Stardew Valley Super Cucumber: All You Need To Know

A tough-to-catch, and highly valuable fish, the Super Cucumber is a rare, purple variety of the Sea Cucumber. Keep reading to learn how, where, and when to catch it; as well as what you can use it for!

A screenshot from Stardew Valley in wich the farmer has caught a Super Cucumber.
A fresh catch!

Fish Properties

Every fish in Stardew Valley has unique properties. Each fish has a unique combination of behavior, difficulty, and size.

Fish Behavior

Every fish in Stardew Valley possesses one of the following five behaviors, which influences the manner in which they move in the fishing mini-game:

  • Mixed – This is the basic fish pattern. The fish will go up and down randomly without any very tricky or sudden movement.
  • Smooth – These fish are the easiest to catch. Their movement patterns are steady and smooth.
  • Sinker – These fish move much faster when they go downwards. This movement can be jarring and sudden.
  • Floater – These fish are the opposite of Sinkers. They are faster going upwards.
  • Dart – Fish that have a dart behavior are the hardest to catch. They move much faster in both directions and change direction suddenly and rapidly.

Fish Difficulty

Difficulty is a pre-determined, hidden statistic assigned to each fish in Stardew Valley, which describes how difficult the fish are to catch. The fish with the lowest difficulty rating is the Carp, which has a rating of 15. The fish with the highest difficulty rating are Legend and Legend II, which both have difficulty ratings of 110.

What Is A Super Cucumber Like?

A Super Cucumber is a purple marine animal with dark-colored spines protruding from it. Though they’re not legendary fish, they are one of the more difficult fishes to find and catch. A Super Cucumber’s difficulty is rated at a cool 80 – making it the sixth toughest non-legendary fish to catch. Their behavior is “Sinker,” which means that they move quickly when they’re heading down in the mini-game – so watch out for that! They can be anywhere from 12 to 37 inches in size.

Size12-37 in.

How to find a super cucumber

Time and Weather

You can only catch this fish during the evenings, starting from 05:00 PM. The weather can be sunny, rainy, or anything in between.

Generally speaking, you can only catch the fish during Summer or Fall evenings. There are three exceptions, however:

  • The Night Market Festival – You can catch a Super Cucumber during the deep-sea submarine ride, which you can attend during the Night Market Festival in Winter. The festival takes place between the 15th and 17th of Winter, and you can take the submarine tour if you pay 1000g.
  • Ginger Island – You can catch this fish at Ginger Island during any season; not just during Summer and Fall.
  • Magic Bait – Equip Magic Bait and you can catch this fish at any time or Season.


Super Cucumbers can be caught wherever there is saltwater: at the Beach, the Tide Pools, nearly anywhere on Ginger Island, and on the Beach Farm.

Where are the Tide Pools

These two locations are the two easiest places to catch Ocean fish in Pelican Town. To access the Tide Pools, you need to approach the splintered bridge to the right side of Elliot’s cabin. You’ll need 300 pieces of regular Wood to fix this bridge before you can access the Tide Pools. This serene spot has a dock where you can fish for all the Super Cucumbers you’d want. Furthermore, you can find Coral and Sea Urchins here as forageables.

The Tide Pools!

Ginger Island Locations

You can catch this fish nearly in every location on Ginger Island, with the exception of Island North. This location in particular doesn’t have any saltwater around; only freshwater. Island South & Southeast, Island West, and the Pirate Cove all have access to saltwater. Go there at the correct time of day, and catch those critters! Just like in Pelican Town, it needs to be 05:00 PM or later before you can find any Super Cucumbers.

Ginger Island North

To access Ginger Island, you have to repair the boat in the backroom of Willy’s Fish Shop.

The Beach Farm

There are seven different farm maps in Stardew Valley, each unique and interesting in its own way. There are six maps that feature smaller ponds or rivers running through the maps. On these maps, you can catch various forest, mountain, or river fish. The Beach Farm, however, is unique in that it gives the farmer access to saltwater right on their doorstep. As such, you can catch a Super Cucumber on this map, provided it’s Summer or Fall, and past 05:00 PM.

How To Catch A Super Cucumber

Since super cucumbers are difficult to find, it’s a good idea to maximize your chances of successfully reeling them the first time around. You should use the Iridium fishing pole, Bait, and Trap Bobbers to do this. Although there’s no level requirement for catching this fish, you’ll have far more luck if you max out, or get closer to maxing out your Fishing skill.

Other Ways To Get A Super Cucumber

There are more ways to obtain a super cucumber than just through fishing though. You can find them inside garbage cans throughout Pelican Town during summer and fall. They can also be bought at the Traveling Cart for 750-1,250 gold each.

The last way to get a Super Cucumber is through the Statue of Endless Fortune. One day a year, Winter 17 or the Wizard’s birthday, the statue will produce one super cucumber that you can collect.

