15 Best Places to Fish in Stardew Valley

Is fishing becoming less profitable recently? How about a decent boost, even if it’s not the most rewarding? Avoid unfavorable locations and check out these 15 best places to fish in Stardew Valley! 

The player fishing on the best places to fish in Stardew Valley.
Fishing – everyone’s favorite.

Stardew Valley has been one of the most massive bangers in the indie game industry. Aside from free updates (not having to pay for premium DLCs), it’s single-handedly made by ConcernedApe. A promise, a better upgrade – Eric Barone’s self-creation that draws inspiration from Harvest Moon.

Gameplay-wise, many Stardew Valley players have put countless hours into their Steam profile as they enjoy the farming simulator. But is it all about tending crops and caring for farm animals? Here’s a spoiler: You can forage wild loots, fight monsters, and even descend below the ground.

But one of the most favored skills in the game is fishing. The mechanic is pretty confusing for beginners, but it’s the most rewarding in terms of happiness. You’ll get less profit than harvesting crops, but what if you can maximize the potential?

In this guide, we’re looking at the best places to fish in Stardew Valley. We’ve compiled fifteen of the most reliable locations you should visit! We’ll also include some essential fishing tips for beginners, so everyone gets their catch!

Large Rock at the Beach: Western Pier (Pelican Town)

The player fishing on one of the best places to fish in Stardew Valley - Large Rock at the Pelican Town Ocean
There are plenty of slimy fishes here!

Head over to the left part of the Docks until you see a large rock. It’s still in the Ocean, but it’s one of the best places to fish in the game since you can consistently get gold qualities.

A high-quality fish sells expensive depending on the type. However, we’re listing every kind you can catch alongside the potential total profit:

 Flounder100g – 300gSuper Cucumber250g – 750gSuper Cucumber250g – 750gTuna100g – 300g
 Eel85g – 255gPufferfish200g – 600gEel85g – 255gSquid80g – 240g
 Halibut80g – 240gOctopus150g – 450gAlbacore75g – 225gHalibut80g – 240g
 Sardine40g – 120gTuna100g – 300gSea Cucumber75g – 225gAlbacore75g – 225g
 Anchovy30g – 90gFlounder100g – 300gTilapia75g – 225gRed Mullet75g – 225g
 Herring30g – 90gHalibut80g – 240gRed Snapper50g – 150gSea Cucumber75g – 225g
   Red Mullet75g – 225gSardine40g – 120gRed Snapper50g – 150g
   Tilapia75g – 225gAnchovy30g – 90gSardine40g – 120g
   Red Snapper50g – 150g  Herring30g – 90g
TOTAL 365g – 1,095g 1,080g – 3,240g 680g – 2,010g 605g – 1,815g

Notice how Summer and Fall offer a higher chance for money-making than Spring and Winter. Since Octopus is the hardest to obtain, we recommend equipping a tackle such as Cork Bobber (extends the fishing bar) or Trap Bobber. The fish also has a Sinker behavior so consider the Lead Bobber.

You may also want to visit the eastern pier from Willy’s Fishing Shop – home to the enormous Crimsonfish.

North of JojaMart at the Pelican Town

The player fishing on one of the best places to fish in Stardew Valley - North of JojaMart at the Pelican Town
Now, where’s that Angler?

Rivers are bodies of water where you can also hook some of the highest-paying ones in-game. However, the spot North of JojaMart becomes one of the best places to fish in Stardew Valley because you’ll have a chance to catch Angler.

On this spot, you might catch the following fish. It’ll depend on the season, but prepare tons of baits as you encounter the following:

 Catfish200g – 600gPike100g – 300gCatfish200g – 600gTiger Trout150g – 450g
 Shad60g – 180gRainbow Trout65g – 195gTiger Trout150g – 450gLingcod120g – 360g
 Smallmouth Bass50g – 150gShad60g – 180gWalleye105g – 315gPerch100-g 300g
 Bream45g – 135gBream45g – 135gSalmon75g – 225gPike100g – 300g
 Sunfish30g – 90gSunfish30g – 90gShad60g – 180gBream45g – 135g
     Smallmouth Bass50g – 150g  
     Bream45g – 135g  
TOTAL 385g – 1,155g 300g – 900g 685g – 2,055g 515g – 1,545g

Although the Ocean is a better place to cast your Fishing Rod, the nearby body of water is a convenience. The Fisher and Angler professions help boost the selling price per piece! 

Pirate Cove: Island Southeast

The player fishing on one of the best places to fish in Stardew Valley - the Pirate Cove.
Fishing is better in the Pirate Coves with booze and cannons!

On even-numbered days when it’s not raining on Ginger Island, a group of pirates will visit a cave for partying. However, you should enter at precisely 8pm if you wish to attend the celebration. Here’s the following you’ll catch inside one of the best places to fish in the tropics:

Total Earning Potential: 830g – 2,490g.

