Stardew Valley Clothing Mods you need to have in 2021!


Clothing mods might sound a little bit trivial, but there’s a certain aesthetic that stands out in Stardew Valley. Clothing mods in Stardew Valley are the definition of absolute swagger. You can’t rock anything if you lack the drip to cut.

And so we’ve compiled the best of the best Stardew Valley clothing mods and where to find them!

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Best Stardview Valley Clothing Mods

Hats Won’t Mess Up The Hair

Don’t you ever hate it when hats mess up with your hair? Well, you don’t even have to worry anymore. This mod will straighten up your hair (not literally) and allow you to have the maximum amount of swag possible.

HWMUTH will make it possible and fashionable to wear hats without having any kind of bugs with your game and your hair. Check this mod here.

Coiis Girl Set Pack

Vanilla game’s shirt designs are awesome, there’s no doubt about that. But you know what’s awesome? A revamped version of it! That’s right, folks.

Coii’s Girl Set Pack replaces a lot of girls’ clothes in the game with its cute design and aesthetic. You can check the mod pack here.

Coii’s All Hats Pack

Coii’s mods are just awesome, so we’re featuring another one of Coii’s works. Introducing, the All Hats Pack.

This mod allows you to get a set of pretty neat re-design of hats, of course, with Coii’s personal touch. It’s really good and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love it. Check this mod here.

Cute Shirts Mod v.2

Don’t you love it when you’re farming and you have a pretty nice set of clothes and all? I know I do because that’s me in whatever game I’m playing.

Cute Shirts Mod v.2 is a better version of the same mod. This mod is one of the best clothing mods you can and I like to have this one installed simply because of its cute design and aesthetic.

Coii’s Basic Shirt Pack

Sometimes, what you need isn’t elegant clothes, but casual ones. Sometimes, you don’t need to stand out and but with this mod, you’ll have the best casual clothes that’ll make you the most fabulous in town.

Coii’s Basic Shirt Pack allows you to access multiple original designs of basic clothes variations that are available for your characters to equip. Follow this page to download this mod.

New Shirts and 2 New Skirts

This mod provides you with a substantial amount of new shirts and skirts for your farming characters to get. It’s pretty simple and the design is nothing fancy, but it’s decent enough to keep your characters distinguishable and unique. Here’s the link to the mod.

Sailor Moon Hairstyles Clothing and Kimono

You read it right, fellas. Sailor Moon hairstyles are now available and what’s more, you’ll have access to kimonos.

This mod allows you access to over a hundred customization options with this new set of hairstyle designs and wardrobe choices. It’s pretty nice to have that East Asian vibe going with the farm. Check this mod here.

Seasonal Hats

Seasons are a big thing in Stardew Valley, but so are hats. Nothing beats a good hat in any season coz not only do you become fashionable as hell, but you also look so damn good while bagging the biggest cash in town.

Seasonal Hats mod is a pretty good example of a good mod that uses that game’s feature to be integrated into its original design.

BB’s Shirt Mod

If you ever think there are not enough clothing mods available online, you’re dead wrong, mate. BB’s Shirt mod allows you to get at least 60+ types of clothes available for everyone in the game.

It looks awesome and you can be awesome too, check this link to download this mod.

PPJA Tailor Mouse

A pretty neat mod that adds a merchant mouse in the game, selling all the dopest clothing in town.

You too can have the drip that anyone lacks in the game. Just take a look at what the Tailor Mouse is selling and get yourself some swag. The link is available here.

Ragnarok Online Hats

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve played a Ragnarok game. I believe my last game was back in 2018, with the release of the game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

But anyway, here’s a good mod that will allow you to wear Ragnarok Online hats. Bring back the nostalgia and get your mod here.

Witch Hats

There’s nothing more enchanting than having these magical witch hats mod, now available for you to get by following this page.

Rainy Day Clothing

A pretty neat mod that allows you to get access a rainy day attire, which is even cooler for three seasons, except summer. No sane guy or gal will wear this on a scorching summer day, but it’s always sunny in Stardew Valley.

Check this mod here.


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