How to Guarantee Blue Chickens in 5 Steps or Less

Ahh, the elusive blue chicken. With only a 25% chance to spawn, these little blue devils can be tricky to track down. But can you guarantee blue chickens with every purchase? Here’s how in five steps or less.

Image Description: Player character standing in a deluxe coop with twelve baby blue chickens.
Look at all those chickens!

Wait, Stardew Valley has Blue Chickens?

Yup! Here’s the thing. When you first build the coop and you buy chickens from Marnie, you’ll only have access to brown or white chickens. Notably, this is important early game because you’ll likely need a large brown egg and a large white egg to help complete the Animal Bundle in the Community Center.

However, once that’s completed, you can start the hunt for that beautiful blue chicken. The key is befriending Shane.

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Shane: Everyone’s Favorite Surly Bachelor

Shane and the player standing on the pathway to town from Marnie's Ranch. Shane is saying, "What do you want from me? Money? I'd give you a pot of gold to leave me alone!"
He’s not the most charming villager initially.

You might be asking yourself, “Wait, do I need to marry Shane in order to get blue chickens?” Not necessarily, although if you enjoy his storyline, maybe you’ll want to!

A quick content note about Shane’s heart events, however. His storyline deals with some pretty heavy subjects, including alcoholism and depression. You might want to keep that in mind if you or someone you’re playing with might be sensitive to those subjects.

Alright, How do I Get Close to Shane?

Lucky for you, Shane is one of the easiest villagers to befriend quickly. In fact, he’s the go-to marriage candidate for speedrunners completing a “marriage%” run. However, even for the more casual players, you can Shane up to full friendship in no time. 

First of all, his schedule is very predictable. Before restoring the Community Center, he leaves Marnie’s ranch most days at 7:10 to head to JojaMart. He can also be found most evenings after 6:00 at the Stardrop Saloon, standing beside the fireplace.

Shane and the player standing on the path in front of Jodi and Kent's house. The player is holding a hot pepper and Shane is saying, "Oh wow, Manda! How'd you know this is my favorite?"
Such a change of pace when you give him something he likes.

Alright, now that you know where to find him, what are the perfect gifts? If you’re trying in the early game when money is tight, it might be a little tough. Shane’s loved gifts are beer, pizza, pepper poppers, and hot peppers. 

Beer and pizza can both be purchased from the saloon for 400g and 600g respectively. These are convenient because you can just buy them right before visiting him in the Saloon in the evenings. 

You can also plant lots of hot peppers during the summer. These might be a slightly better gift since gold star hot peppers will give more friendship points than normal quality beer or pizza. If you have access to the cellar, the best gift would be iridium quality beer. However, it takes a month to process, so the time loss might not be worth it.

The player and Shane standing in front of the door to Marnie's. Shane is saying, "Hey. Sorry if I came off as rude when we first met."
Before you know it, this grumpy boy will start to warm up to you.

What Does Shane Have to Do With Blue Chickens?

After you’ve achieved 8 hearts with Shane, enter Marnie’s house at some point while he’s home. The best day to do this will be on his days off from Joja Mart, Saturday and Sunday.

The player and Jas standing in Marnie's kitchen. Jas is saying, "Uncle Shane's in the barn. He said... Uh... He said to tell you he wants to show you something."

Jas tells you that Shane wants to show you something, and brings you through a door that’s normally locked. She leads you to the back where Shane is chatting with a white chicken that he calls Charlie. There are also a few of the now famous blue chickens pecking around his feet.

Shane standing in a coop, holding a white chicken and looking a bit sad. There are four blue chickens on the floor of the coop.
His relationship with Charlie is really quite sweet.

Shane tells you that he’s been breeding these blue chickens in secret. He wants to be able to pass on something to Jas when he eventually moves out. He confides to you that he wants to be able to contribute something to the world.

After this cut scene, you’ll have a one in four chance that it will be blue when you get a new chicken. This is true for whether you hatch one in the incubator, or if you buy one from Marnie. In order to guarantee blue chickens, you’ll want to purchase them.

Alright, Enough! How Do I Get These Cute Blue Chickens?

When you walk into Marnie’s shop and she’s actually working, choose the option “Purchase Animals.” Chickens will be the first option, so long as you’ve built at least one coop. If you haven’t – stop! Turn around and head to Robin’s shop with 300 wood, 100 stone, and 4,000g. It’ll take Robin three days to build the coop.

Alright, back at Marnie’s? Great! Now click on the option to buy a chicken, and you’ll see a page that looks something like this.

A screenshot of the farm during the fall. The banner at the top of the page reads, "Choose a Coop for your new Brown Chicken."
Note the banner at the top.

Eagle-eyed players may have already noticed this. At the top of the page, you’ll notice that there is a banner that reads “Choose a Coop for Your Brown Chicken.” It may also say White Chicken, or, if you’ve hit the one in four chance, Blue Chicken.

A screenshot of the farm during the fall. The banner at the top of the page reads, "Choose a Coop for your new Blue Chicken."
The game tells you right at the top! Blue chicken baby!!!

Since you haven’t completed the transaction yet, you can exit this screen without consequence. When you try again, the game will roll the dice and you’ll have a new chance to get a blue chicken.

Continue this process of clicking purchase, checking the banner, and exiting out until you get a blue chicken. Then click on a coop with a free space and name your chicken! Keep in mind that the coop will highlight green if there is room and red if there isn’t.

Do the Blue Chickens… Do Anything?

Do they need to? They’re blue! But no, mechanically, they’re no different from white chickens. Specifically, they produce white eggs rather than the brown eggs of the brown chickens. But follow these easy steps and that’s it! You’ll be the envy of all your friends with your Deluxe Coop filled with twelve blue chickens!

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