Accessing the Southeast portion will need the Island Resort construction for 20 Golden Walnuts. However, you’ll need to rebuild some improvements first as a prerequisite.

Arrowhead Island Edge at the Cindersap Forest

The player fishing at the Arrowhead Island on Cindersap Forest.
Make sure to visit this place during Winter.

Early reminder: Access the woods during Winter to have an opportunity to catch the legendary Glacierfish. It’s one of the five legendary fishes seasonally available. 

Since Cindersap Forest has its river connected to Pelican Town, you can expect similar catches for each season with some additions:

  • Midnight Carp (150g – 450g)
  • Dorado (100g – 300g)
  • Chub (50g – 150g)

Alternatively, you may visit Leah’s Cabin and cast your rod near the river. It’s one of the best places to fish in Stardew Valley while enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Mountain Lake

The player fishing at the Mountain Lake in Stardew Valley.
Keep an eye out on Legend.

Whether you’re waiting for Marlon’s Adventurer’s Guild to open or enjoy the relaxing view, you can start fishing at Mountain Lake. It’s conveniently close to the Mines and the Quarry, where you can begin mining valuable ores. However, you can spot the following types, so hook them with an attractive Dressed Spinner:

 Largemouth Bass100g – 300gSturgeon200g – 600gMidnight Carp150g – 450gSturgeon200g – 600g
 Bullhead75g – 225gLargemouth Bass100g – 300gWalleye105g – 315gMidnight Carp150g – 450g
 Chub50g – 150gBullhead75g – 225gLargemouth Bass100g – 300gLingcod120g – 360g
 Carp30g – 90gRainbow Trout65g – 195gBullhead75g – 225gLargemouth Bass100g – 300g
   Chub50g – 150gChub50g – 150gBullhead75g – 225g
   Carp30g – 90gCarp30g – 90gPerch55g – 165g
       Chub50g – 150g
TOTAL 255g – 765g 520g – 1,560g 510g – 1,540g 750g – 2,250g

Since you’re on Mountain Lake, consider catching the hardest type – Legend. The creature is available during Spring when it’s raining. However, you’ll need all the preparation to get it effortlessly.

The Mines

The player fishing in the Mines levels 20, 60, and 100.
Deeper levels mean harder difficulty!

Monsters and valuables are what you’ll encounter inside the Mines. You can reap the rewards by digging ores and stones while slashing hostile creatures for random drops. It’s one of the most crucial skills in Stardew Valley because tool upgrades play the most significant role in your progressive farm.

The perfect time to traverse inside the dangerous cave is Winter. Tending to crops and ranching animals are over already? There are three bodies of water inside with some mysterious creatures. Here’s what you’ll get on a specific floor::

Floor 20

Floor 60

Floor 100

Total Potential Earnings: 1,545g – 4,635.

If those numbers aren’t enough, these fish are on the top ten list of fifteen best types for Fish Pond!

Ginger Island Docks

The player fishing in the Ginger Island
New species in the tropics!

Upon repairing Willy’s Boat in the back room, you can travel to Ginger Island for 1,000g. However, you’ll need to complete the Community Center bundles or Joja Warehouse (membership and town upgrades). After all the hard work, you’ll land at docks where you can catch new ocean species.

Aside from the relaxing view, the tropical paradise doesn’t have four seasons. That means most ocean fishes from Stardew Valley are always available on Ginger Island. Here are the best catches so far:

Note that Tuna has the same value as Flounder and Lionfish.

Island West

The player fishing at the Island West of Ginger Island with Birdy.
Welcome to the island survival experience.

If it’s one of the best places to fish on Ginger Island, this location is the best out there. However, there’s little landscape to offer except trees and a shipwreck. The area is also where you can find the farmhouse for planting crops. But you’re out for fishing, right?

Then here are the best ones you should sell:

Note that you can catch Midnight Carp and Blue Discus on freshwater. While you may find other types, they don’t sell enough. 

Volcano Caldera

The player fishing inside the Volcano Caldera. Hot stuff!
Will it burn your Fishing Rod?

Instead of going below the ground, your goal is to reach the Caldera where the Forge sits. You’ll encounter stronger monsters than usual, activate buttons, and gather resources along the way. While walking on cobblestones (after pouring water from churning lava) is weird, you can’t do the same on floor ten.

The Volcano Caldera spews burning ashes and molten material where you can cast your Fishing Rod. Moreover, you may get a secret item and Lava Eel, making it one of the best places to fish in Stardew Valley. But most chances are for junk items, so be patient.

The Sewers (Pelican Town)

The player fishing in the Sewers in Stardew Valley.
Clean those Carps after catching.

After giving 60 artifacts or minerals to the Local Museum, Gunther will reward you with a Rusty Key. It’s accessible near the graveyard and has an exit leading to the Trash Bear. Fishing in this filthy place is possible, and you might get the legendary Mutant Carp (once per save file).

