Flowers in Stardew Valley: The Beauty of the 4 Seasons


Do you love the flowers in Stardew Valley like Sandy? Or do you want a chance to love them? Then you’ve come to the right place! If you want to know more about the different florals of spring, summer, fall, and winter— read on to find out!

Flowers in Stardew Valley grown in the Greenhouse
Flowers in the Greenhouse

How to get flowers in stardew valley?

  • Forage: The easiest, cost-free way to get flowers in Stardew Valley is to forage. Sweet Peas and Crocuses are flowers commonly found around the valley in Summer and Winter, respectively. Unfortunately, Daffodils and Dandelions found during Spring, while flowers in real life, are not considered so in the game. Stardew Valley is a very relaxing game, and going around the town picking flowers is a great way to forget about real-life worries.
Summer’s Sweet Pea by the Fountain
  • Farm: Aside from foraging for flowers in the valley, growing them on your farm is a great way to get flowers. Every season except Winter, Pierre General’s Store and Jojamart sells crop seeds growable for that season. At least two crop seeds sold at the store are flower seeds. Players can buy these seeds from Pierre or Jojamart and grow them on their farms.
Fall’s Fairy Rose on the Farm
  • Wild Seeds: Combining the best of both worlds, Wild Seeds allow you to grow forageables on your farm. Instead of running around town picking Sweet Peas and Crocuses, you can craft Summer and Winter Wild Seeds and plant them instead. For an in-depth guide on Wild Seeds, check this out!
  • Traveling Cart: The Traveling Merchant comes to the valley selling standard and special stock in their cart on Fridays and Sundays until 8 pm. The Traveling Cart’s stocks and prices rotate each time, and sometimes the merchant will sell the flowers and/or flower seeds. For a full list and more information about the Travelling Cart and its stocks and prices, check out this wiki page.

Flowers in each Season

SEASON: Spring


“The most popular spring flower. Has a very faint sweet smell.”

Each seed, called a Tulip Bulb is sold for 20g at Pierre’s General Store and the Night Market during Winter, 25g at Jojomart, and 100-1,000g at the Traveling Cart. A Tulip Bulb takes six days to grow. The fully-grown flower can be sold for 30-66g depending on crop quality and farming profession. Additionally, Tulip Honey can be sold for 160-224g.

While supremely pretty, the tulip is by far the least profitable of all the flowers. This spring flower is mostly grown for farm aesthetics or for gift-giving. Evelyn, in particular, loves Tulips.


“The flower grows in a sphere to invite as many butterflies as possible.”

Jazz seeds are sold for 30g at Pierre’s and the Night Market, 37g at Jojamart, and 100-1,000g at the Traveling Cart. A Blue Jazz takes seven days to grow and the flower sells for 50-110g. Blue Jazz Honey is the more profitable option for Spring with the base price at 200g and with the Artisan Profession, 280g.

Not only is this spring flower profitable but it’s actually used in one of the most important recipes in the game, Lucky Lunch. This +3 luck-giving meal takes one Blue Jazz, one Tortilla, and one Sea Cucumber. While the Blue Jazz isn’t the most-loved of the flowers in Stardew Valley, it is still liked by most of the villagers and makes an easy gift.

Spring Flowers on the Farm: Tulip (left) Blue Jazz (right)

*Both Spring flowers can be used to make a dyeable skirt in a sewing machine. A Tulip is considered as red and Blue Jazz as blue in the dye pots.

SEASON: Summer


“A fragrant summer flower.

Sweet Pea is one of the flowers in Stardew Valley that you can get by foraging. These summer flowers can be found at the Bus Stop, Pelican Town, Cindersap Forest, and the Railroad. Sweet Peas can also appear on Forest Farms. These flowers can also be grown from Wild Summer Seeds, which can be crafted after achieving Foraging Skill Level 4. They can sell from 50-110g. Unfortunately, Sweet Peas cannot produce flower honey with a beehouse.

The Summer Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room of the Community Center requires one Sweet Pea. The summer flower may also be randomly requested during Summer at the Help Wanted board. Aside from those reasons to get a Sweet Pea, the flower is also used in Tailoring a unique pink and purple shirt in the Sewing Machine.

Wild Summer Seeds on the Farm


“In addition to its colorful flower, the Poppy has culinary and medicinal uses.

