The Best Stardew Valley Custom Maps Listed (2021)

You can never have enough adventure in Stardew Valley. Of course, from time to time, you’ll get tired of exploring the landscape when you’ve already done cleaning every nook and cranny of the game itself. So why not try some custom maps for Stardew Valley, right?

We’ve handpicked all the best Stardew Valley custom maps just for you. Go ahead and start browsing. You’ll love each of them, for sure!

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Best Stardew Valley Custom Maps

Stardew Valley Expanded

This is probably the most god-tier map expansion and overall game changes in Stardew Valley. With over 26 new locations, 100+ events, 10+ new NPCs, 700+ location messages, a lot of revamps, and many more. You’ll start to wonder how many hours have been put into this mod’s creation.

There are so many things I’d like to discuss with this mod. But you know what, it’s better if you’ll see it for yourself. Go and check the mod here.

Karmylla’s Immersive Maps

A visually-stunning custom map, Karmylla’s Immersive Maps introduces new key visuals for a lot of NPC maps. With over 100+ new lines, messages, and features. There’s a lot you can have in this mod. It always feels better to have some immersion in the game. And you know what’s better? Downloading this mod.

Starblue Valley World

Starblue Valley World is a custom map that has decreased values for yellow and saturation. This mod makes some of the flora’s leaves and grasses achieve a blue coloration.

There’s a lot of change in this game. This includes the interior design of structures, a recolored variance of some places, and more. Check this mod here.

More Than Necessary

More Than Necessary is an incredibly-satisfying mod that all the buildings you need in a game like Stardew Valley. And to have the most memorable and fun experience in the game, you should check out this mod.

MTN introduces the production of Farmhouses and Greenhouses, perfect for your farming needs. There are also nice decorative buildings like the Memorial, you can even create your Cave. This mod is also accessible in Multiplayer, allowing you to have a seamless experience. What’s more, the two or three of you can enjoy the features of this custom map. Go take a look here.

Farm Extended

Everyday activities in Stardew Valley might become tedious since not every place you have to farm for are easily accessible in a few clicks. This custom map merges the entire farming experience into a single area, separated by sections.

This custom map allows you to access the entire farming scheme and make it easier for you to farm materials (not just the farming mechanic as a whole) you needed on your land. Click this link and follow the instructions on how to install it.

DaisyNiko’s Earthly Recolor

A pretty neat custom map design that integrates the real-life colors of our planet, Earth, into the game. What’s interesting in this mod is that it takes into account the real color gradients of each surrounding concerning the weather and seasons.

Stardew Valley Reimagined

Albeit outdated, this custom map mod still stands out as one of the best mods out there. This mod creates a series of visual improvements, notably with its immersive design and features that previously weren’t available in the game. Check this mod here.

Seasonal Garden Farmhouse

This custom mod is one of the most visually-appealing mods out there, which adds a lot of details and layers to a cabin farmhouse. This farmhouse changes its color per season, which is a pretty neat addition to the game. Mod’s available here.

Immersive Farmhouse 2

This custom map adds a large farm with a built-in spa, quarry, and a bigger greenhouse into the game. Don’t forget that this mod is available here for download.

Even More Secret Woods

This custom map adds a lot of secret woods into the game. Secret woods are cool to have, but too many of them might be oversaturated for such a small map. But this mod ain’t so bad to have.

Stardew Valley Reimagined 2

A better version of the already perfect version of the Reimagine custom map mod.

This mod adds more options and features to the game, fixes a lot of its buggy gameplay, and adds a selection of features that you’ll only see in this mod. Be sure to check out this mod for more information.


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