7 Great Stardew Valley Stories That Are Fanfiction

Sometimes, creating fanfictions about the thriving Pelican Town tells more about different possibilities in the game. You might want to read some stories, but are you sure they’re high-quality? Here are seven masterpieces we’ve compiled for you to read right away!

Elliot, Sebastian, Shane, Haley, and Abigail are some of the most common characters in every Stardew Valley fanfiction.
A fanfiction exists as a result of the player’s desire to expand the romantical aspect of the game.

Stardew Valley tells us dramatic and sometimes quirky stories surrounding the region and NPCs. It comes into cutscenes the player can unlock after reaching certain friendship points, but it’s not enough. That’s why it’s not surprising for the community to create a fanfiction about their favorite characters in the form of what-ifs.

Take note that not all stories we’ll review are canonical to the actual lore of the game. Some parts may align with the in-game timeline, but the romance and fantasy parts are pure creativity.

With that in mind, here are seven great fanfictions worth reading if you have spare time. Don’t worry, there’ll be no spoilers on this one because we’re saving you the excitement.

1. In my Head

The story revolves around the alcoholic Shane who is stuck between the monotony of working, drinking, and sleeping. Little is known of him except he lives with Marnie and Jas in the Cindersap Forest. Since we’re talking about alcoholism, expect foul language throughout the piece.

With the arrival of the new farmer, shocking twists and turns will happen in the future. But is Shane ever going to change his daily routine of slowly killing himself? You’ll know everything in this fanfiction.

2. Isolated

Pelican Town is known to abstain from the use of magic despite its good use on many occasions. When June sets foot in the peaceful countryside to find another life, she already knows her sister will do everything to reveal her past secret. 

Isolated” teaches us the concept of having someone to watch your back as you do the same to the other. Although it’s a bit unrealistic, the piece is enticing the more you read it. You can expect out-of-place plot twists which are extremely brilliant in the overall context.

3. Stardew Valley Oneshots

As the title says, you can recap random events and interactions around the townspeople in a whole new perspective. One strength of the shorts is the number of details put in, and there are never-ending choices of fanfictions you can save in your library. And the best part? You can read it in one sitting.

4. Sebastian’s Heart Events

Out of all stories that are on the list, “Sebastian’s Heart Events” uses the most canon events in Stardew Valley. The author focused on expanding the details and added more romantic elements to the fan fiction. Overall, it’s an interesting read if Sebby is your best man.

5. This is Going to Suck

Most fanfictions that players write talk more about Shane, Sebastian, and the rest are the same characters over and over again. “This is Going to Suck” gives love to everything around Sam and his family in Pelican Town.

The story is a mix of Mae and Rose’s countryside journey who recently left the thriving Zuzu City, and romance in the most casual setup.

6. A New Venture

Aisleigh, as most farmers who worked for Joja, is done with the boring routine of working, eating, and sleeping. She wants something easier for her life, and that’s farming. However, restoring the old homestead is her top priority because it’s her Grandpa’s legacy.

Will she be successful on her mission or be distracted by a young, mysterious man?

This written piece is not for younger readers, but the plot twists are shockingly crazy. Among all the Sebastian stories out there, this one is at its peak level of aggressiveness in romance. You can read the fanfiction here.

7. Inspiration

Last on the list is similar to Sebastian, but it’s Elliot’s Heart Events. The story is canon, although the author adds more narrations and dialogue to spice things up. You can read the story here.

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