Understanding The New Remixed Bundles In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is constantly being updated with new and exciting features, with most being added seemingly without warning. One such feature was the ability to activate Remixed Bundles, which are a great addition to the game and are amazing for veteran players. Today I’m going to be giving you a detailed explanation of how the Remixed Bundles work in Stardew Valley!

What are Remixed Bundles?

Remixed bundles are a new setting in Stardew Valley that offers players some variety when replaying the game. 

After selecting Remixed Bundles in the starting menu, once you start a new game, you will not be able to see any difference to the game until after unlocking the Community Center. Once it’s unlocked, there is a chance that certain bundles within it are swapped out for one of the twelve possible bundle variations. 

This means each room will have a mix of permanent and random bundles needed to complete it. Permanent bundles will always be present, but they vary slightly from the standard bundles. Random bundles may or may not appear.

For example, for the Fish Tank, the River Fish Bundle, Lake Fish Bundle, Ocean Fish Bundle, Night Fishing Bundle, and Crab Pot Bundle are all permanent bundles that need to be finished to complete it. However, the Specialty Fish Bundle could be replaced with the Quality Fish Bundle or Master Fisher’s Bundle.

These room bundles are randomized and keep the game both fresh and unique while replaying numerous times.

How to Turn Remixed Bundles On

Now that you know all about what Remixed Bundles are, you might be wondering how to turn them on. Turning Remixed Bundles on could not be any easier! 

Simply open Stardew Valley and start creating a new world. Make your character as you normally would but before starting the game look at the bottom left-hand corner and find the wrench icon. 

Wrench option highlighted in the new character screen on the bottom-left.

By clicking this icon, you can access and toggle tons of new and exciting settings for your world, the first of which is the Community Center Bundle option. Simply click on this option and select “Remixed” then hit “OK” and start up your new world.

The Community Center advanced settings has Remixed Bundles toggled on.

Bundle Randomization 

These types of bundles are not set in stone like in your old Stardew worlds. Instead, these bundles are randomized between a few unique options for each room in the Community Center. 

For the sake of simplicity, I will only be detailing the new Remixed Bundle options and not those that have been in the game for a while. For example, I won’t be covering the Construction Bundle or the Exotic Foraging Bundle, only the Sticky Bundle and the Wild Medicine Bundle as they are new and exciting additions to Stardew Valley.

Crafts Room

The Crafts Room has two possible remixes available, these include the Sticky Bundle and the Wild Medicine Bundle. If selected, the Sticky Bundle will replace the Construction Bundle, while the Wild Medicine Bundle will replace the Exotic Foraging Bundle.

Bundle                           Items     Reward
Sticky Bundle500 SapCharcoal Kiln
Wild Medicine Bundle5 x Purple Mushroom*2 Cookout Kits
5 x Fiddlehead Fern*
5 x White Algae*
5 x Hops*
*Only 3 Slots Needed


The Pantry has the most possible remixed pantry bundles, giving you four possible random bundles. These bundles include the Rare Crops Bundle, Fish Farmer’s Bundle, Garden Bundle, and Brewer’s Bundle. 

Just like the other Bundles, these all have a chance to replace the original bundles in your Community Center. The Rare Crops Bundle replaces the Quality Crops Bundle, while either the Fish Farmer’s Bundle or the Garden Bundle will take the place of the Animal Bundles. Similarly, the Brewer’s Bundle has a chance to be picked instead of the Artisan Bundle.

Bundle                           Items     Reward
Rare Crops BundleAncient Fruit*Preserves Jar
Sweet Gem Berry*
Fish Farmer’s Bundle15 x RoeWorm Bin
15 x Aged Roe
Squid Ink
Garden BundleTulip**Quality Sprinkler
Blue Jazz**
Summer Spangle**
Fairy Rose**
Brewer’s BundleMead**Keg
Pale Ale**
Green Tea**
*Only 1 Slot Needed
**Only 4 Slots Needed

Fish Tank

The Fish Tank includes only one remix. The Specialty Fish Bundle (which typically require you to get Pufferfish, Ghostfish, Sandfish, and Woodskip) can be replaced by one of two new bundles; these are the Quality Fish Bundle and the Master Fisher’s Bundle.

Bundle                           Items     Reward
Quality Fish Bundle Largemouth Bass*Dish O’ The Sea
Master Fisher’s BundleLava EelDish O’ The Sea
Scorpion Carp
*Gold Quality Only

Boiler Room 

The Boiler Room has a total of 3 randomly chosen bundles with 2 possible Remixed Bundles. These new bundles include the Treasure Hunter’s Bundle and the Engineer’s Bundle.

Bundle                           Items     Reward
Treasure Hunter’s BundleAmethyst Lucky Lunch
Engineer’s BundleIridium OreFurnace
Battery Pack
5 x Refined Quartz

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board will have a total of 5 random bundles with 3 possible remixes available. These bundles include the Children’s Bundle, Forager’s Bundle, and the Cook’s Bundle.

Bundle                           Items     Reward
Children’s Bundle 10 x Salmonberry* 3 x Battery Pack
Ancient Doll*
Ice Cream*
Forager’s Bundle  50 x Salmonberry**3 x Tapper
50 x Blackberry**
20 x Wild Plum**
Home Cook’s Bundle 10x Egg (Any Egg but Dinosaur)5 x Complete Breakfast
10x Milk (Any Size)
100x Wheat Flour
*Only 3 Slots Needed
**Only 2 Slots Needed

Why You Should Use Remixed Bundles 

Now that you know all about each of the new Remixed Bundles available in Stardew Valley, you may be wondering why you should even try to do them in the first place. 

For starters, these bundles are meant for veteran Stardew players who are tired of doing the same thing over and over. By playing with Remixed Bundles, players can get a taste of variety in the game. Not only that, but some of these bundles are just way easier to accomplish. For example, the Sticky Bundle removes the need to go mining for stone or searching for Hardwood to complete the Community Center. 

No matter how you look at it, these Remixed Bundles are an amazing addition to the game for old and new players alike.

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