Stardew Rabbit’s Foot: How To Get It & What It’s For

Rabbit’s Foot – doesn’t sound very nice, does it? But in fact, it’s a very useful, rare, and valuable item! Read on to learn everything there is to know about the Rabbit’s Foot animal product in Stardew Valley.

A screenshot from Stardew Valley in which the farmer is standing next to a coop and holding a Rabbit's Foot.
No animals were harmed in the making of this Rabbit’s Foot.

What is A Rabbit’s Foot?

Some say it’s lucky.

Item Descrit

Rabbit’s Foot is an animal product you can get if you own a Coop that has at least one happy Rabbit in it. The primary resource Rabbits make is Wool, and to get a Rabbit’s Foot you need a mix of luck and hard work!

It works similarly to Duck’s Feathers and Ducks. Ducks primarily make Duck Eggs, but sometimes you’ll walk into your coop and find a feather instead.

How to Get Rabbits

Before you can get any Rabbit’s Feet, you’ll need to get yourself a Rabbit. Rabbits, like most other animals, can be purchased from Marnie’s Ranch in the Cindersap Forest. However, before they’re available, you’ll need to first upgrade your Coop to a Deluxe Coop – the best upgrade available.

To upgrade your Coop, you must first buy the standard building from Robin’s Carpenter’s Shop in the Mountain area of Pelican Town. The first building is fairly cheap, but upgrading the Coop requires a lot of gold and resources, as outlined below:

CoopBig CoopDeluxe Coop
Gold Cost:4.000g10.000g20.000g
Material Cost:300 Wood
100 Stone
400 Wood
150 Stone
500 Wood
200 Stone
+Void Chicken
+Golden Chicken
+ Rabbit

According to the table above, if you don’t have a Coop at all, you’ll need to spend a cumulative 34.000 gold, as well as use up 1.200 pieces of Wood and 450 slabs of Stone, in order to even get the opportunity to purchase Rabbits.

Once you’ve got a Deluxe Coop all set up, visit Marnie’s Ranch. The store is open from 09:00 AM to 04:00 every day except on Mondays and Tuesdays. A single Rabbit will run you a hefty price of 8.000 gold, however, you only really need one in order to get the coveted Rabbit’s Foot.

Pricey! Are they worth it?

How To Get a Rabbit’s Foot

Rabbits that eat every day will mature into adults after six nights have passed. After that, you’re much more likely to get Wool than you are a Foot. Rabbits produce one piece of Wool every four days.

There are three factors that influence whether you’ll get a Rabbit’s Foot:

  1. Mood
  2. Friendship
  3. Daily Luck

A good Mood is important because an animal that’s cold, unhappy, or unfed, will not produce any animal product at all. In order to have a chance of getting a Foot, you must first have a chance for any resource to spawn at all.

In order to get a Foot instead of Wool in particular, what you need to do is max out your friendship with your bunnies. To do that, pet them every day and make sure they’re well-fed. To further expedite this process, you may want to select the Coopmaster farming profession at level ten.

Furthermore, a higher Daily Luck increases your odds of getting this item over Wool. Watch the Fortune Teller every day to check your daily luck!

Be-friending your bun is well worth the trouble!

Other Ways to Get A Rabbit’s Foot

There are two other ways you can get this rare item in Stardew Valley:

  1. The Traveling Cart
  2. The Skull Cavern

The Traveling Cart

You can find the Traveling Cart on the northern part of the Cindersap forest on Fridays and Sundays. The caravan will remain there from 06:00 AM until 08:00 PM. The lady there sells a random assortment of items that are sometimes a bargain and sometimes overpriced. A Rabbit’s Foot here will cost between 1.695g and 2.825g.

Even at Iridium Quality, these items cost just a little over 1.000g, so the price is definitely not fair. However, it may be a quick way to get this item if you don’t want to go through the hassle of acquiring and upgrading your Coop!

While expensive, the goods sold here are generally quite rare.

The Skull Cavern

Another way to find this item is by killing Serpents in the Skull Cavern. To get to the Skull Cavern, you must first get a Skull Key and unlock a way to get to the Calico Desert in the first place.