What to do with a super cucumber

1. Gift It To An NPC

Most people feel neutral towards Sea Cucumbers – even Willy the fisherman. But there is one villager in town who loves getting this creature – The Wizard! Give them this gorgeous fish on their birthday (Winter 17th) for extra friendship points. Befriending the Wizard gives you access to a magical mirror in his cellar, which you can use to alter your appearance. He’s a good pal to have!

2. Craft With It

You can use any fish, including Super Cucumbers, to craft Quality Fertilizers. To learn more about fertilizers, check out our article on them below:

3. Store it for Quests

There is a chance of Super Cucumbers being requested during the Summer or Fall seasons on the “Help Wanted” board. This board is located at the front of Pierre’s General Store, next to the Calendar. Completing this quest awards you 750 gold and 150 friendship points with the person who requested the fish.

4. Cook It

It can be cooked into two dishes:

  • Maki Roll – You can learn the recipe for Maki Roll by watching the “Queen of Sauce” TV channel on the 21st of Summer in Year One. You can also just buy the recipe from Gus at the Stardrop Saloon for just 100g. Maki Rolls are made from Seaweed, which can be caught in saltwater, Rice, which is purchased from Pierre’s General Store, and any fish. Maki Rolls restore less Energy and Health and are overall worth less than raw Super Cucumbers. As such, if you really want to cook this recipe, you may prefer to use a different fish instead!
  • Sashimi – Similarly to Maki Rolls, Sashimi is worth less in every respect than a Super Cucumber. However, if you do want to make it, learn the recipe by befriending Linus (three+ hearts of friendship) then cook it with just one of any fish.

5. Eat It

The following table shows you how much Energy and Health you’ll gain from eating a raw Super Cucumber. Higher quality fish result in higher amounts of both Energy and Health regained.

Energy RegainedHealth Regained
Regular Quality12556
Silver Quality17578
Gold Quality225101
Iridium Quality325146

6. Sell It

The following table outlines the price of Super Cucumber at different quality levels. You can increase the worth of any fish you sell by grabbing the Fisher and Angler professions at levels five and ten of the fishing skill – also outlined below.

No professionFisher ProfessionAngler Profession
Regular Quality250g312g375g
Silver Quality312g390g468g
Gold Quality375g468g562g
Iridium Quality500g625g750g

7. Tailor And Dye With It

Tailoring is unlocked once you’ve found a piece of Wool or Cloth. You can either find these items by luck, by recycling Newspapers, or by purchasing them at the Travelling Cart. Once you’ve got them, Emily will send you a letter, telling you you can use the Sewing Machine and Dye Pots at her and Haley’s house.

Super Cucumbers are also used in making the Tube Top with the Sewing Machine, as pictured below. Furthermore, you can use this item as a purple dye. You can dye a dyeable article of clothing purple, by placing it in the spool of the Sewing Machine. Additionally, it’s considered a “purple item” for the purposes of the dye pots.

8. Make A Fish Pond

One profitable, long-term thing to do with Super Cucumbers is to place them in a Fish Pond. They produce several profitable items depending on the capacity of the farm. Note that placing a single one of these purple fishies causes the color of the water in the pond to turn a unique purple. The same thing happens with Lava Eels and Ice Pips!

Below is a table of all the valuable items your fish will produce:

Required Population:Daily Chance:
Iridium Ore9-104-5%
Roe can be processed into Aged Cavier – a valuable Artisan Good similar to Caviar.

As you can see, the best results come from having a high population of Super Cucumbers. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to do some Fish Pond quests. Every few days, your fish will request a few items be delivered to them. Super Cucumbers can request:

Quest #13 Coral, 1 Honey, 1 Oyster, or 3 Refined Quartz
Quest #21 Dried Starfish, 2 Emeralds, 2-3 Omni Geodes, or 2-3 Purple Mushrooms
Quest #31 Diamond, 3 Gold Bars, 1 Iridium Ore, 1 Jelly, or 1 Pickles
Some of the most valuable Fish Ponds, next to Sturgeon and Blobfish ponds.

9. Secret Use

There’s one last special thing you can do with a Super Cucumber. Head on over to the fenced area North of the Blacksmith’s store where you’ll find a brown box. There’s a way to get into this area, by walking behind one of the large pink trees. Take a single one of these fish with you and interact wit the box to get a special piece of furniture: the ??HMTGF?? statue.

uper cucumbers are incredibly special fish in Stardew Valley as they have a secret use beyond just selling, crafting, and farming though. If you take a single super cucumber to the fenced-in area directly north of the Blacksmith’s, there’s a hole in the fence where you can access a brown magic crate. If you place the super cucumber into the box, you will receive a This statue is a secret piece of furniture that cannot be resold, only displayed as a piece of artwork.

Head north of this area to see the fenced area.
Behind one of these trees, you can see a small brown box.
Behind this pink tree there’s a hole in the fence!
The statue in all its glory!

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