20+ Best Stardew Valley Multiplayer Mods

Are you currently looking for great Stardew Valley multiplayer mods to add to your collection? Well, you are in the right place!

We will go over the best and the most famous Stardew Valley multiplayer mods that every player needs to have!

Of course, Stardew multiplayer is great, but why not make it even better with some custom content and mods?

Here are some of our recommendations:

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Mods

If you are looking for some of the best Stardew Valley multiplayer mods that will help you to move across the map easier, make the whole logistics process more understandable, and have more fun, then you are in the right place!

Below you will find some of our suggestions and the reasons why we think these mods are necessary for multiplayer! Remember that some mods will require you to install SMAPI mod or Content Patcher.

21. Stardew Valley Multiplayer Mods: Warp To Friends

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Mods: Warp To Friends
Source: NexusMods

Have you been losing track of your friends in Stardew Valley? Then you will need the infamous Stardew Valley Warp to Friends mod created by modder Shalankwa! This is one of our favorites because it:

  • Makes it easier to find your friends on the map
  • Shows the locations of other players
  • Allows you to warp immediately

Download here

20. Warp Multiplayer

Source: NexusMods

Quite similar to the previous one, the Warp Multiplayer allows you to teleport to another player by pressing key “j” by default.

Consider this as an update of the previous Warp mod!

Download here

19. Warp multiplayer (Locations)

Source: NexusMods

We swear that Locations is the last addition to the Warp mod on this list! But hey, it’s that good!

Basically, it adds such locations as the Farm, Mountains, Pelican Beach, Calico Desert, and Ginger Island to the warping and makes it easier.

Just keep in mind that you will need the previous Warp mod for this to work!

Download here

18. Always On Server

Source: NexusMods

Is your host going to bed or just casually stopping the game while you want to continue? Then what you need is the Always-on Server mod. This is a very easy solution that can be helpful because:

  • You can play even when the host is gone
  • The mod stops the game when all players are gone, so no time will just randomly pass

Just keep in mind that the host will have to keep the game running on their computer!

Download here

17. Unlimited Players

Source: NexusMods

Are you tired of having a limit of friends who can join you in Stardew Valley? Download the Unlimited Players Stardew Valley multiplayer mod and remove the player limit! With this amount of players, you will wish to have a player version of an NPC map locations mod to keep track easier!

Also, only the host needs to have this mod, so it becomes much easier and this mod by far is one of the best Nexus mods for multiplayer!

Download here

16. Cabin Owner Displayed

Source: NexusMods

Are you losing track of whose cabin you are visiting? Then this has to go to the collection of your Stardew Valley multiplayer mods! The Cabin Owner Displayed mod is a very simple mod that will just add a name on the screen when you enter someone’s cabin.

Quite nice, right?

Download here

15. MoreMultiplayerInfo

Source: NexusMods

While the MoreMultiplayerInfo mod name sounds fairly simple, here is what you get if you add it to your Stardew Valley multiplayer mods:

  • Inventory
  • Skill Levels
  • Current Location
  • Last Activity (including tool use, area changes, cutscenes, and more)

And it’s updated in real-time!

Download here

14. Stardew Valley multiplayer Mods: MultiplayerBackpacks

Source: NexusMods

If you’d ever want to snoop and see what your fellow players are keeping in their backpacks, then you are in the right place!

All you need is the MultiplayerBackpacks mod and you will get access to this information! However, you can’t look at NPCs’ inventory, so just don’t try to do that!

Download here

13. Multiplayer Horse Reskin

Source: NexusMods

Are you tired of how horses look in the multiplayer of Stardew Valley? Then we have a great solution for you!

Just add the Horse Reskin mod to your Stardew Valley game and upgrade your animals!

While the horse portrait might not get updated in your inventory, your horse will still look very stylish in the game.

Download here

12. Stardew Valley Multiplayer Mods Hub

Source: NexusMods

If you are looking for new players to join your farm, then this is exactly what you need to add to your current Stardew Valley multiplayer mods!

What does this Stardew Valley multiplayer Hub mod do?

  • You can list your server on the internet and let players play together with you
  • You can also filter Player’s mods and Kick/Ban unwanted mods
  • This helps to allow only modded clients to connect to your game

Download here

11. Stardew Valley Multiplayer Mods: Idle

Source: NexusMods

Are you tired of some players being idle? Then take a look at this quite interesting mod called Stardew Valley Multiplayer Idle and install it!

This is a Stardew Valley mod that can pause time in the game when players are idle in multiplayer. You have to admit, this can be very useful. Just keep in mind that all players need to install this to work properly!

