Empty Capsule: What Does It Do In The Game?

Are you familiar with the creepy-looking empty capsule? What secrets does it hold within its shattered glass and the mysterious Stardew Valley lore? You’ll know everything about it on this item guide.

The player holding a shattered empty capsule in the middle of the farm.
This is how the Empty Capsule looks like.

Stardew Valley is abundant in random events that rarely happen over your gameplay. Most are helpful but some are just downright creepy as the Empty Capsule. What’s the deal with it and why does it exist?

In a Nutshell

The chance of this random event from happening is less than one percent. But to increase the odds, make sure your farm is clear of everything since it chooses a random tile. After waking up in the morning, you’ll get a pop-up message saying that a strange sound was audible last night.

If you inspect your farm, you’ll find a Strange Capsule, along with the creepy sound. You can pick it up and place it around the farm but only for three days. 

It’ll then turn into an Empty Capsule where the bright blue color of it disappears. Alternatively, you can apply Fairy Dust to speed up the process, which leads to another secret.

The Empty Capsule Reveals More Lore in Stardew Valley

The empty capsule is one way the Shadow People use to land in Pelican Town.
After the pod breaks, there’s a chance to see a Shadow Creature lurking in Pelican Town.

Stardew Valley is not in the horror genre but it’s impressive in giving jumpscares. One example is the creature that emerges from the outlandish pod you can find on one of the rare events. 

The first time I encountered it was in the bush near Kent’s backyard. However, you can also spot the alien in front of Haley’s house. Once the event happens, it’s gone for good (but not with mods).

There’s nothing more special about the event except for the possible story it tells.

Is that a shadow person spying on the inhabitants of Pelican Town? Is Krobus aware of his presence? And most importantly, why does the creature avoid contact?

Krobus claims all the hostile shadow creatures in the mines are great friends to him. Meaning he’s possibly acquainted with most of them (and even interacted with) because of the 1000-year dispute between his race and the Dwarves.

He also expressed his fear of assassination once their enemies found his whereabouts. If the Dwarves can threaten and execute, so does Krobus’ race. With that in mind, the creature might be a spy or aid to their force beneath the mines.

Unfortunately, the identity of the mysterious shadow person that appears after the Empty Capsule event remains shrouded. It’s open to countless theories, but ConcernedApe might have plans for it in the future.

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