Best Stardew Valley Fishing Mods 2021


Fishing, especially in any kind of survival game, has been one of the best features of the game. Sometimes, it adds immersion. Sometimes, it’s annoying. In Stardew Valley, fishing mods aren’t rare. A lot of mods have been made just to keep the trivialities of fishing out of the loop and provide more time for doing other tasks.

You don’t want Stardew Valley to be your second job, especially if you’re already doing something else that makes money. But you know, in Stardew Valley, you can be the Elon Musk of farming.

So yeah, to make your life easier, here are our best picks for the best Stardew Valley fishing mods for this year. Go ahead and pick your fish.

Like fishing? This guide will help you with how to fish properly and which fish to target for those sweet sweet greeneries (profit).

Best Stardew Valley Fishing Mods

Easy Fishing 2.0

Nothing beats an easier mechanic for something so tedious. Easy Fishing 2.0 is a better version of the previous release of the same name.

What makes this good amazing is that out of all the movement as fish does during the process, this mod reduces it to a minimum, allowing you to maximize fishing time efficiency. Adjustable percentages are introduced to the scene, allowing you to modify the time it takes for you to get your fish. It’s pretty convenient and you should be able to get this mod by following this page.

Skip Fishing Minigame

A better substitute for a reduced fish movement is this mod. Skip Fishing Minigame mod allows you to, well, skip the entire struggle.

Now, you don’t even need to wait that long to get your fish. Sometimes, all it takes is a mod that allows you to skip everything, at the cost of immersion.

Fishing Made Easy Suite

This mod is on an entirely different level. While most mods are into skipping the fishing minigame or giving you better success at fishing, this mod allows you to get 100% success on fishing. Like, seriously, a real fish and not some garbage.

You don’t have to wait an entire season for the fishes to appear, since they’re everywhere as if someone was deliberately laying eggs on the entire ocean floor. Check this mod out and you’ll be more than happy to fish in your game.


If you feel like fishing isn’t your cup of tea, then do the honor of doing the Boston Tea Party and skip the hardships of life in Stardew Valley.

Auto fish is a mod that allows you to automatically pick up things from the ocean. Whether they are fishes, treasures, or whatever you can think of. This mod has it for you.

More New Fish

The ocean is full of marine life and it’s no surprise that the lack of it in Stardew Valley can be easily noticed.

The good this is, that More New Fish adds a variety of marine species into the game, allowing for more types of fish to be caught. It might sound like a total hassle, but believe me, having more options is better than no catch at all. And it’s now available here.

Animated Fish

A vanilla mod configuration, Animated Fish is a mod that gives animated movements for the fish you’ve just caught and many more you’ll get.

What stands out in this mod is the animations are good enough to give you some sense of immersion whenever you’ve caught some fresh fish. Get your mod by following this link.


Although this mod finally skips the arduous fishing minigame, you’re still required to equip your fishing rods and to cast and hit them fishies.

The good thing about this mod is that it allows you to get bonuses, though the mechanic of casting is still there, it’s better than nothing. It’s really good if you don’t want to break immersion.

Extra Fish Information

A pretty neat mod, Extra Fish Info gives detailed factual information about the fishes in the ocean.

What’s cool about this mod is it allows you to exactly when and where these fishes spawn. It’s really good and you can download it anywhere.

Fishing Assistant

Fishing Assistant is a mod that acts as a fishing mechanic manager. It allows you to modify values, from making it easier to fish to make it virtually impossible to cheat on the fishing minigame itself.

What’s amazing about this mod is that, while it can make your life easier, it also comes with the option to toggle it off. This option is good, especially if you’re trying to feel the game.

Animated Fish SVE

A configurable version of the Animated Fish mod, which is a pretty neat concept already. What you just need is to follow this link and download this mod and you’re good to go.


Mods make our life easier, I mean, in virtual gaming life. In real life, even with mods, it’s still hard. But you know what? Make your life easier by checking our best compilation of mods for Stardew Valley!

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