Stardew Valley: Is the Statue of Endless Fortune Worth Purchasing?

Are you curious if the Statue of Endless Fortune is worth the purchase? Do you want to know what it can give to you? We’ll provide it here in this article if it’s the advice you need!

The player standing next to the Statue of Endless Fortune.
Statues of Endless Fortune in Stardew Valley.

There are different statues you can get in Stardew Valley. Most are for decoration purposes, while a handful of them are valuable. For sure, you might have placed Leah’s gift or the big Brown Bear anywhere on your farm. However, does it make sense to use them if they provide no value?

Sure, a huge portion of every statue is pretty, albeit some are strange. But if you’re looking to monetize or hoping for gold in the game, consider changing the display.

The Statue of Endless Fortune is one of the most expensive in-game items with a unique purpose. No beginners can close a deal to get this rare item, but is it worth it?

What is the Statue of Endless Fortune?

This exotic furniture/item is available for purchase from an NPC inside the Casino. It costs 1,000,000g, and you can afford it as long as you have the means. However, you need to complete a series of quests from Mr. Qi to get entrance.

Expect a random daily drop from a specific set or gift item upon placing the furniture. It works as the Statue of Perfection. However, the item drops will reset if you don’t pick the current loot.

What Item Drops Can You Get?

Omni Geode, Diamond, and Gold and Iridium Bar on top of a Sweet Gem Berry Farm with Emerald-producing Statue of Endless Fortune fences.
Omni Geodes, Diamonds, Iridium, and Gold Bars are the loots you’ll get during non-birthdays.

In general, this furniture can save you time mining in the Skull Cavern as it may produce Iridium bars. They help upgrade your tools in Stardew Valley, craft efficient sprinklers, and more. You may also get Omni Geodes that you can break open for Artifacts, basic resources, and even minerals!

Gold bars and Diamonds are the other two drops, and there’s no need to consume any lucky food items!

Basics-aside, here’s a complete list of every item during non-normal days:

ProducesBest For
Bean HotpotDemetrius
Cactus FruitSam
Complete BreakfastAlex
DiamondEvelyn, Gus, Jodi, Krobus, Marnie, Maru, Willy
Duck FeatherLeo
EmeraldClint, Emily, Penny
Fish TacoCaroline
Fried CalamariPierre
Frozen TearSebastian
Lemon StoneDwarf
Pink CakeHaley, Jas, Vincent
Roasted HazelnutsKent
Super CucumberWizard
Vegetable MedleyLewis

Is it Worth Buying?

The player in a Sweet Gem Berry farm with Statue of Endless Fortune as fences. You can also place it near residences.
Fun fact: You may use a Statue of Endless Fortune as a fence or place them near someone’s house for a quick birthday present.

Before you even think of purchasing this luxury good, consider your gold first. How easy and fast can you gather a million money within days? That’s because you’ll face problems with the item, but there’s a solution.

If making money is less problematic on your farm in Stardew Valley, buy as many as you wish. You can make it into fences, there’s no need to find a villager’s loved gift, and you have early access to high-quality bars! If you dislike waiting for Year 3 and the Perfection Statue, this Golden Lucky loot-producing furniture is the answer.

Unfortunately, you’re at a disadvantage at late-game. If you’re planning a lucrative business, you won’t get your gold back. It’ll be easy to farm Iridium ores with bombs, and duplicating Diamonds is more convenient with Crystalariums. Moreover, Omni Geodes may lose its value as you discover every mineral and artifact.

Birthdays won’t be a problem, too, since you’re likely to spend time with every Stardew Valley NPC. But don’t worry. You can always restart the day if you make any purchases.

Feel free to get the Statue for your farm in Stardew Valley if it’s for aesthetics. But if you’re money-conscious, you can use your fortune for other meaningful and game-changing investments.

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