20+ Best Stardew Valley Android Mods

Are you planning to add plenty of amazing Stardew Valley Android mods? Well, take a look at all these great suggestions below in this guide!

As always, there are different types of Android mods: for logistics, for making the game look prettier, adding new features, and more.

Just choose what your game needs the most and install your favorite Stardew Valley Android mods!

What are the best Stardew valley android mods?

The mods that you will see below are compatible with the latest Android updates for your game! Whether you want to install just one mod or more, take a look at these recommendations:

21. Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Valley android mods - Stardew Valley Expanded
Source: NexusMods

If we are talking about Stardew Valley Android mods, there is no way we could skip over the Stardew Valley Expanded mod!

Basically, this is a fan-made expansion for our beloved game. If you install this mod, you will get:

  • 26 new NPCs
  • 33 locations
  • 230 character events
  • 18 fish
  • Reimagined vanilla areas
  • Two farm maps
  • A reimagined world map reflecting all changes
  • New music
  • Questlines
  • Festivals
  • and more!

This mod has been viewed more than 7 million times, so you know that you need this for your farm too! It’s a great addition, so definitely keep this one in mind.

Download here

20. CJB Cheats Menu

Source: NexusMods

Are you looking for a simple mod that will allow you to use cheats to make your Stardew life better?

Then install the CJB Cheats Menu! All you will have to do is press P to see a full list of all the cheats you can use in the game! This means, that you can just warp wherever and whenever you want, upgrade your skills, improve your relationships, and more!

Download here

19. CJB Spawner

Source: NexusMods

Continuing with the CJB Stardew Valley Android mods, this one is very useful if you’d like to spawn random items in the game!

The CJB Spawner is a great addition that can make Stardew Valley quests and other aspects of the game faster and easier.

Download here

18. NPC Map Locations

Source: NexusMods

Is it a bit complicated and challenging to find all the NPCs and always keep track of their locations? No worries, there is a simple mod that can fix this issue!

You just need the NPC Map Locations mod and you will be able to see where the NPCs are when they are moving on the minimap. This way, if you’d like to talk to someone or just start some task, then you can find them in a moment no matter where they are!

Download here

17. Stardew Valley anime Mods

Source: NexusMods

Are you a fan of anime? Then add this Stardew mod to the list of you Stardew Valley Android mods!

If you install it, then both marriage candidates and other regular Stardew Valley characters and portraits will look different, more similar to anime!

In all fairness, this is a great mod and very useful for anyone who likes anime!

Download here

16. look up Anything

Source: NexusMods

Now, Look Up Anything is one of those Stardew Valley Android mods that should be in the Stardew Valley fans’ collection!

Once you install it, all you need to do is put your cursor on something/someone and you will be able to see such aspects of the game as:

This is a very useful mod, so don’t miss out on it!

Download here

15. Stardew Valley Android Mods: Tractor

Source: NexusMods

Have you ever thought that you just need some additional gadgets and tools to take care of your farm?

Then add the Tractor mod to be able to buy a tractor and take care of your crops, clear twigs, and rocks!

Also, this Android mod adds a cute garage that you can buy in the game!

Download here

14. Automate mod

Source: NexusMods

With more than 2 million views, there is no way we would forget the Automate mod for your Stardew Valley farm! If you love the automation and industry style mod for your farm, Automate Mod is definitely one of the best Stardew Valley mods!

Once you have this mod, just put a chest next to a machine and the machine will automatically draw raw items from the chest. After that, this will push processed items into it.

You can also connect multiple machines with a chest. There are so many machines that work with this, so you will definitely enjoy how much easier everything becomes!

Download here

13. gift taste helper

Source: NexusMods

Is getting the perfect gift for other Stardew Valley characters just too complicated? Then all you need is the Gift Taste Helper mod and you will be able to see what the NPCs are like.

Don’t forget to give them beloved gifts on their birthday!

If you do it right, your friendships will improve really fast.

Download here

12. Chests Anywhere

Source: NexusMods

If you’d like to access your chests whenever you want, then you definitely need the Chests Anywhere mod for your game!

Once you install this mod, you will be able to access all your chests, dressers, fridge, and shipping bin anywhere and organize them however you want.

