How To Get Better Weapons In Stardew Valley

Do you want to know where you can get better weapons in Stardew Valley? Perhaps you’ve encountered powerful monsters in the Mines and struggled to defeat them. This guide is perfect for you because we’ll show you how to enhance your weapons when pitting against them.

Weapons in stardew valley
Look at Stardew Valley’s vast weapon collection!

There’s no doubt that weapons are extremely important for many Stardew Valley Players. It keeps them safe from monsters when they’re in the Wilderness Farm, Mines, Skull Cavern, or when completing dangerous quests. Therefore, despite the challenges in collecting them, it’s greatly sought after in the game.

Additionally, your success in the Mines depends on whether you walk out with your hard work or lose everything to your enemies. Defeating them won’t be easy, but you’ll stand a chance against them with the right tools. If you’re interested in learning more about weapons and the best ways to get higher-quality ones, keep reading this guide.

What Are Weapons in Stardew Valley?

Weapons (W.) are used to battle enemies by inflicting damage, but it doesn’t take up energy when you’re wielding them. These weapons (except for the Slingshot, which doesn’t have one) also have secondary attacks you can use by right-clicking to cause extra damage or defense. Additionally, you can get these from Chests, Monster drops, and the Adventurer’s guild shop. 

Although Axe, Pickaxe, and Scythe can inflict a small amount of damage, they’re not good weapons for combat. Also, among the two tools mentioned earlier, only the Scythe doesn’t consume any energy when used. Moreover, unlike other tools, these are non-upgradeable in the Blacksmiths. 

swords in stardew valley
These are sharp swords make sure not to cut yourself!
WeaponsUsesTypes of Weapons
SwordThis versatile weapon allows you to make rapid attacks with low swing delays. Its secondary attacks also help you block monsters from dealing damage by negating it when you go into a blocking stance. Additionally, it lets you knock back flying enemies.•Bone Sword
•Dark Sword
•Dragontooth Cutlass 
•Dwarf Sword
•Forest Sword
•Galaxy Sword
•Infinity Blade 
•Insect Head 
•Iron Edge 
•Lava Katana
•Neptune’s Glaive
•Obsidian Edge
•Ossified Blade 
•Pirate’s Sword 
•Rusty Sword 
•Silver Saber 
•Steel Falchion 
•Steel Smallsword 
•Tempered Broadsword
•Templar’s Blade 
•Wooden Blade
•Yeti Tooth
daggers in stardew valley
These weapons may be small but they’re dangerously fast.
WeaponsUses Types of Weapons
DaggerThis weapon’s range may be short, but it’s the fastest-attacking one in Stardew Valley. It can inflict damage on the target square in front of the player. Moreover, its secondary special move allows you to lock an enemy in place by quickly stabbing it four times consecutively.

•Broken Trident 
•Burglar’s Shank 
•Carving Knife 
•Crystal Dagger 
•Dragontooth Shiv 
•Dwarf Dagger 
•Elf Blade 
•Galaxy Dagger 
•Infinity Dagger
•Iridium Needle 
•Iron Dirk 
•Shadow Dagger 
•Wicked Kris 
•Wind Spire
clubs in stardew valley
These heavy weapons needs a strong wielder,
WeaponsUses Types of Weapons
ClubThis heavy weapon has a wide swing, doesn’t deal critical hits, and moves slower than swords and daggers. Its secondary attack slams the ground in front of the player, causing a strong knockback with an area-of-effect surrounding the player. To enable this special move, you must right-click and left-click quickly to generate a quick series of attacks.•Dragontooth
•Lead Rod 
•The Slammer
•Wood Club 
•Wood Mallet
slingshot and explosive ammo in stardew valley
Throw that ammunition with these slingshots.
WeaponsUses Types of Weapons
SlingshotThis weapon has no secondary attacks, unlike the other items mentioned earlier. Additionally, its damage depends on the ammunition you choose. However, with a Master Slingshot, you can double the damage of any ammo.•Slingshot Master •Slingshot
•Explosive Ammo

best Ways To Get weapons in Stardew Valley

If you want better weapons in Stardew Valley, you have to know what to look out for and where to look. Finding the best weapon for you isn’t easy, but it gets easier once you know where to start. Read further for more information about the Weapons and their Sources in Stardew Valley.

1. Treasure Chests in The Mines

treasure chest in the mines
These are the chests that awaits you in the Mines!

The most common place to look for weapons in Stardew Valley is the Mines (M.). Once you unlock or reach a certain level, you’ll find a chest containing these special weaponries. Refer to the table below to know what weapons you can obtain in the treasure chests in the Mines.

