Stardew Mahogany Tree: Complete Guide to Growing Them

Mahogany Trees are one of the most basic trees you’ll find in Stardew Valley. They’re available almost everywhere, and obtaining their seeds is relatively easy. Here’s a complete guide for this tree and the products it offers!

A player standing close to mahogany tree in Stardew Valley.
Well, this is a good start to gathering wood.

Trees are essential for both starter and seasoned players. These help in crafting items, getting a farmhouse upgrade, and constructing new farm buildings. You can even complete quests and bundles with its dropped items or make profits by placing them in the shipping crate. 

If you’re new to the game, you’ll often find a regular-looking tree like a Mahogany Tree. It may seem inconsequential to your gameplay. However, before you come up with this conclusion, read this guide to learn more about this tree’s relevance in Stardew Valley.

What is a Mahogany Tree in Stardew Valley?

It’s one of the four common trees you’ll find almost everywhere on your map, alongside the Maple, Oak, and Pine trees. Taking it down offers you some regular wood and Mahogany Seeds. While if you attach a Tapper or Heavy Tapper to it, you’ll receive a Sap every single day.

Moreover, it’s available in all seasons, making it convenient for you to gather more pieces of wood.

How to Obtain Mahogany Trees’ seeds in Stardew Valley?

You may obtain its seed by shaking a fully-matured tree (Stage 5) or simply chopping it off with an Axe. You can’t purchase it from any local store; you must be at Foraging level one to get it. Anyhow, here are some ways to get them in-game:

  • Cracking a Golden Coconut.
  • Killing Slimes from the Secret Woods.
  • Chopping a large log or stump.
  • Digging a seed from its Stage one development with a hoe, axe, or pickaxe.
  • Trading a Stingray with the Island Trader.

How to Grow Mahogany Trees in Stardew Valley?

Don’t forget to add this fertilizer to quicken its growth!

Growing these plants can take some time. If their seeds aren’t fertilized with a Tree Fertilizer, they may take a median growth time of 24 days to mature. Additionally, 99% of them may grow within 38 days, but this excludes winter. While 99% may reach full maturity in 55 days.

However, it depends on the trees’ growth; there’s only 15% for a Mahogany to reach the next stage without fertilizer. While if you add this add-on, there’s a 60% chance for it to grow to the following stage. 

Here are the stages of its growth:

Stage 1

A player beside a Stage 1 Mahogany Tree in Stardew Valley.
Let this lump grow, okay?

You’ll find a small bump on the ground that you can hit with an axe, hoe, or pickaxe to obtain a Mahogany Seed.

Stages 2 and 3

A player beside a Stage 2 and 3 Mahogany Tree in Stardew Valley.
There aren’t huge differences, but can you spot the difference?

It forms a small sprout that’s also removable using any tool or weapon. However, using an axe is more beneficial since it may give you a piece of regular wood. This depends on the level of your foraging skill; the chances are ten times your level.

Stage 4

A player beside a stage 4 mahogany Tree in Stardew Valley
It’s a small tree!

On this level, you’ll discover a tiny trunk supporting the tree. Chopping it with an axe drops Wood (4) and adds another one if you have the Forester Profession.

Stage 5

A player beside a Stage 5 Mahogany Tree in Stardew Valley.
Finally! Will you add a tapper to it or chop it off?

This is the final stage of its growth. You may obtain eight to 13 pieces of wood but get four more chunks depending on your Foraging Level and Luck. While the Forester Profession has a 25% chance of yielding more wood from any tree. You may also get the following benefits upon reaching this stage:

  • Get Hardwood (10). Also increases by 25% with the said profession.
  • 5 Sap.
  • 0 to 1 piece of Mahogany Seed.
  • Hardwood with Lumberjack Profession.
  • Offers 12 experience points.


Do mahogany trees grow back Stardew? 

Unfortunately, these trees don’t grow back once they turn into tree stumps. However, these stumps also produces loots that you can use on your farm.

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