What Are The Best Stardew Valley Pokemon Mods?


Are you currently looking for the perfect Stardew Valley Pokemon mod? Well, you are in luck because we have gathered the best of the best to give you some great suggestions for your Stardew game.

While there are a lot of mods to choose from, we have checked that all of the recommended mods will be high-quality and bring something new to your game.

Take a look at our recommendations:

1. Stardew Valley Pokemon Mod: Retextures

Starting off strong, let’s take a look at the Stardew Valley Pokemon Retextures mod! This is liked by many Stardew Valley players all around the world, and it is one of the most downloaded Stardew Valley Pokemon mods. That’s just a few of the reasons why we are adding this mod to the list.

Basically, this Stardew Vally animals mod allows you to change the way animals look and turn them into popular Pokemon characters. Some of them include:

  • Baby Brown Cow – Numel
  • Baby Pig – Swinub
  • Baby Rabbit – Swirlix
  • Baby White Cow – Miltank
  • Blue Chicken – Taillow
  • Brown Chicken – Pidgey
  • Brown Cow – Camerupt
  • Cat – Glameow
  • Dinosaur – Shieldon
  • Dog – Vaporeon

Here is what you can expect them to look like:

Source: NexusMods

This mod was also updated a while ago, so you would be getting new features. For example, now you can have the Blue Chicken in this mod, dark borders are also removed from the Pokemon.

If you have a lot of animals in you Stardew Valley game, then this might be the perfect Stardew Pokemon mod for you!

2. Altaria (Pokemon) (Horse Replacer)

Have you ever thought about making your horse look like Altaria from Pokemon? Well, the Stardew Valley Pokemon mod Altaria is the way to go! This is quite an interesting addition to the Stardew Valley Pokemon mods, so no wonder why many players are enjoying it.

Thankfully, this Stardew horse mod works really well, and the quality is great, so we are recommending to try this mod to see if you like it too. There is just something nice about having a Pokemon as your horse, so you can travel around the map in style!

3. Pokemon Alolan Vulpix as Cat

While this might be a very simple mod, it deserves a spot on this list just for its creativity! Have you ever thought about the possibility to change the way your pet cat looks?

Basically, this mod replaces the cat sprite with a Alolan Vulpix sprite from Pokemon.

Take a look at what you can expect from this mod:

Source: NexusMods

As you can see, this Stardew Valley Pokemon mod is quite adorable, so you won’t be disappointed if you download it for your game!

4. Even More Pokemon Animal and Monsters

Once you start getting more and more Pokemon mods, you will come across one that brings both decorative aspects and new features!

We are talking about the Even More Pokemon Animal and Monsters mod!

Source: NexusMods

First of all, all first evolution Pokemon are now Baby Animals in Stardew Valley. Second Evolution Pokemon are added for every Bird, and also the Rabbits! As you can imagine, this mod can bring a lot of happiness for Pokemon fans, so don’t wait too long before you install it.

5. Stardew Valley Pokemon Mod: Gym

Hear us out.

What if your house could be turned into a Pokemon gym?

Well, we have a mod for that too! The Stardew Valley Pokemon Gym upgrades your farmhouse to look more like the classic Pokemon gym style, while still keeping some Stardew Valley aesthetic. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

Here is what you can expect from this Stardew Pokemon mod:

Source: NexusMods

As you can see, it doesn’t move too far from the Stardew style, but it still gives you something new and fresh to work with! That is one of the easiest ways to feel like you are a part of the Pokemon universe, so definitely consider getting your own Pokemon gym (and a stylish one!).

Which Stardew Pokemon mods are you getting for your game? There are a lot of great options to choose from, so just check what fits your needs the best!

Just don’t forget to say thank you to the mod creators once in a while!

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