Weapon LevelDamageCritical Strike ChanceStatsMines Floor ChestOther source
Rusty Sword12-5.02N/AEntrance of the MinesN/A
Steel Smallsword14-8.02Speed (+2)20N/A
Wooden Blade13-7.02N/A10 Adventurer’s Guild (A.G.).
Pirate’s Sword28-14.02Speed  (+2)50 After reaching the Mines floor 30 you can get this from the Adventurer’s Guild.
Silver Saber28-15.02Defense  (+1)50Unlock floor 20 of the Mines to get it from the Adventurer’s Guild.
Cutlass39-17.02Speed  (+2)60Acquire this from the A.G. after reaching floor 25 in the Mines.
Forest Sword38-18.02Speed  (+2)

Defense (+1)
Iron Edge312-25.02Speed (−2)

Defense (+1)

Weight  (+3)

Bone Sword520-30.02Speed (+4)

Weight (+2)
90 After reaching the Mines Level 75 you can purchase this from the Adventurer’s Guild.
Skeleton drops
Claymore520-32.02Speed (−4)

Defense (+2)

Weight (+3)
80 Purchase it from the A.G.after reaching level 45 in the Mines.
Templar’s Blade522-290Defense (+1)80 Buy it from the Adventurer’s Guild upon reaching level 55 in the Mines.
Obsidian Edge630-45.02Speed  (−1)

Crit. Power (+10)
90 N/A
Ossified Blade626-42.02Speed  (−2)Defense (+1)Weight (+2)90 N/A
Tempered Broadsword729-44.02Speed (−3)


Weight  (+3)

In the Skull Cavern
Yeti Tooth726-42.02Defense (+4)

Crit. Power (+10)
Steel Falchion828-46.02Speed (+4)

Crit. Powerr (+20)
110+ Skull Cavern Unlock this Item in the Adventurer’s Guild when you reach the Mines’ 90th floor.
Dark Sword 930-45.04Speed  (−5)

Crit. Chance  (+2)

Weight (+5)

Vampiric  (9%)
N/AHaunted Skull Drop
Lava Katana1055-64.015Defense(+3)

Crit. Power (+25)

Weight  (+3)
N/AReach the 120th floor of the Mines and purchase it from the Adventurer’s Guild 
Carving Knife11-3.04Crit. Chance  (+2)1-19N/A
Iron Dirk12-4.03Crit. Chance  (+2)10 Get this from the Adventurer’s Guild after reaching the M. floor 15
Wind Spire11-5.02Crit. Chance  (+1)

Crit. Power  (+10)

Weight (+5)

Elf Blade 23-5.04Crit. Chance  (+2)20 N/A
Burglar’s Shank47-12.04Crit. Chance  (+2)

Crit. Power  (+25)

Skull Cavern
Crystal Dagger44-10.03Crit. Chance  (+2)

Crit. Power (+50)

Weight (+5)
60 N/A
Shadow Dagger410-20.04Crit. Chance (+2)80


Wicked Kris824-30.06Crit. Chance  (+4)90 Skull Cavern
Iridium Needle1220-350.1Crit. Chance  (+6)

Crit. Power  (+200)
N/AAfter Shrine of Challenge is activated its chances of dropping from special slimes in the Mines increases to 14%.
Femur26-11.02Speed (+2)10N/A
Wood Club29-16.02N/A20 1-39N/A
Wood Mallet315-24.02Speed (+2)

Weight (+2)

Buy it from the A.G. after you unlock the M. floor 40.
Lead Rod418-27.02Speed (−4)41-79N/A
Kudgel527-40.02Speed (−1)

Crit. Power  (+4)

Weight  (+2)

The Slammer740-55.02Speed (−2)110 

Skull Cavern
SlingshotVaries depending on what Ammunition is used..02N/A40 N/A
Master SlingshotVaries depending on what Ammunition is used..02N/A70 N/A

2. Volcano Dungeon Chest

volcano dungeon chests
Find hot weapons in the Volcano’s blazing heat.

When you visit the north end of Ginger Island, you’ll find the Volcano Dungeon, where you’ll encounter monsters, special floors, but more importantly, Treasure chests. These chests spawn randomly and are either Common or Rare, containing items, resources, and weapons. Refer to the table below on what weapons you can get in Volcano Dungeon chests in Stardew Valley:

Weapon LevelDamageCritical Strike ChanceStatsSource
Dragontooth Cutlass1375-90.02Crit. Power  (+50)In the Volcano Dungeon Rare chest.
Dwarf Sword1366-75.02Speed (+2)

Defense (+4)
In the Volcano Dungeon Common chest.
Dwarf Dagger1132-38.03Speed (+1)

Defense (+6)

Crit. Chance (+2)

Weight (+5)
In the Volcano Dungeon Common chest..
Dragontooth Shiv1240-50.05Crit. Chance  (+3)

Crit. Power (+100)

Weight (+5)
In the Volcano Dungeon Rare chest.
Dwarf Hammer1375-85.02Defense (+2)

Weight (+5)
In the Volcano Dungeon Common chest.
Dragontooth Club1480-100.02Crit. Power (+50)

Weight  (+3)
In the Volcano Dungeon Rare chest.

