6 Best Wife in Stardew Valley (Ranked)

It matters who you’re planning to marry in Stardew Valley. It can impact your gameplay experience in the slightest. In this guide, we’ll rank every potential best wife in-game and determine who’s the best!

The player with different wives in Stardew Valley (from top to bottom): Maru, Penny, Leah, Emily, Abigail, Haley.
Every wife in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is a casual game with several real-life simulations like marriage. It allows players to experience romance with their pixelated love interest. Indeed, life has no meaning when you live farming alone forever.

As a newcomer to the strange lands of Pelican Town, you’ll meet different types of people. Some are snobbish, while others are fragile, but their kindness is beyond what you could wish for. But you’re searching for that one lady. A fragrant flower that you want to bloom with.

With six bachelorettes in Stardew Valley, it’s unsurprisingly hard to pick one. Of course, Haley or Abigail would be the final choice if you’re all for the looks. But looking at their background story and personality is what we’re doing with this guide. After all, beauty sparks well on the inside.

Note: Before marrying a bachelorette, give her a Bouquet. Upon reaching ten hearts, you can propose to them with a Mermaid's Pendant. You can get the item on rainy days from the Old Mariner. Divorce is possible via the Mayor's Manor for 50,000g. 

There are different benefits to marriage, one of which is daily gifts listed per wife. All of them are helpful in general.

6. Haley

The player with Haley and several other interactions from heart events.
Trivia: Haley has the most romantic cutscenes in-game.
LovesBest FilmsFavorite SnacksWhen Married, Daily Gift
Coconut Cappuccino Mousse CakeBean Hotpot
Fruit Salad Stardrop SorbetBlueberry Tart
Pink Cake  BreadChowder
Sunflower  Cookie
   Eggplant Parmesan
   Fried Egg
   Maple Bar
   Parsnip Soup
   Poppyseed Muffin

Many male Stardew Valley newbies seem attracted to Haley. As they describe, she’s the perfect life-long partner. When asked why they’ll usually mention her looks and how Haley’s hair color makes her more stunning. The only downside is that she’s an attitude.

Haley is by far the villager with so many simps from the community. Disregarding her initial negative thoughts toward the player is something worthy of attention. Maybe because it’s just a game? Or a reflection of their character? Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer.

On the flip side, Haley is easy to get along with. A few flowers and sweet treats, and you’ll have her as a decent wife. As a cherry on top, she’ll even have character development in the late game. But doesn’t it make more sense if Haley’s kind-hearted from the beginning?

She may be the most romantic, but Haley deserves the 6th spot because personality is a huge factor. Looks-wise? No more arguments.

5. Maru

The player with Maru and several other interactions from heart events in Stardew Valley.
Nurse Maru, a decent wife overall.
LovesBest FilmsFavorite SnacksWhen Married, Daily Gift
Battery PackNatural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant WorldStar CookieBlueberry Tart
CauliflowerWumbusStardrop SorbetBomb
Cheese Cauliflower  Cherry Bomb
Diamond  Chocolate  Cake
Gold Bar  Cookies
Iridium Bar  Crab Cake
Miner’s Treat  Fried Mushroom
Pepper Poppers  Gate
Radioactive Bar  Quality Fertilizer
Rhubarb Pie  Refined Quartz
Strawberry  Rice Pudding
   Warp Totem: Farm

For nerdy guys like us, having Maru as a wife candidate in Stardew Valley is ideal. It’s a rare chance to find a virtual character that matches a personality – especially if you’re a science enthusiast.

From most candidates, Maru’s heart scenes might be the most serious (and sometimes funny and entertaining, thanks, Demetrius). It’s the stark opposite of Haley’s, full of extremely high doses of dopamine and serotonin. But going further, it’ll be deeper and much more romantic if not for the delays.

Character-wise, Maru has a likable chill trait that most villagers don’t usually possess. Her impact in Pelican Town is similar to Harvey’s, as they run the Town Clinic. Also, please don’t worry about marrying her as she’ll still find time to care for sick villagers. The only issue, though, is her mentioning MarILDA the robot (you’re better, don’t worry).

4. Emily

The player with Emily and several other interactions from heart events in Stardew Valley.
Emily always enjoys her part-time in Stardrop Saloon. She’s also Haley’s sister.
LovesBest FilmsFavorite SnacksWhen Married, Daily Gift
AmethystThe Miracle at Coldstar RanchKale SmoothieBean Hotpot
Aquamarine Stardrop SorbetBlueberry Tart
Cloth  Chocolate Cake
Emerald  Cloth
Jade  Coffee
Ruby  Cookie
Survival Burger  Duck Feather
Topaz  Omni Geode
Wool  Refined Quartz
   Rice Pudding

Half of the community thinks Emily is weird, while the other portion sees her as an individual full of life. She’s much better than Haley (her sister) in terms of character, although most simps would prefer the latter.

