Better Artisan Good Icons: Installation Requirements, Features, and More

Are you tired of the identical artisan good images in Stardew Valley? If you want something different, try Better Artisan Good Icons mod to differentiate each item in-game. Read this guide to learn more about its features, installation procedure, and more!

A player running the Better Artisan Good Icons in Stardew Valley.
Great wines with aesthetically pleasing icons!

Stardew Valley’s overall simplistic design is spectacular, but its identical artisan good sprites can confuse most players. Imagine spending tons of hours making the most expensive wine and accidentally gifting it away for free to any NPC in Pelican Town?

Luckily, we’ve found the perfect mod that saves you the trouble of going back and forth when checking similar-looking items. Here’s a full guide to using and installing it on your PC!


Quicker Method to Find Artisan Goods. Scavenging for the rarest or highest selling artisan goods becomes more accessible.


Simpler designs compared to overwhelming icons. Upon observing the mod, you’d see how superficial its composition is. However, it still delivers its purpose perfectly.

Mod Overview

This mod makes specific in-game artisan goods easier to identify and enhances its features. It also gives every item a remarkable character making it stand out amongst other loots.

Installation Requirement

Installation Instructions

If you’ve modded Stardew Valley before, you won’t need to re-install SMAPI on your PC. However, you may need to get its latest update. After meeting these requirements, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Download Better Artisan Good Icons at Nexus Mods.

2. Unzip the file in your game’s mod folder on your PC.

These are the only procedures you need to get this mod working. 


A player using the mod and exploring its features.
Here’s what you’ll get in this mod.
  • Better Designs for Wine, Pickles, Jelly, Juice, and Honey. These are the only features that it offers. But on the bright side, it prevents you from scrolling through all your collected artisan items.

How to Use Better Artisan Good Icons?

A player changing the mod's configuration in Stardew Valley.
Having an option is quite good, don’t you think?

After downloading it on your PC, you’ll immediately find the new designs of Artisan Goods in your game. You won’t need to press any buttons to make it work. However, upon seeing it for the first time, you may notice the absence of the icon above the item.

To activate this feature, you must open its config file in the mods folder. After successfully accessing the file, change the word “true” to “false.” And once you reload the game, you’ll find the icons with small fruits, flowers, and vegetables above them in your inventory.

Gameplay Experience

This mod is technically for aesthetic purposes only. It does live up to its name, “Better Artisan Goods Icons,” but if we rationalize things, it wouldn’t significantly impact your experience. It simply helps you identify these items easier– which ends its overall function.

Nonetheless, it’s easy to install and apply in-game. So, kudos to the mod creators for the user-friendly instructions.


It’s a six out of ten. We appreciate how great the color combo is and how pleasing these icons look, but it’s not something every player would need on their PC. However, you can download it here to ward off the confusing and identical original icons in Stardew Valley.

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