Why Stardew Valley Honey is Important

Honey, a sweet syrup that everybody loves! Luckily, your Stardew Valley character can also enjoy it. Stardew Valley Honey can be used for several things. So, let’s get straight into learning about this wonderful syrup.

What is Honey?

Honey is an Artisan Good. So, what is an Artisan Good? You may ask. Artisan Goods are items that can be created by using Artisan Equipment. There are many items you can create using that equipment. In addition to this, the Artisan Profession, which can be chosen after reaching level 10 in Farming lets you earn 40% more on most Artisan Goods.

When can I get Honey in Stardew Valley?

Honey can be produced in all seasons except Winter. Therefore, I wouldn’t suggest creating the Artisan Equipment required to make honey in Winter as you will waste time and resources. Winter can surely be a difficult month.

How do you get Honey?

To create honey in Stardew Valley, you must have 40 wood, 8 coal, 1 iron bar and 1 maple syrup. This will let you create a Bee House. Once you have created the Bee House, place it on your farm and wait 3-4 days for it to produce Honey. Moreover, make sure you don’t place the Bee House in a Greenhouse or indoors as it will not create any honey. Furthermore, do not place it in a villager’s path as your Bee House will get destroyed and you will have to create another one. 

Honey can also be bought every Friday at the Oasis for 200g. Travelling Carts also sell honey. Consequently, you don’t need to produce honey to get it. 

What can you do with Stardew Valley Honey?

Selling Honey 

Honey prices can differ depending on what flower the bees created it from. Above all, you must place the bee house in a 5 tile proximity of certain flowers can affect the type of honey produced and its selling price. You can plant these flowers near the Bee House. The table below shows all of the selling prices. Some flowers, such as Dandelions and Daffodils do not have any effect on the selling prices. 

Flower HoneyFlower SeasonFlower Growth TimeHoney Selling PriceArtisan Profession
N/A – Wild HoneySpring
TulipSpring6 Days160g224g
Blue JazzSpring7 Days200g280g
Summer SpangleSummer8 Days280g392g
PoppySummer7 Days380g532g
8 Days260g364g
Fairy RoseFall12 Days680g952g

As you can see, you can get a lot of money by creating honey. So, the next time you are out and about, try to find the best flowers to place your Bee House. It’s a great addition to the farm to help you earn more money.

Gifting Honey

Firstly, honey can be used as a delightful gift for many villagers. All of the villagers except Maru and Sebastian love honey. I’m not sure why they would hate such a delicious syrup, but at least most of them like it. Therefore, if you don’t know what to get them for their birthday, honey is always a great option!

Artisan Goods

Moreover, if you’re looking to drink a fermented beverage, you can create Mead using honey and a Keg. Yes, you can drink in Stardew Valley, but don’t drink too much or you will regret it. The selling price of Mead is not affected by what flower the honey came from. 


Is your character at foraging level 8 or above? If it is, you will be able to create a Farm Warp Totem. This totem allows your character to teleport their farm by right-clicking it in their inventory once it is selected. You will need 1 hardwood, 2 honey, and 20 fiber to create it. Very useful for when you get lost, trust me I have been there. 


Additionally, you can create an adorable simple dress for your character using honey. This dress is dyeable, so you can let it fit your colour scheme. A lovely change of clothes, am I right?


Lastly, honey can be used in a quest. The fish pond quest may ask you for one honey, thankfully that’s not a lot. 


In conclusion, honey really can be useful! Therefore, you should go ahead and make it. Also, save the bees. 

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