradication Goal and gives you a hard hat as a reward.

Nonetheless, encountering them requires some precaution. Here are the stats of these mobs in Stardew Valley:

Base HP40280380
Base Damage6816
Base Defense000

Where Can You Farm Duggies in Stardew Valley?

A player standing in the Mines and Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley.
It’s a thrilling yet dangerous journey.

Interestingly, you won’t find them simultaneously. You’ll encounter a basic Duggy on floors six to 29 of the Mines. While its dangerous counterpart only appears once you activate the Shrine of Challenge or once you’re dealing with Danger in the Deep Quest. You’ll battle with them in the same area’s first to the 29th level.

Magma Duggies, on the other hand, are found in the Volcano Dungeon. There’s no specific floor on where you’ll encounter them, so better prepare your weapons when going here!

Despite the varying stats and appearances, they all have the same behavior. They can sense you two tiles away and attack you at the same speed. You can use the same strategy in defeating them too. 

When fighting them, you simply need to move continuously before they can charge at you. When they attack you, better move to their hole and wait for them to retreat. You may also block their damage by swinging your sword.

What Can you get from Duggies?

You can’t just fight these bullies and get nothing from them. So, here’s a list of valuable items they might drop once you defeat them:

Regular/Dangerous Duggy PercentageMagma DuggyPercentage
Cherry Bomb25%Cinder Shard15% to 40%
Chewing Stick2%Mega Bomb50%
Diamond1%Tuber Taro50%
Dwarf Scroll I0.5%Once Reached the Bottom of the Mines
Dwarf Scroll IV0.1%Prismatic Shard0.05%
Earth Crystal10%Diamond0.05%
Once Reached the Bottom of the Mines
Prismatic Shard0.05%

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