Who is the Best Spouse in Stardew Valley?

Have you ever thought about who is the best spouse in Stardew Valley? The game gives you 12 amazing marriage candidates with different background stories, gifts, and hobbies, so it’s up to you to choose the best partner for your character!

That’s why we have evaluated the NPCs to see who could be the best wife or husband in Stardew Valley!

Take a look at our suggestions below:

The Best Female Spouses in Stardew Valley

When it comes to the Stardew Valley ladies, there are some really great options to choose from. Of course, a lot depends on what type of characters you like, but we are simply looking at how friendly they are, whether their stories are interesting, and if their gifts are nice!

There are also some female marriage candidates in Stardew Valley that will be difficult to befriend. For example, players might end up wondering if Stardew Valley Haley is ignoring them!

That’s why, our picks for the best spouse in Stardew Valley (female edition) are:

Stardew Maru

Stardew Maru is one of the best spouses in Stardew Valley. She is quite a genius and she enjoys talking about technology, so you will always have something interesting to talk about.

You will often find Maru working with her dad Demetrius (or she might be with Harvey at the clinic), so you know that she dedicates her time for important things.

In all fairness, even her 10 hearts event is truly cool. Meaning, there will even be a robot during that event, but we won’t spoil too much. She also deserves a spot on this list because her gifts are like no other. You will receive such items as a bomb, quartz, warp totems, and more, so you know this will be worth it!

The best spouse in Stardew Valley: Maru

Stardew Leah

No Stardew Valley spouse is more creative than Leah! You might not think that her marriage gifts are so good, but you have to admit that she is extremely easy to befriend! She is very easy-going, so you can just find her at the Saloon whenever you want to talk or simply spend some time together.

If you choose Leah to be your Stardew Valley wife, don’t forget to give her such gifts are stir fry, wine, or a poppyseed muffin. She absolutely loves it!

Leah is on our list of the best spouses in Stardew Valley because even her story is interesting! Her personality shines through really well, so it’s no surprise that many players enjoy her company and want to crown her as the best spouse in Stardew Valley.

The best spouse in Stardew Valley: Leah

The Best Male Spouses in Stardew Valley

Now, let’s talk about our male candidates in Stardew Valley!

Stardew Harvey

There is no way we could make a list about finding the best spouse in Stardew Valley and ignore Harvey!

You have to admit that this sweet town doctor is a great marriage candidate. He just cares about everyone being healthy and wants the best for you. It’s no surprise that one of his gifts to you will be a complete breakfast. This man will definitely keep your health in mind!

Harvey is also very easy to befriend because he likes/loves many regular items that you will collect while playing Stardew Valley! Basically, just give him some coffee or wine and he will be happy!

The best spouse in Stardew Valley: Harvey

Stardew Shane

If you’re looking for a simple man in Stardew, you need to talk to Shane!

Yes, it’s true that he has some flaws, but that just makes him more interesting, in our opinion. You just have to move past that phase when he is acting a bit cold.

His heart events are very strong and emotional because he does have a lot of interesting topics that come from mental health issues. You might have to spend a bit more time with him, but at least you will always find him at Joja Mart.

Just give him some simple gifts (for example, beer or pizza) and watch him become nicer to your character!

The best spouse in Stardew Valley: Shane

These are the characters we consider as the best spouses in Stardew Valley! Let us know if any other NPCs also have great marriage potential!

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