Stardew Valley Honey: How To Get A Bee House?

Stardew Valley Honey Quest can begin! In the following lines, we will explain how to get beehives and honey on your beloved farm.

You will get the answers to questions like – Stardew Valley honey is it worth it? Along with the practical honey farm layout advice and realistic profit count.

Stardew Valley Honey Farm

Stardew Valley enables you to create your farm to house a number of different animals. And, just like in real life, bees are precious for producing honey, which can be, later on, sold for a profit.

So, there are two different methods for obtaining a bee house, and the honey made there can be utilized in a keg for mead, if not sold. Therefore, let see what are the two ways to get a bee house and what to do with the honey.

Stardew Valley Honey Guide: How To Get A Bee House?

Well, you got to work. That means crafting your own bee house.

For this endeavor, you will need the following: 40 pieces of wood, eight pieces of Coal, one Iron Bar, and one jar of Maple Syrup.

The other way to get a bee house is to complete the Fall Crops Bundle. Once completed, the spirits will hand you the item.

However, it is very important to add – bee houses will not produce honey if built indoors. That means that even if you build them in the greenhouse they will not produce honey.

Okay, so now that you know how to obtain a bee house, you should get to know how to produce honey. Bees are hard-working and lovely, but yes, hard-working, so they are only not producing honey throughout the Winter.

They use Winter to rest, while in the spring they wake up, and are back to business.

Stardew Valley Honey Layout

The bees will produce honey worth 100g every four days. However, you can increase the price of the honey by surrounding your house with certain flowers.

So, the flowers planted 5 tiles from the bee house can increase the price of the honey. Therefore you will need to create a smart layout. Choose your flowers wisely. Below we will list which flowers can increase the amount of gold you can earn from honey.

For example, with Tulips around the bee house, you will get 160g for honey. Whereas, Fairy Rose can skyrocket the price to 680g! Here is the clear list of flowers that positively impact your profit:

  • Tulips – 160g
  • Blue Jazz – 200g
  • Summer Spangle – 280g
  • Poppy – 380g
  • Sunflower – 260g
  • Fairy Rose – 680g

Also, if you plant multiple flowers near the bee house, the flowers that are nearest to it will determine the type of honey. So, pay attention when planting!

Optimal Bee House Layouts

To create an optimal bee house layout you will need the following: 8 flowers, 1 quality sprinkler, 1 scarecrow, and up to 47 bee houses.

This option is ideal for beginners wishing to earn some profit from bee houses. This way you will be enabled to farm honey efficiently.

However, once again, the bee houses will not produce honey indoors, which includes the greenhouses.

There is another, a bit more advanced layout, for those who are a bit more ambitious or experienced in the game. So, for this kind of honey farming, you will need an iridium sprinkler, 18 flowers, 2 scarecrows, and up to 102 bee houses.

However, be aware that this kind of layout is time-consuming. But, on the other hand, it can bring you insane amounts of gold. So, it is up to you to determine if it is worth the effort.

Honey Farming Worth It?

Well, honey farming can bring some greater amounts of cash to you. Although, the greatest asset in our opinion is that honey is an absolutely amazing gift.

Almost, everyone loves it, so it reduces the need for fruit while bringing you nice amounts of gold from the side.

Therefore, if you want to have enough honey to give and earn, honey farming will definitely be worth your while. For some, it is the ultimate money supply.

However, if you don’t aim to exploit it on an advanced level, it will still contribute a lot to your farming experience.

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