Discover the 50 Best Stardew Valley Mods to Download in 2023!

Have you ever tried adding any kind of Stardew Valley Mods? If you’re starting to see it as a bland video game, these modifications can help you enjoy its comfort once more. Here we’ve ranked the 40 Best Stardew Valley Mods we found that could spice up your gaming experience!

Best Mods you can install in Stardew Valley
Some of the best mods in Stardew Valley.

Playing the vanilla version of Stardew Valley may get a little dull. However, with Concerned Ape’s generosity, the game can be modified based on the players’ liking. You may not know this, but mods are a real game-changer for some players since they can alter and enhance the game’s features.

Adding these stardew valley mods can be quite intimidating. Both seasoned and beginner gamers can sometimes feel threatened by computer viruses. But worry no more because these mods we’re recommending are guaranteed to be virus-free files from Nexus and ModDrop.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for helpful and aesthetically pleasing mods, you might want to check out this list. We’ve ranked the 40 best mods based on their functions and usefulness! 

The Best Stardew Valley Mods Listed:

50. DeepWoods

The player at the DeepWoods.
The DeepWoods – a secret place with riches and monsters.

Although consequent game updates introduced the Dangerous Mines, there’s something about the DeepWoods mod we can’t overlook: lore. It’s somehow similar to the regular Mines but forest-themed (and we’re sure you encountered the same concept!) However, you’ll be surprised to find out what’s waiting for you in the secret location!

49. Skip Fishing Minigame

The player skipping the fishing minigame in Stardew Valley.
Skip the fishing and grab catches and treasures instantly!

The Skip Fishing Minigame is the ultimate solution if you’re a terrible fisher or straight-up hate it. There will be no fewer features except hard work. Feel free to add if you’re up against Legend or Crimsonfish. It’s your choice.

48. Bigger Backpack

The player buying a 48-slot backpack in Stardew Valley.
More spaces for your travels.

If you need more than thirty-six slots, why not make it 48? The Bigger Backpack mod does that, costing 50,000g at Pierre’s General Store. 

If you hoard items regularly, don’t miss out on this add-on!

47. Experience Bars

Stardew Valley with the Experience Bars mod installed.
See progress in real time!

Skills progression is Stardew Valley’s foundation to build up more consistent success in your gameplay. You go to the upper ceiling as you fish, farm, forage, mine, or kill. After all, you’re rewarded with item recipes and perks at some point.

The Experience Bars mod lets you see your skill progression in real-time. Now that makes a whole lot of convenience to keep on track!

46. Winter Grass

The player in a field of grass in Stardew  Valley.
Grass Starters not needed!

Because of its use for stocking Hay in Silo, Grass is undoubtedly prized among Stardew Valley players. Out of all seasons, they won’t appear in Winter for self-explanatory reasons, and it’s where this mod comes in.

Add Winter Grass to Stardew Valley and gather as much Hay as you’d like, worry-free from the harsh environment. We guarantee your farm animals will thank you.

45. UI Info Suite

In-game interface of the UI Info Suite.
An accurate depiction of friendship hearts in-game.

UI Info Suite has been for a while but is overlooked by the community. Since Stardew Valley is already a casual game, there’s less need to cheat, or as they say. However, the said mod may do that, but not necessarily. 

With UI Info Suite, you can track everything with a quick look. Are your farm animals ready to produce milk? Is Clint done upgrading my tool? What about Luck? You’ll see all icon indicators without making the extra effort! And there’s more to discover once you have this add-on!

44. The Last Smoluanu

The player talking to the Dwarf in the Last Smoluanu mod.
New friends!

Stardew Valley is a story-rich game. One of them is the origin of Dwarf – a merchant at the side of the Cave’s entrance. He’s often neglected, but The Last Smoluanu will remind you about his race through added dialogues and friendship options.

It’s noteworthy that Krobus and Dwarf have bitter views of each other. Will it be broken or remain strained? Download this mod to find out!

43. Zenith Farm

In-game screenshot of Stardew Valley with the Zenith Farm mod.
A sample photo from the mod creator.

Zenith Farm takes your Stardew Valley gameplay to a “higher” level, and that’s because you’ll experience everything at a mountaintop. This mod also adds new background changes, exotic visuals, and features. As a cherry on top, you’ll feel like you have unlimited Mini-Obelisks!

Take your farm to new heights and begin a new life!

