How To Build a Deluxe Coop In Stardew Valley I Full Guide 2022

Are you wondering if a Deluxe Coop is worth building in Stardew Valley? Perhaps, you’ve decided to take care of more animals on your farm and don’t know where to start. Read further, and we’ll teach you all there is to know about building it and why it’s a worthy addition to your farm!

Deluxe coop look in stardew valley
You won’t regret constructing this farm building!

Many Stardew Valley players consider raising animals worthwhile because it’s fun and profitable, even though it can be difficult and pricey. These animals provide products and resources which bring in profit. Thus, if you’re interested in taking care of them, you must learn how to upgrade your coops to their Deluxe version.

This type of farm building is essential when you want to expand the variety of your coop animals. Moreover, you definitely can’t overlook this structure before purchasing your animals from Marnie’s ranch. Continue reading because we’ll tell you how to build, upgrade, and use it in Stardew Valley.

What is a Deluxe Coop?

A Deluxe Coop (D.C.) comes from the upgraded version of the Big Coop. It only houses animals limited to all varieties of Chickens, Dinosaurs, Ducks, and Rabbits in Stardew Valley. Furthermore, its primary purpose is to serve as a shelter where your animals to safely feed, sleep, and drop their products.

Moreover, it’s the final upgrade that accommodates a higher population. Its huge space also allows your farm animals to lay eggs or drop resources such as a rabbit’s foot and wool. It also has a convenient feature called the Auto-feed System.

How To Build A Deluxe Coop?

deluxe coop from carpenter's shop
Here’s what you’ll need when you go to Robin’s shop.

It’s easy to construct this building, but you must have a lot of gold and materials ready. To build it, ask Robin in the Carpenter’s shop to make its standard counterpart. after paying and collecting the supplies needed. Then you must wait three game days for her to build a standard coop.

After building the first one, follow the same procedure earlier and upgrade the standard one. This time you only need to wait two in-game days to get the Big Coop. Finally, to construct the final version, follow the same steps, upgrade your latter enhancement, wait two days, and now you have the Deluxe version:

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get this shelter quicker without going through these upgrades. It’ll take time but it’s worthwhile for its extra features. Refer to the table below for the total costs, materials, and building details for each:

D. C20,000g• Wood (500)
• Stone (200)

How To Use A Deluxe Coop?

After building your first D.C. in Stardew Valley, you can now house all kinds of livestock. Remember that it’s not for barn animals like goats, pigs, and many more. Furthermore, do your best to take care of your animals as you’d want to establish a good relationship with them to get higher-grade products.

Its Auto-feed system feeds your animals for you daily. Additionally,  you can use its incubator to hatch a dinosaur egg, a void egg dropped by a witch, and many more. You can also sell, hatch, or make Mayonnaise or Mayo with the collected eggs in a Mayonnaise machine.

For more information on this building’s animals, capacity, and features, see the table below:

BuildingAnimals CapacityFeatures
D. C.• Chicken
• Duck
• Void Chicken
• Dinosaur
• Golden Chicken
• Rabbit
Twelve• Hay hopper
• Feeding bench
• Incubator
• Autofeed System

Deluxe Coop Features

Deluxe coop inside
This is what the inside looks like!

The final upgrade is equipped with the best features to help you in rearing your livestock. Therefore, to make the most out of this farm building, you should learn how to use it to your advantage. Listed below is the purpose of each feature mentioned in the table: 

  • Hay Hopper. This equipment transports Hay from a Silo to the player’s inventory after you cut the tall grass with a scythe. This feature also comes in all upgrades of this structure. It also dispenses Hay from your Silo and can’t be moved nor removed.
  • Feeding Bench. It’s a flat wooden surface where the animals eat Hay. After acquiring Hay from the Hopper, you have to fill in this bench manually. However, with D.C.’s Autofeed system it will automatically be full of Hay as long as your Hopper has Hay in it.
  • Incubator. It’s the equipment located to the Hay Hopper’s left used to hatch all types of eggs. To use this, place an egg inside and wait for 9,000 to 18,000 (5d 16h 40m to 11d 6h 40m) processing game minutes. This feature only comes in the first and second upgrades of the standard coop.
  • Autofeed System. This feature is exclusively available in this final upgrade to make your job easier. Just remember to regularly cut tall grass with a scythe and it’ll automatically distribute Hay from your Silos to the Feeding Bench. Thus, you don’t need to fill the benches manually every day.

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