Poppy seeds are sold at Pierre’s and the Night Market for 100g, 125g at Jojamart, and 150-1,000g at the Traveling Cart. Poppy is the most profitable flower of Summer. It sells for 140-308g for just the flower, while Poppy Honey sells for 380g at base price and 532g with the Artisan Profession.

If you like Penny an unhealthy amount, then you should definitely plant Poppy seeds. Poppies are universally hated by the villagers of Pelican Town, except for Penny. She loves Poppies and Poppyseed Muffins, which is a recipe that you can cook with one Poppy, one Wheat Flour, and one Sugar. A Poppy is also required for the Chef’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board at the Community Center. Another thing you can use a Poppy for is to create a Pleated Skirt on the Sewing Machine.

*For more in-depth information on Poppy seeds, check out this guide!


“A tropical bloom that thrives in the humid summer air. Has a sweet, tangy aroma.

Spangle seeds can be bought for 50g at Pierres and the Night Market, 62g at Jojamart, and 100-1,000g at the Traveling Cart. Summer Spangles are the second most profitable of the summer flowers in Stardew Valley selling for 90-198g for each flower, and the Spangle Honey selling for 280g at base price and 392g with Artisan Profession.

Summer Spangles are generally liked by the villagers and is loved by Caroline. Aside from that, Spangles are also used to make Pleated Skirts on the Sewing Machine.

Summer Flowers on the Farm: Poppy (left) Summer Spangle (right)

SEASON: fall


“A tropical bloom that thrives in the humid summer air. Has a sweet, tangy aroma.

The Sunflower is one of the most unique flowers in Stardew Valley.

First of all, it’s the only seed that is cheaper at Jojamart than it is at Pierre’s or anywhere else. It is sold for 125g at Jojamart which is 75g less than Pierre’s who sells Sunflower seeds for 200g each. Second, Sunflowers when grown on the farm can give you 0-2 seeds back when you harvest the flower. The flowers sell for 80-176g, while Sunflower Honey sells for 260g at base price and 364g with Artisan Profession. Third, Sunflowers are the only flowers that you can turn into Oil with the Oilmaker. Oil can be sold for 100g each and can be used in a multitude of recipes. Lastly, Sunflowers can be grown from Summer to Fall.

A Sunflower is needed to complete the Dye Bundle on the Bulletin Board at the Community Center. The summer and fall flower is also Haley’s loved gift and is generally liked by most of the villagers.


“An old folk legend suggests that the sweet smell of this flower attracts fairies.

The Fairy Rose is by far the most expensive and most profitable of all the flowers in Stardew Valley. Fairy seeds are sold for 200g at Pierre’s and the Night Market, 250g at Jojamart, and 300-1,000g at the Traveling Cart. The fall flower sells for 290-638g depending on quality and profession. However, Fairy Rose outshines all other flowers when surrounded by Bee Houses as Fairy Rose Honey sells for 680g at base price and 952g with Artisan Profession.

Fairy Rose Bee House Heart Layout

Aside from it’s profitability, the fall flower has other uses. Fairy Roses are loved gifts for Evelyn and Jas. It is also used in making Fairy Dust, a recipe obtained by completing “The Pirate’s Wife” quest on Ginger Island. Fairy Dust takes one Diamond and one Fairy Rose to make.

Fall Flowers on the Farm: Sunflower (left) Fairy Rose (right)

SEASON: winter


“A flower that can bloom in the winter.

The Crocus is the last of the flowers in Stardew Valley that you can forage. These winter blooms can be found at the Bus Stop, Pelican Town, Mountains, Backwoods, and Cindersap Forest. Crocuses can also be grown on the farm using Wild Winter Seeds. These flowers sell for 60-132g.

Sandy always loves flowers from the valley, but Crocus is one of her loved gifts. The Crocus can also be used in the Sewing Machine to create a cute purple shirt.

Wild Winter Seeds on the Farm

Garden Bundle?

If you’ve chosen Remixed Bundles for the Community Center, the Garden Bundle is an option for Bundle 5 to unlock the Pantry.

The Garden Bundle has four slots to fill. All flowers grown from flower seeds are viable— namely: Tulip, Blue Jazz, Poppy, Summer Spangle, Sunflower, and Fairy Rose. Flowers from Foraging or Wild Seeds like Sweet Pea and Crocus are not feasible for this bundle.

There you have it! These are the beauties of the four seasons— the flowers in Stardew Valley. Happy blooming, everyone!

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