Download here

10. Stardew Valley Multiplayer Mods Checker

Source: NexusMods

If you are searching for a mod that can log a message and generate a simple report when a farmhand connects in Multiplayer with mods that don’t match with the Host, then all you need is the Stardew Valley Multiplayer Mod Checker!

This is very useful to help coordinate the game while using mods in Multiplayer!

Download here

9. Multiplayer Speech Bubbles

Source: NexusMods

This Multiplayer Speech Bubbles mod for Stardew Valley will be very useful if you are planning to talk while playing! While such platforms as Discord can also help, this will bring a more interesting gaming experience!

This is how the mod works:

  • Older messages in Stardew Valley are moved ‘up’ for better understanding
  • You can specify message decay time with the ModConfig file
  • Messages shake if 40% of the message is capitalized!

Have fun with your conversations!

Download here

8. Stardew Valley Multiplayer Time

Stardew Valley time

Have you already heard of the Multiplayer Time mod and calendar for Stardew Valley?

If you choose to have this mod, you will be able to stop time if each player on the server should have time stopped. Quite useful, right? Sometimes you just want the game to stop for a bit to discuss strategy or how to fix certain multiplayer issues (for example, Connection failed, how to set up local multiplayer, and more).

Just don’t forget to run SMAPI for the mod to work properly!

Download here

7. Stardew Valley Pause Time

Source: NexusMods

If you are looking for something similar to the last mod, take a look at the Pause Time in Multiplayer mod for Stardew Valley!

It does come with some rather nice additional features for your game:

  • The mod stops food and drink buffs from ticking down
  • It can also lock monster positions and player health while paused
  • Slows down clock time if all players are in the Skull Cavern
  • This mod displays a small X over the game clock to show when the game is paused

Download here

6. Blue Chickens

Source: NexusMods

Are you missing the ability to have blue chickens in multiplayer? Then all you need to do is add the Blue Chickens mod to your Stardew game!

Sadly, regular multiplayer won’t give you blue chickens even after your heart event with Shane, so you might want to install this game if you miss this particular feature!

Download here

5. Separate Money for Multiplayer

Source: NexusMods

Would you like to have some financial independence in Stardew Valley? Then get your hands on the Separate Money mod for Stardew Valley!

This allows every player to have their own cash, so it does become a bit more of a challenge to be the best farmer!

Just don’t forget to grow some profitable crops and take care of your animals and you will be alright!

Download here

4. Big Multiplayer Forest Farm

Source: NexusMods

Are you a fan of the Forest farm layout in Stardew Valley? Then get this Big Multiplayer Forest mod for Stardew and make it even bigger with new locations!

The updated layout will be 250×150 tiles, so you and your friends will have plenty of space for crops, animals, and any buildings you will want to have!

Download here

3. brezee’s Unofficial Seasonal Victorian Cabins for multiplayer

Source: NexusMods

If you are looking for some style, then take a look at this mod!

The Breeze’s Unofficial Seasonal Victorian Cabins for multiplayer includes some beautiful houses that you can use in the game to spice up how your houses look!

Download here

2. Multiplayer Sell Price Fix

Source: NexusMods

This particular mod (The Multiplayer Sell Price Fix) changes the selling price of items while taking into account the professions of players in addition to the host!

If you are looking for ways to get more gold, then this is the way to go!

Download here

1. Stardew Valley Multiplayer emotes

Source: NexusMods

Now, this Stardew Valley mod allows the players to have emoted with a draggable interface and allows you to see other players, NPS, and farm animal emotes!

While this is a rather simple mod, it definitely makes the game even more enjoyable!

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Stardew multiplayer be modded?

While being constantly updated, Stardew Valley from version 1.3 can be played in multiplayer with mods installed. Some mods will require all the players to install, while the others just require the host to install it. So it’s super convenient and easy nowadays to install and play mods in Stardew Valley multiplayer.

Is Stardew Valley fun without mods?

The game itself is already good enough and may require you to play up to 150-200 hours to beat the original content of the game. Also, Stardew Valley is pretty much balance and fun while you play with your friends in multiplayer. Unless you have already beaten the game or just want something fresh and new, installing some mods wouldn’t harm anything.

How do you get unlimited players on Stardew Valley?

In the original game, you can only have up to 4 people join in a game session. But with the help of this Unlimited Player mod, you will be able to send as many invitations as you like! When you gather enough friends, scroll up and check our best Stardew Valley mods to play around with them!


Which one of these Stardew Valley multiplayer mods is your favorite? Most mods above are for the PC platform, if you’re looking for some good mods on Android, check these Stardew Valley Android mods! With that being said, enjoy as many Stardew mods as you’d like and adapt the gameplay according to your needs!

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