Complete Guide to Multiplayer Marriage in Stardew Valley

Do you want the most interactive and romantic virtual relationship in Stardew Valley? If you want to experience this, try out the Multiplayer Marriage! Here we made a step-by-step guide to help you.

A player engaging in Multiplayer Marriage in Stardew Valley.
Congrats on your wedding day!

Did you know you can marry your “real-life” partners in Stardew Valley? With the help of multiplayer mode, you can enjoy and grow your farm with your actual spouse while having fun as well!

This mode accommodates one to four co-op players, enabling you to interact with them on your farm. In this world, the creator is called the “host,” while the other players are called “farmhands.” 

If you want to learn more about multiplayer marriage, here’s a guide to help you!

Steps to Multiplayer Marriage in Stardew Valley

A player getting engaged with another player in Stardew Valley.
Three days- after that everything will change for them.

Marrying an NPC can be a troublesome method if you’re only looking for someone who can help you on your farm. You have to take several steps just to gain this perk.

Luckily, you have other options for marriage. You may have a wedding with your lover in Stardew Valley by offering them a Wedding Ring. Below are the steps you need to follow to do this successfully!

1. Get the Wedding Ring Recipe

You can purchase its crafting recipe from the Travelling Cart’s Special Stock for 500g. You’ll find this rolling cart in Cindersap Forest every Friday and Saturday.

The item’s a part of the old Zuzu City’s tradition when creating a deeper bond with another farmer in-game. Note that it’ll only appear on the merchant’s list when in multiplayer and not in single-player mode

2. Craft the Wedding Ring

A player holding a wedding ring in Stardew Valley.
Come on, wear it now!

After obtaining the recipe, you’ll need to gather the essential materials to craft it, such as Iridium Bars (5) and a Prismatic Shard (1). The item serves as the token of your marriage. Hence, you can’t use it again for another marriage. 

Moreover, you can equip it like other rings, but note that it has no bonus. And you can’t gift it to another villager. Like other rings, you can sell it and earn 1000g.

3. Offer it to the Farmhand/Host

A player offering a wedding ring to another player in Stardew Valley.
Will they accept it?

Unlike in marrying NPCs, you don’t need to get a house upgrade or earn friendship hearts to propose. You’re also free from the struggle of purchasing bouquets and a Mermaid’s Pendant! All you need to do is give it to them and wait for them to accept it. And fortunately, the game’s open for same-sex marriage, making it more fun and realistic for all players.

Moreover, once they accept it, the wedding would take three days before you marry your partner from a co-op. 

What Happens When You Married Another Player in Stardew Valley?

By entering marriage, you and your partner can have a home and sleep next to each other. Also, you can have your children! In the game, one player will randomly propose having children to their partner, and once accepted, they can live together as they build a family. 

There’s not much to it since you don’t need to maintain any friendship level with them. Aside from getting a Stardrop, the only remaining perk in marrying another player is gaining a helping hand in establishing your farm. 

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