Speaking of cutscenes, you might start questioning your existence. Are you truly walking in Pelican Town or a dream slave? Kidding aside, Emily has otherworldly scenes that won’t make sense initially. However, further progress will put the pieces together, and everything will be clear. She loves Parrots, not you.

Emily may be the best girl friend in Stardew Valley, as Gus seems to love her company in Stardrop Saloon. However, the character arc is already established as opposed to Haley’s. Nonetheless, Emily is preferable if you want to experience a unique life perspective in-game and her crafts.

3. Leah

The player with Leah and several other interactions from heart events in Stardew Valley.
If your wife makes you inspiration, that’s Leah.
LovesBest FilmsFavorite SnacksWhen Married, Daily Gift
Goat CheeseMysteriumPanzanella SaladCactus Fruit
Poppyseed Muffin Stardrop SorbetChanterelle
Salad  Coffee
Stir Fry  Common Mushroom
Truffle  Daffodil
Vegetable Medley  Dandelion
Wine  Fiddlehead Fern
   Red Mushroom
   Spice Berry
   Sweet Pea
   Wild Horseradish

When it comes to romancing Leah, everything takes time. Her cutscenes regarding Kel – her previous lover- backed up that fact. To escape the old life, she sought Stardew Valley, living as an artist.

Interaction-wise, Leah may have been the most ambitious, making her attractive as she always thinks outside the box. Moreover, her words are extremely neutral. She might be a great healer if Stardew Valley is an MMORPG game.

Marrying Leah is doable in the first season since she accepts Salad that you can buy from the Stardrop Saloon. However, knowing her schedule is important as she wouldn’t let anyone enter her Cabin.

2. Penny

The player with Penny and several other interactions from heart events in Stardew Valley.
Living in the Trailer didn’t hinder Penny’s personality. Pelican Town villager with the best attitude, indeed.
LovesBest FilmsFavorite SnacksWhen Married, Daily Gift
DiamondThe Brave Little SaplingCotton CandyCarp Surprise
Emerald Stardrop SorbetCrispy Bass
Melon  Egg
Poppy  Fried Eel
Poppyseed Muffin  Geode
Red Plate  Hashbrowns
Roots Platter  Large Milk
Sandfish  Mixed Seeds
Tom Kha Soup  Omelet
   Salmon Dinner
   Vegetable Medley

Penny deserves more. Her already-small world is on a constant and tedious cycle of cleaning up her alcoholic mother’s mess. It’s a shame that Pam even lost her job, although she’s shown her love and care to her daughter. But still, Penny should’ve had more opportunities for a better life.

Does making Penny your wife create better life opportunities or more headaches? Well, it depends. At your gameplay’s peak, fixing the Bus will give her mother’s job back, while purchasing the Community Upgrade will reward them with better housing.

Character-wise, Penny is sweet, softhearted, and intelligent. She’s a great tutor to Jas and Vincent (and Leo in the endgame). Even better, marrying her won’t stop her teaching passion.

The transition from being friends into a deeper relationship is smooth regarding cutscenes. Moreover, she places second for the most romantic cutscenes in Stardew Valley, making her the best wife.

1. Abigail

The player with Abigail and several other interactions from heart events in Stardew Valley. Also the best wife.
The best wife who? It’s Abigail. You can find her at Pierre’s General Store.
LovesBest FilmsFavorite SnacksWhen Married, Daily Gift
AmethystIt Howls In The RainRock CandyAmethyst
Banana PuddingMysteriumStardrop SorbetBat Wing
Blackberry Cobbler  Bomb
Chocolate Cake  Cherry Bomb
Pufferfish  Chowder
Pumpkin  Crab Cakes
Spicy Eel  Fire Quartz
   Fried Mushroom
   Lobster Bisque
   Parsnip Soup
   Solar Essence
   Tom Kha Soup
   Trout Soup
   Void Essence

Since the game’s release, Abigail has been the best wife candidate for years. The purple-haired teenager is every man’s dream, as most community members thought. Aside from her iconic hair color are controversies surrounding her and her family.

For starters, Pierre and Caroline (sorry, no spoilers). As you progress, you’ll get to know Abigail’s unique charm, adventurous side, and some weird stuff. Despite all the drama in her life, she won’t give even the tiniest attention (also a bit rebellious).

There are several upsides to pursuing Abigail. Daily gifts are the most profitable, sweet and silly cutscenes, and more. For the downside? She thinks Amethyst is a Jawbreaker. Good luck dealing with that!

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