42. Seed Information

In-game interface of the Seed Information mod in Stardew Valley.
It’s a smart tool you shouldn’t miss.

Another mod that will skyrocket your profit in Stardew Valley is Seed Information

Seed Information shows everything you need to know about crops. Are you curious if you could still plant Cauliflower Seeds? This mod will tell you so. Otherwise, you’ll be prompted with the perfect fertilizer you must use to catch up and prevent waste of effort!

The wonders of this mod extend beyond showing the sell value of crops in all qualities. Moreover, Artisan Products (and exclusive Keg items) will be shown. We recommend visiting Pierre’s General Store, as you’ll get the best deals there!

41. Bush Bloom Mod

In-game interface of using the Bush Bloom mod in Stardew Valley.
Control every bush’s growth with this tool!

Extra coins wouldn’t hurt in Stardew Valley. If you ever thought of getting more Salmonberries or Blackberries than usual, the Bush Bloom mod will help. As you control how much you’ll get and how many days before yields become available, leveling up Foraging is easier!

The Bush Bloom mod is best installed with other add-on mods related to berry-yielding bushes. We recommend browsing NexusMods to find the best ones and experiment with the custom options available!

40. Anime Mods

The player talking to Haley (anime) at the Feast of the Winter Star in Stardew Valley
That’s sus, Haley.

Stardew Valley’s character sprites aren’t shabby, but if you want something related to the anime art style, you might want to consider this mod. It enhances your villager’s design by turning them into anime characters.

However, this mod is ongoing and only has the Marriage Candidate’s sprites and some characters from the game’s expanded version.

39. Kawaii Hats

The player wearing different cute hats in Stardew Valley.

Kawaii Hats is another purely cosmetic mod that lets you equip more attractive headwear. Not to discredit the Hat Mouse, but isn’t his collection too limited for a vast game like Stardew Valley? Sure, there are impressive sets of clothing to make using the Sewing Machine, but Kawaii Hats add extra cuteness to the party.

Some headwear is completely changed, while others have a visual upgrade. Most details are also well-polished, which ConcernedApe may have overlooked. Nonetheless, both the game developer and the mod creator do a great job creating hats in-game!

38. Diverse Stardew Valley

In-game poster of every villager with different looks with the Diverse Stardew Valley mod
What if NPCs in Stardew Valley look different?

Inclusivity is a huge deal for everyone. You can use this mod to recolor a villager’s skin to acknowledge racialized groups better. It doesn’t affect the game’s flow or the character’s personality; the mod simply alters their appearance to fit them in the actual world.

37. Tillable Ground Mod

The player tilling soil inside the Adventurer's Guild in Stardew Valley
It’s an odd mod but useful nonetheless.

The incapability of using the whole space on your Farm is a bummer. However, with this simplistic mod, you can finally use those inaccessible spots on your land. Eliminating these unnecessary margins helps you plant more crops and get more profit from them!

36. Elle’s Seasonal Buildings

In-game interface of customizing buildings in Stardew Valley with Elle's Seasonal Buildings Mods.
You can customize almost every building with Elle’s Seasonal Buildings mod.

The classic Stardew Valley scenery with old-looking buildings is sometimes tiring to look at. We’re not judging the appearance, but it’s getting duller the longer you play the game. But Elle’s Seasonal Buildings has a fantastic offer, a change!

Whether it’s a fence, shipping bin, or everything surrounding your homestead, this mod drastically improves the visuals! There are tons of beauties your eyes can feast on, so check it out!

35. Medieval Buildings

Aerial shot of a Stardew Valley save with Medieval Buildings.
It’s one of the most beautiful mods created.

The Farmland with a medieval setup is both magical and eye-pleasing. There’s the aura of bringing the dawn of civilization outside your doorstep. Most players would have castles and windmills, reviving how it’s like to live in such an era.

The Medieval Buildings mod turns everything back in time where swords and shields are conventional. While no knights are present, there’s a good medieval vibe as the mod changes every farm building. Add that with the dynamic seasonal changes, which gives more color to the masterpiece.

34. Elle’s New Barn Animals

Barn Animals in Stardew Valley (with reskins) wandering the farm.
Customized barn animals are exciting!

Elle’s New Barn Animals is a mod targeting the visual aesthetic of your Ranch. For example, goats, cows, pigs, and sheep get a reskin. There are also recolors for Wool and Cloth, making it easy to distinguish whether it’s from a Rabbit or Sheep.

