20 Best Stardew Valley Texture Mods


If you think that your game could benefit from a few additional Stardew Valley texture mods, then you are in the right place!

In this Stardew Valley texture mods rating you will learn more about the best and the most popular texture mods that you can install to make your game look better and be more interesting to play.

This list is full of different kind of mods, so everyone will find something that they will like!

The best stardew valley texture mods

As with most Stardew Valley mods, there are so many to choose from!

Whether you are looking for just one mod or more, feel free to add a lot of great custom content to your Stardew Valley game.

1. Alternative Textures

Of course, we are starting with a framework that is needed for many Stardew Valley texture mods!

The Alternative Textures mod is a framework that gives you a way to have texture variations for all types of things in Stardew Valley: objects, buildings, and more.

Don’t forget that you can combine multiple mods with Alternative Textures to have all the textures you need in the game!

Source: NexusMods

2. K10_FTW’s Woods Wainscotting Walls and Floors for Alternative Textures

Continuing with our list, there is no way we wouldn’t mention this lovely mod called K10_FTW’s Woods Wainscotting Walls and Floors for Alternative Textures!

Once you install this mod, you will be able to change the walls and the floors with really nice wood options! There are plenty of stains and designs to choose from, so you can mix and match to meet your needs!

This mod is meant to be used with Alternative Textures mod, so don’t forget to have that installed to!

Source: NexusMods

3. Elle’s Animals for Alternative Textures

If you are a fan of Elle’s mods for Stardew Valley, then try the Elle’s Animals Alternative Textures!

This is an Alternative Textures pack for all of Elle’s farm animal mods, so you will have plenty of custom content to choose from when trying to make all your animals look adorable.

Once you install this mod, you will get:

  • All textures from Elle’s retextures for farm animals converted to use with Alternative Textures
  • and an ability to use multiple texture packs at once to improve Stardew Valley!
Source: NexusMods

4. Not Far From the tree

Have you already heard about the Not Far From The Tree – Dynamic Children and Baby Textures mod for Stardew Valley? If not, you are in luck because this is one of the most useful Stardew Valley texture mods to improve your game!

So, what does this mod do? Basically, you can replace the textures of your kids in Stardew Valley to make them look like you in the game. This also work for a multiplayer game, no worries there.

This way, you can make your kids look like any NPC you are with! Just choose the best marriage candidate and have lovely kids in Stardew Valley!

5. Wall Fitted Wardrobe

If you are looking for a great dresser re-texture, then consider getting the Wall Fitted Wardrobe texture mod to improve Stardew Valley!

Source: NexusMods

This mod allows you to have a wardrobe that is fitted to the wall and looks much better than the older versions!

If your regular dresser looks a bit boring, then all you need is this Stardew Valley texture mod to upgrade your farm house!

There are a few different styles for you to choose from, so we definitely had to add this mod to the list.

6. Alternative Skins – Demetrius and Robin

Do Demetrius and Robin just look a little bit outdated? Well, you can use this texture/re-skin mod called Alternative Skins to improve their appearance!

If you are looking for some alternatives when it comes to how Stardew Valley NPCs look like, then this is a high-quality option that will definitely do the job right.

Here is what you can expect if you download the mod:

Source: NexusMods

7. Tailor Weapon Skins

Speaking of skins to improve your Stardew Valley textures with mods, why not take a look at the Tailor Weapon Skins?

This is a great mod that allows re-skinning of weapons at the Sewing Machine. That’s how you make the game more convenient and easier with a simple skins mod!

Source: NexusMods

8. My Little Valley-Farming is Magic

When it comes to Stardew Valley chicken, they are already very adorable, but why not make them look even better with a My Little Valley – Farming is Magic mod?

This is a very simple and small mod that can make your farm life more exciting and make you want to play the game even more!

Why not give it a go to check it out yourself?

9. Budgies (Bird Skins or BFAV version)

Would you like to add some adorable budgies (also known as parakeets) to your Stardew Valley game?

Well, take a look at the Budgies mod! This is one of those Stardew Valley texture mods that every player could easily appreciate.

