Bouquet: Gifting, Events, and More

Have you found the perfect marriage candidate? You should give them a bouquet to level up your relationship! This guide will help you understand why it’s special in Stardew Valley.

A player holding a bouquet in Stardew Valley
Here’s what a Bouquet looks like in Stardew Valley.

Skills and Tools aren’t the only ones you can upgrade in Stardew Valley. You can also improve your relationships with villagers by giving gifts and occasionally conversing with them. 

You can deepen your connection with a bachelor/bachelorette in the village with a bouquet as you earn friendship hearts and points. Here’s a guide that can help you learn more about this item!

What’s A Bouquet?

A Bouquet is a special item you can give to a marriage candidate. You can offer it once to all single villagers when you earn eight hearts with them.

This item is available at Pierre’s General Store for 200g in all seasons. However, if you bought too many and had some excess, you can sell them for 100g through the shipping box.  


Gifting this item to a bachelor/bachelorette in Stardew Valley means you’re confessing your feelings for them, and you’d like to learn more about each other. But remember that it doesn’t count as a regular gift. It wouldn’t increase your friendship points either. 

Here’s a response you’ll get when you gift it to a bachelor:

A dialogue with Sebastian
Sebastian’s reaction to receiving a bouquet

Additionally, it upgrades your status to Boyfriend/Girlfriend in the Social Tab. It also unfreezes your friendship hearts and lets you earn ten hearts with them. But it’ll decay if you’re not interacting with them. 

Moreover, if you think that a candidate isn’t suited for, you can use a wilted bouquet to break up with them. Wherein the recipient goes sour and gives bitter remarks for receiving it.

For pre-bouquet relationships, you’ll only get below nine hearts with them, equating to 2249 points. 

You can also try giving it to married villagers, but you’ll receive a response of “is this a joke?” or “I don’t get it.”

Moreover, if you give it to Krobus, the system will flash, “you can’t deepen your relationship with Krobus this way.”

Giving this to a child sounds weird, but the answer you’ll get is, “Uh… I don’t think so.”

Group 10- Hearts Event

An image of a player standing in front of two different buildings in Stardew Valley/
Stardrop Saloon and Haley/Emily’s House

The Group Ten-Hearts event gets triggered if Haley’s the last one to receive this gift. The cutscene happens at Haley/Emily’s home, wherein a conversation about Marnie and Mayor Lewis’ Relationship prompts. 

Note that keeping a Rabbit’s Foot in your inventory helps avoid any chaotic event. But if it’s unavailable, they’ll find out that you’re dating all of them and get mad at you.

Also, they won’t accept your gifts and will vent out angry dialogues. But they’ll forgive you after a week, and everything goes back to normal.

The same event happens if Alex is the last receiver. But instead of the gossip cutscene, a game of pool occurs at the Stardrop Saloon.

To prevent this occasion, giving a bachelor/bachelorette a Wilted Bouquet or a Mermaid’s Pendant does the trick.


a player wearing a black and white suit
A Stylish Suit Top.

Aside from gifting it, you can make a suit top or a red dye for your pots.

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