This mod is purely cosmetic, so you can’t expect much utility. However, it’s a solid choice if you’re tired of the usual-looking sprites of your virtual barn animals.

33. Elle’s New Coop Animals Mod

The Barn full of colorful chickens and rabbits.
Chickens come in different colors!

This mod will work if you love Chickens and prefer the Coop. It’s similar to its barn animals mod counterpart as this one features an aesthetics upgrade for all things coop-related.

32. Fast Animations Mod for Stardew Valley

Wanting to obtain loots without waiting for another second is possible if you get the Fast Animations Mod. It disables animations of breaking rocks, falling trees, eating, and many more. In simpler terms, it makes your character’s activities more straightforward by omitting all these filler transitions.

31. Chests Anywhere

In-game screen of every accesible chest in Stardew Valley wherever you go
Is this mod even legal?

Do you want some extra storage in Stardew Valley? Getting the 36-slot inventory is pretty limited for adventurous players. With this modification, you’ll get access to items stored in your chests without needing to head home. You can also hoard more loots from any area in the Valley without worrying about your inventory’s space.

Giving up some of your recently collected minerals no longer becomes an option if you have this mod!

30. Weapons on Display

The player flaunting different weapons displayed at the endtable with the Weapons on Display mod
Amazing collection!

Acquiring Stardew Valley weapons sometimes require hundreds and thousands of coins or risky tasks. If you’ve just collected the rarest weaponry, it’s no surprise if you want to display them on your farmhouse. 

Installing this mod gives you a museum-like space in your residence. It’s mainly for aesthetics, but it’s fancy to have a room dedicated to these life-saving items!

29. Displays Stardew Valley Mod

The player collecting every headwear inside a Shed in Stardew Valley
Another huge collection to flex!

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you’ll love this mod because it gives you mannequins where you can put your mixed and matched clothes on display. It also prevents you from forgetting which top compliments your pants since it’s already right before your eyes.

It’s quite similar to the 30th Mod we’re suggesting, and it only differs on the items you put on display. Nonetheless, it’s purely for aesthetic purposes to satisfy your artistic whims.

28. Data Layers

In-game snapshot of the Data Layer's functionality
This mod will help you discover secret terrains!

When visiting Ginger Island or other areas in Stardew Valley, you may occasionally attempt to find hidden entrances. But it takes several minutes to discover these areas. Fortunately, Data Layers Mod helps you make this task easier. 

Moreover, it’s not limited to finding concealed passageways. You can also use it as a guide to know the kind of fertilizer you’ve used, which plant you’ve watered, and tillable areas in-game. 

27. Noclip Mode

The player noclipping into the Chest and different obstacles in Stardew Valley.
Noclipping through walls is only possible with the Noclip Mode mod.

Noclip Mode is a weird but helpful mod. It lets you walk over unreachable objects or places and discover hidden textures or sceneries. A specific use would be finding all Golden Walnuts from Ginger Island to enter Qi’s Walnut Room. You may also use it for fun, but it’s more on the utility side.

26. Money Hack

The player cheating money and stacks of metal ores and stones in Stardew Valley.
No money? No problem.

Most players grind for cash, while some cheat for it. Well, it’s technically not cheating because it’s no competitive game, but it’s unfair to some veterans. Let’s give credit to clean players who tirelessly grind even if it’s past the regular bedtime.

There’s no shame in getting what you want in a single-player game. Thankfully, the Money Hack mod lets you get your dream items and buildings outside your Farm without doing the hard part.

25. Simple Crop Label

The player looking at different seeds with the Simple Crop Label mod in Stadew Vallley.
Which one’s the Corn seed? Hover your mouse to see!

Isn’t it frustrating to identify crops you’ve planted on your homestead? Their seeds always look identical, and there’s no way you’ll know what it is until they’re ready for harvesting. Sure, there’s no need to worry about what you’re growing, but it’ll get handy later as you progress further in the game.

Simple Crop Label helps you know which crop is on your farmlands by hovering your mouse icon over seeds or saplings. It’s an easy-to-install mod with straightforward instructions you can see in the button below.

24. Stardew Aquarium

The player traveling to the Aquarium in Stardew Valley
Let’s go to another watery world!

Completing the Museum’s collection is satisfying, but did you know you can also collect and donate fish? Installing the Aquarium Mod in Stardew Valley gives you new tasks involving your  Fishing Skills. It even spawns new shops in town. 

