Stardew Valley Barn or Coop: Which Building is Better?

Did you just earn enough gold to buy a Barn or Coop in Stardew Valley? We get that picking between these two can be challenging. To help you get through it, here’s a comprehensive guide discussing the perks of both buildings!

A player picking between a barn or coop in Stardew Valley.
Both seem like good options!

Being a farmer in Stardew Valley is more than just planting and growing crops; you have to do more to earn more. Upon saving up, you’ll need to invest it in something. Perhaps, a Barn or a Coop could be handy. But which one should you get first?

With your limited budget, you must be meticulous in picking between these structures. Luckily, you have this guide to help you understand the pros and cons of getting either of them!

What is a Barn?

A player skimming through the barn's price.
Would you get this on your farm in Stardew Valley?

It’s a farm structure that houses livestock like cows, pigs, sheep, goats, and ostriches. You may get it from the Carpenter’s Shop.

However, similar to other buildings, it can only hold a limited population. You’ll also need to acquire its upgrades to develop certain animals. Below are the types of Barns you can get alongside their specifications in Stardew Valley:

Building TypeMaterialsPrice AnimalsCapacityFeatures
Regular• 350 Wood
• 150 Stone
6000g• Cow 
• Ostrich
4• Hay Hopper
• Feeding Bench
Big Barn• 450 Wood
• 200 Stone
12000g• Cow 
• Ostrich
• Goat
8Same features as Regular, but it enables pregnancy.
Deluxe Barn• 550 Wood
300 Stone
25000g• Cow 
• Ostrich
• Goat
• Pig
• Sheep
12Similar features to the Big type, but it has an auto-feed system.

After purchasing the regular building, you may now house a Cow or Ostrich. The first farm animal is easy to acquire since you’ll find it at Marnie’s Ranch. But the latter can be tricky since you need to obtain an Ostrich Egg and Incubator by completing quests in Stardew Valley. 

However, there are several perks once you get your hands on them during your first year in Stardew Valley. They’re profitable for starters since you’ll get more lucrative products once you upgrade Barn. Here’s the list of products you may get alongside their base prices:

AnimalsPricesProductsBase Price
Cow1,200g• Milk
• Large Milk
• 125g
• 228g
OstrichAcquired through quests.• Ostrich Egg600g
Goat4,000g• Goat Milk• Large Goat Milk• 270g
• 414g
Sheep8,000g• Wool340g
Pig16,000g• Truffle625g

What is a Coop?

A player skimming through the coop's price.
If you’re a fan of chickens like Shane, you’ll love this.

It’s a farm building that shelters livestock like Chickens of any kind, Ducks, Rabbits, and Dinosaurs. Similar to a basic barn, it also has different variations. You may get them by asking and paying for Robin’s services. Here are the features and other specifications you need regarding this structure:

Building TypeMaterialsPrice AnimalsCapacityFeatures
Regular• 300 Wood
• 100 Stone
4000g• Chicken4• Hay Hopper
• Feeding Bench
Big Coop• 400 Wood
• 150 Stone
10000g• Chicken
• Duck
• Void Chicken
• Dinosaur
• Golden Chicken
8Same features as Regular, but it has an incubator
Deluxe Coop• 500 Wood
• 200 Stone
20000g• Chicken
• Duck
• Void Chicken
• Dinosaur
• Golden Chicken
• Rabbit
12Similar features to the Big type, but it has an autofeed system.

Upon getting this building, you may now place certain farm animals here. They’ll be immediately available at Marnie’s Ranch once you’ve acquired the structure they belong in. Here’s the price list of each livestock and its products.

AnimalPriceProductsBase Price
Chicken (Brown or White)800g• Egg (White and Brown)
• Large Egg
• 50g
• 95g
Blue ChickenObtained in a Special Event with Shane.Same as regular chickens.Same with regular.
Duck1200g• Duck Egg
• Duck Feather
• 95g
• 250g
Void ChickenRandom Event with the Witch•Void Egg65g
Golden ChickenAchieving Perfection.Golden Egg500g
DinosaurIt can’t be purchased but found by digging Artifact Spots and other methods.Dinosaur Egg350g
Rabbit8000g• Rabbit’s Foot
• Wool
• 565g
• 340g

Stardew Valley Barn or Coop

A player with a question mark above her head in Stardew Valley.
Have you decided yet?

Now that you’ve seen a run-through of what you’ll get from this livestock and the prices of the structures, which one do you think is better? 

From a logical standpoint, you’ll save more if you purchase a Coop. The animals it holds can be cheaper, as well as the upgrades. However, a good return on investment isn’t guaranteed, as most lucrative chickens are obtained through quests and special events in Stardew Valley. 

Moreover, you won’t get a good income by caring for regular chickens since their base prices are lower than Barn Animals’ produce. While you may use both to make good dishes, starting with a Barn is still preferred if you want an excellent passive income.

However, owning both buildings is also ideal if you plan to expand your business by making Artisan Goods from Animal Products. Although Artisan Products from Barn Animals are more profitable, producing items with Coop Animal’s aid is still handy since they can be used in quests. Here’s a list of products:

Barn AnimalsPriceCoop AnimalsPrice
Cheese 230gDuck Mayonnaise375g
Cheese from Large Milk345gVoid Mayonnaise275g
Mayonnaise from Ostrich Egg190gMayonnaise190g
Goat Cheese400gMayonnaise from Golden Egg285g
Goat Cheese from Large Goat Milk600gDinosaur Mayonnaise800g
Truffle Oil1065g


Despite the usefulness of both buildings, we still recommend a Barn as your first investment. They offer better benefits that increase profits for both Artisan and Rancher Professions.

Moreover, the Artisan Products from Barn Animals play a role in completing the Artisan Bundle. This benefit makes them handier compared to your livestock from the Coop. But still, the choice is yours. If you’re saving up for something else, and just want to start with something small, getting a Coop is preferred.

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