These small birds take four days to mature into an adult. Once they reach that stage, they will look for fruits and seeds, so this is a functional mod, not only decorative.

If you’d like to add some additional features to your farm or town, then this will be a great addition to your Stardew Valley farm.

Source: NexusMods

10. Mushroom Tree growth re-texture

Have you noticed that the mushroom stages just… don’t look that great? Well, all you need is the Mushroom Tree Growth Re-Texture mod for your Stardew Valley texture mods, and this can be changed.

This texture mode re-textures the growth stages of the earlier mentioned mushroom tree so that it always looks like a mushroom!

Here are the changes you can expect from the game:

Source: NexusMods

11-13. Anime skin for NPC ladies

It’s really hard to rate between these next few mods as their main goal is to upgrade the looks of multiple female NPCs in Stardew Valley.

If that sounds like something you’d like, then definitely consider getting the Tohru, Miku, and Kanna Skins for your female characters!

Here’s what you can expect from these Stardew Valley texture/skin mods:

Source: NexusMods
Image source: NexusMods
Source: NexusMods

14. Adopt ‘n’ Skin (Animal Skinner)

There is no way we wouldn’t add the Adopt ‘N’ Skin mod to the list of the best Stardew Valley texture mods!

So, what makes this a great addition to Stardew Valley?

Basically, this mod allows you to:

  • Adopt new pets
  • Find wild horses
  • Randomise and select custom skins

This is a great addition for anyone who enjoys having animals on their farm! You can also take a look at our list of the best Stardew Valley animal mods!

Source: NexusMods

15. Hojichas Seaside Furniture and Wallpapers and Floors

Are you looking for new textures for furniture, wallpapers, and floors to create a different style? Then maybe the Hojichas Seaside mod is exactly what you need.

Basically, this mod provides you with nautical and fishing themed furniture and wall paper to make the most out of your farm style. This mod is converted to Alternative Textures, so it adds new items as new textures.

Just choose which colours and styles fit your rooms the best and use the paint bucket in the game to make your house look even better!

Source: NexusMods

16. Lumisteria

If this is the first time you are hearing about the Lumisteria Stardew Valley textures mod, no worries.

Here is what you need to know about it: you can use this mod to add plenty of alternative textures to your huge craftable items! This way, your items can look better or simply blend in with the rest of the furniture much better.

Just don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and colours to make the most out of your furniture and the rest of the items.

Source: NexusMods

17. More Jack-O-Lanterns (Alternative Textures)

Have you already prepared for yearly Halloween vibes? Well, More Jack-O-Lanterns mod can be the solution to your problem when there is a lack of nice items and pumpkins!

This mod gives you 18 new styles/textures to choose from, so you will always have something nice. Just get the regular recipe in Stardew Valley and you will get to choose from 18 different styles.

Source: NexusMods

18. Furniture Example Pack for Alternative Textures

If you are looking for some furniture styles, then the Example Pack is a great option for that!

This mod provides 300+ furniture with pink or blue vanilla textures for players to choose from.

When it comes to this type of style, there is probably no better mod! Who wouldn’t want to have such adorable furniture for their Stardew farm?

Source: NexusMods

19. Minecraft Tools textures Replacer

For all the Minecraft fans, modders didn’t forget about you either! The Minecraft Tools mod can be used to get Minecraft-looking tools to make the game look a bit different.

Just don’t forget to get SMAPI and the Content Patcher for this mod to work and you are good to go!

Some weapons will also be upgraded, so you are in for a lot of changes, take a look at it yourself:

Source: NexusMods

20. Starkissed Skin Tones

Do you think that some of the original Stardew skin tones look a bit weird? Well, there are some great mods that can make the situation better!

One of them is the Starkissed Skin Tones mod!

These are the skin tones you can expect from the Starkissed mod:

  • 9 shades are cool-tone shades (for skins with a yellow base)
  • 9 are warm-tone shades (for skins with a pink base)
  • 6 are desaturated shades

Pick any of these skin tones to make your character look more natural in the game!

Which of the Stardew Valley texture mods would you like to add to your Stardew game? Feel free to experiment with different types of custom content and make the most out of your game!

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