Adding this mod to your game also unlocks new rewards and achievements alongside some secrets. If you’re interested in this new adventure, download it now!

23. Animal Husbandry

The player butchering animals in Stardew Valley with the Animal Husbandry mod
Butchering enabled!

We understand that Stardew Valley is like an animal-friendly game in which we won’t need to butcher meat from our barns and coops. However, if you want new recipes using your Farm Animals’ flesh, you can get the Animal Husbandry Mod.

It enables you to obtain meat from your farm animals and learn new dishes. It even adds pristine tools to help you do the job neatly. You’ll also get a new show on your television called “Livin’ with the Animals”. Achievements and rewards also become advanced when you install this mod.

22. Wren’s Expanded Greenhouse

The player entering a bigger and better Greenhouse with Wren's Expanded Greenhouse.
The inside look is just fabulous!

Wren’s Expanded Greenhouse fixes the issue of too little space for the regular Greenhouse in-game. It adds multiple features, including extra tiles for farming, a mini-patch for Quality Sprinklers, a swimming pond, and various cosmetics.

This mod is indispensable as you can adjust the layout and add any Artisan Equipment you want! If you have a Cellar, walk inside, and a ladder will appear. It’s a convenient shortcut to reach your Greenhouse.

21. Ace’s Expanded Cellars

In-game shot of the bigger cellar with Ace's Expanded Cellar mod.
More spaces for aging Wines!

Getting the final upgrade from the Carpenter’s Shop significantly affects your money-making capabilities. As you unlock the Cellar, aging Wine is possible, making its value worth more! However, there’s a problem: the space isn’t enough.

Ace’s Expanded Cellars upgrade your regular space into a larger one. That means more room for Artisan Equipment and tons of high-selling liquor to profit from. Make sure you’re brewing the right fruit to get the best results!

20. NPC Map Locations

In-game interface of the NPC Map Locations mod.
This tool is a huge help for easily locating villagers.

When delivery and collection errands fill your Journal, losing track of villagers in the game is inevitable. You’re lucky if you find Clint or Willy at the Stardrop Saloon after their working hours. Thankfully, the NPC Map Locations cut the hassle by placing a convenient icon to see where everyone is.

This mod saves your time, making you more productive in the long run.

19. Teh’s Fishing Overhaul

The player catching an Iridium Quality Largemouth Bass with Teh's Fishing Overhaul in Stardew Valley.
More Iridium quality fishes!

A complete fishing control in Stardew Valley can make the slightest but most helpful advantage. While Teh’s Fishing Overhaul acts like a cheat for money, it’s also good for completing the fishing collection! Whether you want to see the fish, you’re catching or increasing treasure chests than usual, and this mod will help.

There are more perks to using Teh’s Fishing Overhaul, so install it now!

18. Better Junimos

The player working on a field alongside Junimos
Smarter forest spirits to help your homestead grow!

Usually, Junimos would harvest any crop on your Farm in any season except Winter. But downloading the Better Junimos Mod offers you their full service. They would plant your desired crops’ seeds, take care of them, and harvest their fully-developed state. You can also pay them by fulfilling their request, and it can be a foraged fruit or any kind of fruit.

Nonetheless, this mod makes Farming an easier task, but there’s no guarantee for your XP to increase since these creatures do all the work.

17. Happy Birthday

In-game interface of the Happy Birthday mod in the game
Your birth date deserves to be known.

It’s a little envious that all villagers except you celebrate their birthdays in Stardew Valley. They can receive gifts and all the good stuff. But did you know that there’s a way to get your special day? You’ll need the Happy Birthday mod to acknowledge this event.

After downloading it, villagers would send you greetings and gifts while your parents also mail you a letter wishing you a happy birthday. Isn’t that sweet? You fit in better in the Valley if they know your birth date!

16. Gift Taste Helper Mod

In-game interface of the Gift Taste Helper mod in Stardew Valley.
This mod is a great time-saver.

StardewGuide has dedicated a full guide discussing what everyone’s loved gifts are. Since building a good relationship with every villager in Pelican Town brings great perks, opening your browser and looking at the guide can be repetitive. Luckily, you can see an NPC’s favorite item by hovering over their portrait in the Calendar!

Even if it’s your first time interacting with Shane or Haley, the Gift Taste Helper mod can be your cheat sheet!

15. More Gifts From Friends Compilation

In-game poster for the More Gifts from Friends Compilation in Stardew Valley.

