The Benefits of Stardew Valley Cows

No farm is complete without cows! Cows are adorable creatures, they look even more adorable in Stardew Valley. There are many things to learn about the benefits and uses of Stardew Valley cows, so let’s get straight into it. 

Types of Stardew Valley Cows

In the real world, there are many different types of cows. However, there are two types of cows in Stardew Valley, but you can’t choose which one you will end up with. Don’t worry, both types of cows are equally cute. The first type of cow is Brown and the second type of cow is White. 

How do you get a Cow?

Many similar games require you to chase after cows and bribe them into your farm. On the other hand, Stardew Valley lets you purchase cows for 1,500g at Marnie’s Ranch. Trust me, I’m also glad that I don’t have to go on a long journey in order to find a cow. Moreover, Marnie’s Ranch offers the sale of a variety of animals, so be sure to check out all the other options. 

Before you buy a cow, make sure you have a barn as that’s where the cows live. You don’t want to leave the poor animals out in the open, do you? You can get Robin to build a barn that has a capacity of 4 animals for you in exchange for 350 wood, 150 stone and 6,500g. If you’re a new player, this may take more time to accumulate, so be sure to save money and resources! Thankfully, you won’t need to do any building, just a lot of resource collecting. If you would like to expand your barn in order to get more animals, you can upgrade the barn in exchange for more resources. 

What do Cows do in Stardew Valley?

Just like in real-life, Stardew Valley cows produce milk. In my opinion, if you have a farm but don’t produce any lovely milk, is it really a farm? To create milk, you will need to buy a Milk Pail from Marnie. I know, the whole process is very expensive, but I promise you this is the last step. 

Once you first get a cow, they will produce normal milk. However, if you treat them well and they reach a high enough happiness and friendship, they will produce larger amounts of milk. This milk is referred to as Large Milk in the game. A happy cow will show hearts, the happier it is the more there are displayed. On the contrary, if your cow is grumpy it won’t produce any milk. Consequently, taking care of them is very important. 

The colour of the cow does not affect the type of milk that is produced. Some players may think that the colour of the cow affects the price of the milk due to eggs having these criteria. But, cows, produce the same value

How Long does it Take for Milk to be Produced?

When you purchase cows, you will need to wait 5 days for them to mature. After the 5 days are up, they will produce milk every morning. 

What can you do with the Milk?

Selling Milk 

Firstly, you can sell milk. Normal milk can be sold for 100g and large milk can be sold for 150g

Gifting Milk

Milk can be gifted to all villagers except Dwarf, Elliot, Haley, Lewis, Wizard and Kent. I repeat, not Kent, he hates it!

Creating Cheese

Secondly, you can make cheese out of milk. Once you get a cheese press, you can insert milk inside it. Large milk will produce a gold cheese that is worth more. Base quality cheese is worth 230g

Additionally, if you would like to increase the price of the cheese, you can place it in a Cask. Silver star cheese is worth 1.25x base quality, gold star cheese is worth 1.5x base quality and iridium star cheese is worth 2x base quality. The longer you wait, the higher the selling price of the cheese. In order to remove the cheese from the cask, you must hit it with a hoe, pickaxe, or axe. 

What do you do with this lovely cheese? Well, you can gift it to all of the villagers except Harvey, Jas, Sebastian and Vincent. Not sure why anyone would hate or dislike cheese, it’s so yummy! Moreover, you can create cheese cauliflower, pizza and pepper poppers from cheese. Delicious!


Stardew Valley milk is really useful. There are many things you can do with it, so cows are great! Take care of them well, and you will have a lot of milk.

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