Top 5 Stardew Valley Anthro Furry Mods You Need


If you are looking for a great Stardew Valley anthro mod that will bring some fresh style into your game, then you are in the right place!

This list will give you more information about the best anthro or furry mods that will overhaul the way your Stardew characters look like, so you can fully change your style. Of course, there are different styles of animation, so we will try to include something for everyone’s liking!

Here are some of our suggestions if you are looking for the best Stardew anthro mod!

Stardew Valley Anthro Mod Characters Continued – (Furry Overhaul Mod) Plus Genderswaps

With more than 700k views on NexusMods, this Stardew Valley anthro mod does a great job at overhauling all NPCs. Trust us, if you download this mod, then you will definitely like all those anthropomorphic animal characters.

There is one additional feature that makes this mod stand out. Meaning, with some mods you only get one anthro version to use for males and one for females. Meanwhile, this mod comes with a genderswap option!

Take a look at some of the options:

Source: NexusMods

As you can see, this comes with new portraits and the little icons that are really great quality. That’s just one of the reasons why we are recommending this Stardew Valley anthro mod!

2. Anthro Farmer Continued

Once you get other NPCs to look like anthro animals, why not join them?

The Anthro Farmer Continued mod allows you to choose from a few different styles, so you can pick whichever fits your style the best!

Here are just some of the style options:

Source: NexusMods

As you can see, they come with lovely tails to match the style and the outfit. No wonder why these are so popular in the Stardew community!

3. StarFUR Valley Portrait Animations (Anthro Characters Continued)

Now, once you pick your favourite Stardew Valley anthro mod, it comes with lovely portraits. However, some players might want to have animated versions of those portraits!

That’s why our beloved content creators came up with the StarFUR Valley Portrait Animations mod to do just that. We are recommending this particular mod because of how clean and lovely it makes the portraits look!

Basically, this mod makes your characters ear wiggle a little bit, or just makes the character have a small smile that makes the portrait more realistic. While this doesn’t add more special features, it’s truly great to have if you’d like to improve the gaming experience.

4. Anthro Babies Take After Spouse (Furry Mod)

Hear us out, once you get married and have babies in Stardew Valley, why wouldn’t you want the kids to look like their parents?

That’s why you need the Anthro Babies Take After Spouse mod! This mod will create young versions of the anthro NPCs and use that to upgrade how babies look! Just look how adorable they can be:

Source: NexusMods

It all depends on which Stardew character you choose to be your marriage candidate! If you would like to learn more about which NPCs are considered to be the best for marriage, then take a look at our marriage candidates guide.

While marriage and babies might not be the most important thing for all players, it’s still nice to have little anthro characters running around, right?

Anthro Children- Cats

Speaking of babies, what if you could turn them into cats?

Hear us out.

Source: NexusMods

Anthro Children – Cats mod replaces your kids with these cute anthro cats! This is a very small mod that doesn’t add many additional features to your game, but it’s just adorable.

Just try not to confuse your kids with the pet cats! Other than that, this deserves a spot on the list for how creative and unique it is. Not many anthro mods give you this feature to test in the game!

The drawings are also cute, so this mod is a no-brainer, in all fairness. Give it a go and see how you like it!

Which Stardew Valley anthro mod will you try next? Download them and see which one fits your style.

By now we already know that our community’s mod creators always bring the best quality and creative innovation!

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