More useful items from now on.

Giving to others without expecting a return is a great mindset. But can you blame other players in Stardew Valley who want to receive the same love they’re giving to all villagers? Aside from entertaining cutscenes and possible marriage, how about some free items?

Installing More Gifts From Friends Compilation lets you have more valuable items sent via the Mail. You can collect them as always, and you’ll be surprised with what you’ll get!

14. Gift of Gab

In-game dialogues of several NPCs in Stardew Valley
More variations in dialogues for better engagement.

Isn’t it boring to see the same dialogues from Stardew Valley’s Marriageable Candidates? Sure, you’ll learn more about them through cutscenes, but won’t it make your friendship with them more interesting if you have diverse dialogues? 

To make a worth-it decision when marrying a candidate, you must learn more about every bachelor and bachelorette. Gift of Gab offers this benefit explicitly as you boost your friendship with every candidate. It gives more insight into their character and how different they are from each other.

13. Better Ranching mod

The player hanging around cows near the Barn.
Those floating icons above your barn animals are not present in the vanilla game.

You may encounter different problems while tending to your barn or coop animals. One of them is collecting products, albeit the Auto-Grabber can store every milk daily without your presence. A specific problem regarding livestock is the annoying Shearing or Milking action, which yields no product because of an error.

The Better Ranching mod can help you experience better gameplay regardless of the problem. It’s one of the most valuable additions aside from the vanilla version, worth checking out!

12. Billboard Anywhere in Stardew Valley Mod

In-game interface of accessing the Billboard Anywhere mod in Stardew Valley.
A virtual map is available whenever you need it!

A Calendar in Stardew Valley is essential because it helps you prepare for upcoming festivals and birthdays. While you can initially use one in front of Pierre‘s General Store, Robin offers it for a price. No beginner would trade their hard-earned money for a feature they can access a few steps away.

Since the Calendar is an important tool for raising Friendship Points, you’ll need it most of the time. Billboard Anywhere helps you do that without paying for anything. Configure a key, click it to activate, and you’ll get more things done quickly!

11. Better Artisan Good Icons

In-game interface of the Better Artisan Icons in Stardew Valley.
Now that’s a better overview.

Do you dislike seeing Wines of the same appearance but with different content? Not hovering to see their name will be an expensive mistake, but you can skip that part with Better Artisan Good Icons. This mod helps make a certain Artisan Product look distinguishable from another.

There’s more to this mod’s color-coded grouping based on the crop. You can also highlight what fruits or veggies they are so you won’t be lost.

10. Bathroom After 2nd House Upgrade

The player diving in for a relaxing bath time in this Stardew Valley mod.
It feels more like a home now!

What will you do once your energy gets depleted? Will you grab a Field Snack or hit the slack? You won’t need to do all that because the Bathroom After 2nd House Upgrade will help!

Usually, you’ll head to the Spa after a long day of work to recover lost stamina. It’s helpful because you’ll need to be productive in Stardew Valley. The downside is its accessibility which happens in Summer 3 only.

This mod adds a bathroom after you purchase the second house upgrade from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop. It’s a mini-spa with some decorations for a relaxing view.

9. Tractor Mod

The Tractor Garage's building cost from the Tractor Mod in Stardew Valley
Are you ready to plow those fields?!

Farming can be a fun but also tedious job. If you want an easier and more modernized experience, you can add a Tractor to your Farm by downloading its mod. You won’t need to carry your tools with its aid since it’s a single and compact machine that covers your tools’ functions.

Once you install the mod, you’ll also find it in Robin’s Carpenter Shop. It may cost you tons of coins, but it’s a great investment based on its benefits.

8. CJB Show Item Sell Price

In-game interface of CJB Show Item Sell Price in Stardew Valley
Now you’ll know your loot’s value!

Not having a clue and being surprised by your newly discovered item’s value sucks because you’ll barely know how much you’ve earned. Luckily, this mod shows items individually and clustered prices by pointing your cursor on the loot. 

Aside from knowing its value, you’ll get to contemplate whether you’ll place it in the shipping bin or not.

7. Skull Cavern Elevator

The player venturing deep in the Skull Cavern with an elevator
The Skull Cavern Elevator lets you travel to any floor you wish!

Everyone knows that Skull Cavern is an endless cave filled with treasures. It’s exciting but irritating at the same time because it has no elevator. Luckily, a compassionate mod creator made an elevator for this mining site in Stardew Valley. Note that the floors get updated every five levels you pass through.