What makes the Sewers one of the best places to fish in Stardew Valley is the exotic ambience. Carp and Algae are also plentiful, but you wouldn’t consume them, right?

Mutant Bug Lair

The player fishing inside the Mutant Bug Lair.
Tip: you’ll need a weapon to survive in this place.

Casting your Iridium Rod at the infested area will sometimes get you the “bite” sound. We’re talking about an actual fish, triggering the fishing mini-game. It’s not a safe place, but as one of the best fishing spots where you can catch the Slimejack, good luck to you!

Witch’s Swamp

The player fishing inside the Witch's Swamp.
No more Goblin to interfere.

At some point where you’ll need to fetch the Wizard’s Magic Ink, he’ll lead you to the Witch’s Swamp. It’s a strange and nasty place, well-guarded by a Goblin that you can bribe. However, it’s also one of the best places to fish in Stardew Valley since it’s the only area you’ll find Void Salmons

The reason for this peculiar location on the list? You can get as many gold qualities as you want if you’re in the proper position. Cast your hook as far as possible (reaching Zone Five), and you’ll have a decent chance to get high-tier Void Salmon (150g – 450g).

Northwest of Calico Desert – the Pond

The player fishing in the Calico Desert Pond.
Even water exists in the Desert – and some good fish too!

A small pond is outside the Skull Cavern where you catch Sandfish (75g – 225g) and Scorpion Carp (150g – 450g). The latter is more challenging to get, but we recommend practicing to predict their moves better.

Submarine Ride at the Night Market

The player fishing inside the Fishing Submarine at the Night Market in Stardew Valley.
One of the most relaxing places in Stardew Valley!

After the Night Market update, Blobfish, Midnight Squid, and Spook Fish are some new inclusions to the game. You might even get a Pearl if you’re lucky, costing 2,500g! However, using a Magic Bait is possible to have those three (aside from common Ocean denizens).

The Captain will descend the vessel below the pier for 1,000g, where a hatch will open for you to hook new species. Because of its chilling ambiance, the Submarine Ride is undoubtedly one of the best places to fish that you shouldn’t miss.

Secret Woods Pond

The player fishing inside the Secret Woods Pond.
Tip: equip the Slime Charmer Ring to prevent damage from those cute slimes.

Carp is abundant on the Forest Pond – and they’re relatively easy to hook! Albeit with a lower selling value, you can capitalize more by using a Barbed Hook since the fish is weak. At some point, you may also encounter a Woodskip, but they rarely appear. Regardless, it’s still one of your best places to fish in Stardew Valley!

Facts and Trivia

What’s the best fish to catch in Stardew Valley

Non-legendary Lava Eels are the best pick because of the fantastic selling price range. With its 700g – 1,200g cost, you can buy multiple seeds for more profit!

With its value comes the trouble of fetching one. Waiting long enough for the fish icon while in the mini-game may give you a headache. However, consider Cork or Trap Bobber if you need an extra boost.

Does it matter where you fish in Stardew Valley?

Of course! Ocean has the most profit potential, especially in Summer and Fall. You can also expect Rivers as the best place to fish during Spring and Autumn. However, if it’s the Fishing Zone, it also does. The trick is to cast the hook farther away from you.

Is it better to fish in river or ocean Stardew Valley?

The Ocean is a good choice during Summer, while a River is meant for Spring. The latter may also win during Fall, but the earning potential is almost the same. Nonetheless, consider picking what works best for a specific season.

What lake should I fish in Stardew Valley?

All lakes in Stardew Valley have similar fishes that you can catch. That means you’ll get the same values, regardless if you’re in the Forest or Mountain. Watch out when the season changes because it’s also a huge factor.

Do Fishing Rods matter in Stardew Valley?

They’re a solid investment that lets you earn your spent money within a few days if you know where to fish. Throw away Willy’s Bamboo Pole and avoid the Fiberglass Rod. It’s better to purchase the Iridium Rod directly since it lets you equip a tackle aside from baits.

Where is the best place to catch river fish Stardew?

If it’s within Pelican Town, do it near the bridge. Visuals aside, you can immediately switch to Ocean fishing or interact with several NPCs. On the other hand, the Dig Site and Island Farm are good choices. Stick with the latter if you’re farming and its counterpart if you’re mining fossils and bones.

What is the most common fish in Stardew Valley?

Herring, Anchovy, and Sunfish have the same 30g value. Since they have the lowest price, consider them some of the most common fish Pelican Town offers.

Does it matter how far you cast your rod Stardew Valley?

Yes, and for a good reason: Fishing Zones. Generally, casting further away from your character yields higher-quality fish (and better selling prices). This technique is beneficial, especially when catching a gold-quality Void Salmon to complete the Missing Bundle.

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