3. Fishing Treasure Chest

Fishing Treasure Chest
Try your luck in Fishing!

Playing the Fishing mini-game allows you to get Treasure chests once you’ve filled the green bobber bar behind it and captured your fish. You can find items ranging from artifacts, minerals, resources, and more inside one of these. Thus, if you want to know what weapons you can get from here, see the table below:

Weapon LevelDamageCritical Strike ChanceStatsSource
Neptune Glaive518-35.02Speed (−1)

Defense (+2)

Weight (+4)
You’ll find it in Fishing Treasure chests after reaching Fishing level 2+
Broken Trident515-26.02Critical Chance (+1)You’ll find it randomly in Fishing Chests.

4. Adventurer’s Guild

Adventurer's Guild Stardew Valley
It’s absolutely worth it to be an Adventurer!

After completing the Initiation quest, you’re allowed to buy different items like Boots, Rings, and Weapons in the Guild’s Shop. However, before purchasing something from here, you must complete individual tasks to unlock any of the items there. See the table below on what weapons are available in the Shop:

Weapon LevelDamageCritical Strike ChanceStatsAdventurer’s Guild Shop Price
Wooden Blade13-7.02N/AReach the M. floor 10 and purchase it for 250g.
Pirate’s Sword28-14.02Speed (+2)Buy it for 850g after unlocking the M. level 30.
Silver Saber28-15.02Defense (+1)Unlock floor 20 of the M. and purchase it for 750g.
Cutlass39-17.02Speed (+2)Get this for 1,500g after reaching level 25 of the M.
Insect Head410-20.04Speed (+2)

Crit. Chance  (+2)
Unlock this in the shop by slaying 125 Bugs. Buy this for 10,000g.
Claymore520-32.02Speed (−4)

Defense (+2)

Weight  (+3)
After stepping foot in the M. 45th level, it’s available for 2,000g. 
Bone Sword520-30.02Speed (+4)

Weight (+2)
Available for 6,000g in the Shop after getting in the M. 75th level 
Templar’s Blade522-290Defense (+1)For sale in the Shop for 4,000g after unlocking the M. floor 55.
Steel Falchion828-46.02Speed (+4)

Crit. Power (+20)
Buy this in the A.G. for 9,000g when you step foot on the M. 90th floor. 
Lava Katana1055-64.015Defense (+3)

Crit. Power  (+25)

Weight (+3)
Reach floor 20 of the M. and avail it in the shop for 25,000g.
Iron Dirk12-4.03Crit. Chance  (+2)Get this in the Guild shop when you unlock the M. 15th level.
Galaxy Dagger830-40.02Speed  (+1)

Crit. Chance  (+1)

Weight (+5)
After acquiring the Galaxy Sword, buy it for 35,000g in the Shop.
WoodMallet315-24.02Speed (+2)

Weight  (+2)
Reach the Mines 40th level to avail this in the A.G. for 2,000g.
Galaxy Hammer1270-90.02Speed (+2)

Weight  (+5)
After acquiring the Galaxy sword you’ll receive this from the Adventurer’s Guild.

5. Forging

Forge Stardew Valley
It’s time to forge yourself some weapons!

In the Forge, you’re allowed to make weapon upgrades, enchantments, and changes to its appearance in the Level 10 Volcano Dungeon. Additionally, you may want to start forging them to make Infinity weapons, the most powerful weapons in Stardew Valley. Here’s a table you can refer to know how to create the following:

Weapon LevelDamageCritical Strike ChanceStatsSource
Infinity Blade1780-100.02Speed (+4)

Defense (+2)
You’ll acquire this weapon when you forge the following:

• Galaxy Soul (3)
• Cinder Shards (60)
Infinity Dagger1650-70.06Speed (+1)

Defense (+3)

Crit. Chance (+4)

Weight (+5)
You’ll obtain this weapon once you combine the following in the Forge: 

• Galaxy Dagger 
• Galaxy Soul (3) 
Infinity Gavel17100-120.02Speed (+2)

Defense (+1)

Weight (+5)
You’ll get this weapon when you combine the following in the Forge:
• Galaxy Hammer 
• Galaxy Soul (3) 

6. finding secret items in the calico desert

Calico desert stardew valley
Get this awesome sword here!

You may get a hold of one of Stardew Valley’s most powerful weapons if you look for this secret item in the Desert. All you need to do to get this sword is find a famous landmark in the Northeast area of this place and offer it one of the rarest minerals in the game. Here’s a table you can refer to know more details, where to find it, and what to bring with you there to get this weapon:

Weapon LevelDamageCritical Strike ChanceStatsSource
Galaxy Sword 1360-80.02Speed (+4)You must offer a Prismatic Shard to the Three Pillars in the Calico Desert.

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