It’s the saving grace of some players who like visiting these areas to find great loots. So, download it now if you like exploring this area!

6. Stardew Valley Automate Mod

In-game instruction for automation mods in Stardew Valley
The perfect solution to profit while sleeping.

Making products from pieces of equipment in-game requires manual labor. You’ll need to pop in the raw materials and wait for the finished product. It’s not a boring task, but there’s still a way to get them without your aid automatically.

Acquiring the Automate mod helps flawlessly produce any item. You need to place a chest filled with raw materials beside your chosen machinery, and it’ll instantly process these goods. It’s a straightforward yet helpful mod if you like mass-producing items in Stardew Valley.

5. Save Anywhere

The player saving the game manually without going to bed in Stardew Valley.
No more worries about losing items in case you pass out!

If you’ve closed the game’s tab without taking a quick nap in Stardew Valley, your game’s current progress gets unsaved. It means you just threw your efforts in a split second. It’s inevitable for most players, but did you know that the Save Anywhere mod can prevent this misfortune?

This cheat automatically saves your current game progress by clicking your chosen key. You won’t need to travel back to your Farm just to store your latest advancement!

4. Crops Anytime Anywhere

Crop seeds thriving in the Winter at the Pelican Town park.
Isn’t it strange to grow something in the cold?

Is planting a Fairy Rose a possibility in Spring? No. But with Crops Anytime Anywhere, you can have every fruit or vegetable type growing on the most inhabitable and odd places in-game. Are you planning to plant Sweet Gem Berry near Old Master Cannoli’s statue? No problem! Even if they’re hard concrete, something will grow that you can harvest.

3. CJB Item Spawner

In-game interface of CJB Item Spawner mod in Stardew Valley.
Tip: You can also spawn unobtainable objects in this mod.

We don’t blame you for wanting an unlimited source of Prismatic Shards and other lucrative items. This Item Spawner Mod lives up to its name as it generates the things you need in just one click. Having it lets you complete your quests quicker and get cooked dishes and pieces of equipment alongside crafted items without their recipes.

It can kill the game’s adventure since you won’t need to scavenge for every item. But it does save you time from searching for rare loots!

2. CJB Cheats Menu

In-game interface of the CJB Cheats Menu in Stardew Valley.
Multiple tools for your convenience.

Do you want to control your gaming experience in Stardew Valley completely? If so, this mod is for you. It’s a complete package that gives you unlimited gold, Qi Gems, and Golden Walnuts. You can also control your relationship with villages without knowing their interests. Interestingly, its function also covers your skills, weather, and availability of Wallet Items. 

1. Stardew Valley Expanded

The player talking to Sophia in Stardew Valley Expanded mod.
Meet new people in Town with Stardew Valley Expanded.

ConcernedApe single-handedly perfected what’s known as one of the most immersive farming simulators, Stardew Valley. Huge initial content, generous and free version updates, and a lively community. Because of the steady success, Stardew Valley Expanded has become the secondary staple of the growing game.

Stardew Valley Expanded brings more life to the Valley. It means more villagers, secret areas, backstories, and more! Although there’s some minor map alteration (because of new locations), vanilla changes are almost unnoticeable.

If you’re a speedrunner who reached the endgame or want extra storylines, don’t miss out on Stardew Valley Expanded.


Are Stardew Valley mods legal?

Adding mods to this game is entirely legal, as the creator supports these modifications. You may occasionally see updates from his Twitter account aiming to make the modding procedure easier for most players. If you’re interested in modding your game, you must download SMAPI by Pathoschild, Stardew Valley’s official mod loader.

Is Stardew Valley worth modding?

If you want to see the game in a new light, then yes. Mods let you enjoy the game all over again, and it’s convenient for those who’ve been playing it for ages. You may also make some tasks easier by adding them. Hence, it’s also ideal for those who want to enjoy it without grinding too much. 

Do Stardew Valley mods work in multiplayer?

Some mods may work on multiplayer, and some may not. It depends on the mod you’re using. However, some may only require the host to own the mod, while others may demand all players to download it.

Can I play Stardew Valley without mods?

Of course, you may play it without mods. These game modifications depend on the player’s liking. Installing them will be a great choice if you want to spice up your gameplay. But if you prefer its vanilla version, then you may stick with it instead. 

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