This way, you can easily transfer items without having to run around all the time!

Download here

11. CJB Show Item Sell Price

Source: NexusMods

Going back to the CJB mods, this one is very useful for many players who would want to make a profit!

If you install the CJB Show Item Sell Price on your game, you will be able to see all the prices in your inventory!

Just install the latest version of SMAPI and enjoy the game.

Download here

10. Better Ranching

Source: NexusMods

Would you like to prevent milking and shearing attempts from failing?

Basically, the Better Ranching mod adds a small indicator in the game that shows when your animals can be petted, milked, or even sheared.

Download here

9. experience bars Mod

Source: NexusMods

While upgrading your skills is a big part of Stardew Valley, it can be a bit difficult to keep track of how much work is still needed to level up!

If you feel the same, then just add the Experience Bars mod to your game and see how far you are from upgrading your skills!

Download here

8. Happy Birthday

Source: NexusMods

Are you tired of not getting enough attention in Stardew Valley? Well, you just need the Happy Birthday mod in your Stardew Valley Android mods collections!

Once you install this, you will have to choose your birth date, and other NPCs will bring you gifts on that day.

Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Download here

7. Loved Labels

Source: NexusMods

Getting back to the sweet animal mods, you definitely need the Loved Labels mod for your Stardew game!

If you install it, then you will get a new mouse hover label that will show if your animals are already petted!

This way, you can add “Is Loved” and “Needs Love” labels to make this much easier.

Download here

6. Bathroom after the 2nd House upgrade

Source: NexusMods

This one is a little bit different, but it’s still very useful if you are planning to renovate your house!

Just get the Bathroom After The 2nd House Upgrade mod and you will be able to enjoy your own little pool once you upgrade the farm.

Download here

5. No More Bowlegs

Source: NexusMods

Do the NPCs just look funny sometimes? Then get the No More Bowlegs mod to improve how their legs look like?

Basically, this mod removes this “bow-leggedness” that such characters as Abigail, Leah, Maru, and Emily have!

Meaning, no more weird gaps between their legs.

Download here

4. Babies Take After Spouse

Source: NexusMods

If you’d like to improve how babies and toddlers look in Stardew Valley, then definitely consider getting the Babies Take After Spouse mod for your game!

Also, it adds new hairstyles and clothes for the kids to make them look more adorable.

Download here

3. Better Artisan Good Icons

Source: NexusMods

If you’d like to upgrade the icons of your artisan goods, then consider getting the Better Artisan Good Icons mod for your game!

Once you get this mod, jelly, pickles, wine, juice, and honey icons will be based on the fruit, vegetable, or flower that you used to make them. Isn’t that great?

Download here

2. Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for All Friend-able Characters

Source: NexusMods

This mod (Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for All Friend-able Characters) adds about 2500 new conversation lines for your dialogue with NPCs!

Basically, you can have better conversations with all 34 characters in Stardew Valley.

Talking is a big part of the game, so why not make the default game better?

Download here

1. Bigger Backpack

Source: NexusMods

Lastly, on this list, take a look at the Bigger Backpack mod for your game!

This is a great addition that allows you to buy a bigger backpack at Pierre’s for only 50,000g! This backpack has 48 slots, so you will have plenty of space for various items.

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add mods to Stardew Valley on Android?

Yes, you can! Although Stardew Valley on Android is a little bit special. The installing process for mods is pretty much the same as on PC. But be aware, it’s kinda limited so you can’t expect every single Stardew Valley mod on PC will work on Android.

How do you install Stardew Valley mods on Android?

First, you should look for a porting version of SMAPI created by ZaneYork and follow the installation instructions here to install the APK file. This work for most Stardew Valley mods that require you to download SMAPI and content packs like Content Patcher. When you’re done, just download any mods you like and unzip them into the StardewValley/Mods folder.

Should I play Stardew on mobile?

If you have a decent mobile Android or iOs device and have to travel a lot, playing Stardew Valley on mobile is definitely an option. Although the control is a little bit wonky and multiplayer isn’t a thing on the mobile version yet, you can still enjoy the peaceful farming simulator game!


Which Stardew Valley Android mods are your favorite? Add new features and enjoy Stardew Valley the way you’d like to!

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