Stardew Valley Peach: Growing to Gifting and Everything Inbetween

Looking to know who is the best person to gift a peach to? Whether buying peach trees are actually worth it in Stardew Valley? Or even just how to get one? After reading this complete guide, you will have everything you need to know about peaches in Stardew Valley.

A Peach Tree in different seasons.
A Peach Tree in different seasons.


Peaches are a fruit that are almost fuzzy to the touch. These pink-colored fruits are only available during the summer season. They are grown by peach trees. Fruits are a costly gold investment but once a tree is bought and grown to maturity, it is a constant producer during its season.

Peach.pngA peach

You can sell peaches at a base price of 140 gold. As you increase in quality, the gold per peach increases as well with silver peaches selling for 175 gold. Gold quality peaches are 210 gold, and iridium quality peaches are 280 gold per fruit. Also, if you have the Tiller profession then your prices increase by 10%.

How to get Peaches

Peaches are found through planted peach trees, purchase them from the Traveling Cart, or find peaches in the Farm Cave (if the fruit bat option was chosen).

The Traveling Cart

To buy peaches from the Traveling Cart, you will need to travel to the Cindersap Forest on a Friday or Sunday. The Cart is located in the northwestern area of the Forest, above and to the right of the Wizard’s Tower. The Traveling Merchant opens at 6 AM and closes shop at 8 PM.

Also, her wares and prices for items change every day she is open. On any day you visit the Traveling Cart, her ware includes 10 randomly selected items from a set list. If a peach is for sale, it can vary in price anywhere between 420 to 1,000 gold per fruit. Keep in mind that the prices do vary each day, so if the price is too high remember you can always check back another day.

The Traveling Cart being pulled by its trusty fez-wearing pig.
The Traveling Cart being pulled by its trusty fez-wearing pig.

Planting Stardew Valley Peach Trees

As with all other fruits, peaches from from trees that take a long time to grow from sapling to mature tree. After they mature, then they produce a single fruit per day during the summer season (unless it’s planted in the Greenhouse). These harvested fruits will start out a base quality in the first year, but every year thereafter it will produce higher quality fruit. By the third year it will can produce iridium quality fruit.

Stardew Valley Peach Trees Saplings

There are two ways to obtain peach tree saplings. One is through buying them. The other is through looting treasure rooms in the Skull Cavern. You can purchase these saplings from either the Traveling Cart or from Pierre’s General Store.

Peach Sapling.pngA Peach Sapling
Pierre’s General Store

To buy saplings from Pierre’s General Store, you will need to travel to the center of Pelican Town, right next to Harvey’s Clinic. The store is open every day from 9 AM to 5 PM except for Wednesday. You can buy peach saplings year-round. Just make sure to buy the saplings a month before the producing season, so the tree has the time it needs to mature beforehand.

Unlike from the Traveling Cart, saplings are always the same price at Pierre’s General Store sitting at 6,000 gold per seed.

The Traveling Cart

Saplings are 4,500 to 7,500 gold per seed from the Traveling Merchant.

Growth Stages of a Stardew Valley Peach Tree

There are four growth stages that peach trees go through before becoming a fruiting peach tree. Each of the four stages take 7 days each. Thus, it will take a full Stardew Valley month before the tree is mature.

You need to make sure that the surrounding 8 tiles around the fruit tree are empty otherwise it will not grow. If you are still having trouble growing trees, then check out our guide on tree growth.

Peach Stage 5 Fruit.pngA mature peach tree in the summer season, ready to be harvested

What to do with a Stardew Valley Peach

Since peaches are fruits, they have numerous different uses from crafting to bundles to even just consuming it!

Eating Peaches in Stardew Valley

If you consume a raw peach, it gives between 38 and 98 energy points and 17 to 44 health points depending on the quality of the fruit.


Peaches are used to produce two different artisan goods: wine and jelly. Wine is made by putting peaches into a keg for 10,000 minutes. Jelly is made by putting the fruit into a preserves jar for 4,000 minutes.

Wine.png Peach WineJelly.png Peach Jelly
Base Price420 – 840 gold (depending on quality)330 gold
Price with Artisan Profession588 – 1,176 gold462 gold


Lastly, peaches can also be used to craft dyeable relaxed fit shorts using the sewing machine, or as red dye color in the dye pots. Both of these are located inside Emily and Haley’s home inside the Pelican Town, 2 Willow Lane.

Relaxed Fit Shorts.pngThe relaxed fit shorts crafted using a peach.


only one villagers loves receiving peaches as a gift, Pelican Town’s resident carpenter: Robin. Everyone else likes receiving this fruit as a gift, so this item is a great way to level up your friendship with the villagers.

Bundles/ Quests

Though peaches are not used in any quests, they are an option for the artisan bundle in the Pantry room of the Community Center. To complete the bundle, you need 6 items from a list of 12. These 12 items include truffle oil, cloth, goat cheese, cheese, honey, jelly, apples, apricots, oranges, peaches, pomegranates, and cherries.

Completing this bundle gives 1 keg as a reward, a perfect prize that is necessary for crafting peaches into jelly. The real prize though only occurs after you complete all the Pantry bundles. This restores the dilapidated Greenhouse on your farm, unlocking the ability to crow crops and fruit trees year-round.

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