What is the Stardew Valley Earth Crystal?

The Stardew Valley Earth Crystal sounds fancy, right? There are many uses of this beautiful crystal such as recipes, quests, gifting, bundles, building and tailoring. If you want to learn about all of its uses, you’re in the right place. 

What is the Stardew Valley Earth Crystal?

The Earth Crystal is one of many minerals within the game. Its selling price is 50g. However, if you have chosen the Gemologist Profession, the selling price is 60g.

How do you Find the Stardew Valley Earth Crystal?

I know you want to find this intriguing crystal. There are several ways to find Earth Crystals. I will go through all the ways you can find them and which ways give you the best chances of finding them. 


Firstly, you can go to the Mine which has the highest chance of finding them. Once you reach the mine, which can be dark and scary, you will need to find Geodes and Omni Geodes. These can be found on floors 1-39. However, not every Geode or Omni Geode you find will contain an Earth Crystal. This is due to there being many different types of minerals in the game. There is a 1/16 chance that the Geode or Omni Geode you find will contain an Earth Crystal. Therefore, it is recommended that you mine a lot of Geodes and Omni Geodes so that you have a better chance of collecting the crystals. 

Other ways (lower chance)

Other ways include killing Duggies in mines, fishing, Wilderness Golems, and Haunted Skulls. Yes, there are lots of ways you can come across the Earth Crystal. On the other hand, there is a much lower chance of getting Earth Crystals this way. Consequently, you may have to go into the scary mines to have the best chances of finding them. But, you may be lucky enough to get an Earth Crystal through different tasks even when you are not looking for them. In my experience, I never find Earth Crystals whilst fishing, I mostly find trash. I’m sure many players can relate to this.  

What can you do with the Earth Crystals?


Do you love mayonnaise? Well, you’re in for a treat if you’re at Farming Level 2. You can make mayonnaise in Stardew Valley by making a Mayonnaise Machine. You will require 1 Earth Crystal, 15 Wood, 15 Stone and 1 Copper Bar. To make mayonnaise from the machine, you will need eggs. The selling prices of mayonnaise differ depending on what eggs it is made from. 


All villagers like the Earth crystal, apart from Linus and Pierre. The Earth Crystal is always a great gift if you don’t know what to get someone. However, no villagers love the Earth Crystal, so don’t give it to someone you want to build a closer relationship with. 


In the boiler room, the Earth Crystal will be required by the Geologist’s Bundle. The reward for this bundle is 5 Omni Geodes. 


Have you finished the Goblin’s Problem quest? Great! You will be able to purchase the wonderful Earth Obelisk. On the contrary, it is very expensive as you will need 500,000g, 10 Iridium bars, and 10 Earth Crystals. I know, to a new player, this may sound like a fortune. However, if you have been playing longer and want to achieve Perfection (which means how much you have progressed in the game), you must have this building.


Earth Crystals may be needed in several quests. The quests include:

  • Pierre: “Help Wanted”
  • Stonefish: Fish Pond quest for pond capacity of 3-5
  • Catfish, Bullhead, Largemouth Bass or Midnight Carp: Fish Pond quest for pond capacity of 5-7


Stardew Valley Earth crystals can be used to create a new shirt in Emily and Haley’s house. You will simply need to go to their house to use their sewing machine.


In conclusion, the Earth Crystal is a highly useful resource in the game. It becomes even more important once you have played the game for a longer time. Therefore, if you are a new player that has found Earth Crystals, I would suggest saving some of them so that you can use them later on in the game.

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