The Skull Key is found at the bottom of the Pelican Town mine, so as long as you’re a diligent miner, you’ll be able to find it with ease. To get to the Desert, however, you’ll need to put in a bit more work and complete either the Vault bundle in the Community Center or the Bus Stop Development at JojaMart. This will cost either 42.500g or 40.000g or respectively.

Once there, you’ll be able to find Serpents almost immediately, since these yet deadly enemies can be found on any floor. They are a bit like Bats in their movement and demeanor. They appear off-screen and lunge at the farmer with great speed. Make sure you have a good weapon such as the Galaxy Sword and some high-quality food or Energy Tonics with you before you face these creatures. Just one attack from the Serpents deals over 20 points of damage, and your farmer starts the game with only 100 health.

On death, Serpents drop many rare goodies, which include Prismatic Shards, Diamonds, Spicy Eel, and Rabbit’s Foot! There’s an 0.8% chance for this drop to occur.

Serpents are swift and deadly.

What To Do With A Rabbit’s Foot

1. Sell It

If you have no other use for Rabbit’s Feet, you can sell them for a pretty penny. However, considering their rarity, we would recommend you stash ’em in a chest and use them for something else.

Below is a table outlining the price of this item. Note that if you choose the Rancher profession at level five of the farming skill, the price of all your animal products increases by 20%!

PriceRancher Profession Price
Regular Quality565g678g
Silver Quality706g847g
Gold Quality847g1,016g
Iridium Quality1,130g1,356g

2. Gift It

Rabbit’s Feet are about as universally loved as gifts as Prismatic Shards, though far more common than the latter. This makes this item a perfect gift when you’re in a pinch and it’s someone’s birthday. This is an especially good gift for villagers who are kind of difficult to shop for like Kent, Alex, and Elliott. These NPC have very specific tastes and love items that are normally quite hard to find.

The only villager who doesn’t like Rabbit’s Feet is Penny. In fact, Penny hates this item, so be careful not to accidentally give it to her!

A great gift for villagers that are hard to shop for.

3. Tailor With It

You can create a T-shirt using the Sewing Machine with a Rabbit’s Foot. Simply place a bolt of Cloth in the Feed slot and Rabbit’s Foot in the Spool and press the power button.

Furthermore, this item acts as a yellow color for the purposes of dyeing. You can dye dyeable pieces of clothing by placing the article in the Feed slot and the Foot in the Spool. Alternatively, you can use the dye pots at Emily’s house and place the Foot in the yellow dye pot.

This cute orange shirt is the result!

4. Use It In A Bundle

You’ll need this item to complete the Enchanter’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board. You’ll need to complete this bundle to restore the Community Center. Furthermore, you’ll be rewarded with five Gold Bars for finishing this bundle in particular.

Completing bundles is one of Stardew Valley’s many challenges.

5. Solve a Puzzle

You’ll need one Rabbit’s Foot to solve the puzzle featured in Secret Note #20. The puzzle requires you to follow clues until you eventually reach the Joja Mart store on the eastern side of Pelican Town. There, you’ll talk to a man sitting in a truck who’ll request one of these rare items. In return, you’ll gain a Special Charm, a wallet item that permanently increases your daily luck stat.

If you’ve already gotten rid of the Joja Mart and a Cinema stands there instead – don’t worry. The process remains the same, except that you’ll be speaking to a man in a limo instead of the truck driver.

For a more in-depth walkthrough of this Secret Note, check out our article below:

6. Group 10 Heart Event

Ever wondered what happened if you gave a bouquet to every single bachelor and bachelorette in Pelican Town? Unsurprisingly, the villagers aren’t too happy about it. Entering Haley and Emily’s House or the Stardrop Saloon when you’ve been dating every single villager will trigger a cut scene in which the farmer will get a stern talking.

The cutscene will also immediately trigger if Haley or Alex is the last Bachelorette or Bachelor you speak to.

As a result of this cut scene, all of the marriable NPCs will break up with your farmer and refuse to speak with them for about a week.

But wait! What if there was a quick way around this? As it turns out if you’re carrying a Rabbit’s Foot in your inventory just as the cut scene triggers, the bachelorettes and bachelors will not get mad at you. Since this cut scene only occurs once per savefile, you only need to go through this one single time with the Foot in your inventory and you’ll be off the hook permanently.

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