Stardew Valley Stonefish: All You Need To Know

Welcome to our post on the Stardew Valley Stonefish!

A bizarre fish that’s shaped like a brick.

Fish Behavior

Size14-16 In.


A stonefish is a type of fish that is obtainable through Fishing. It is a mud colored fish that is rectangular shaped.

Though it’s not a Legendary Fish, stonefish are one of the more rare fishes to find.

Along with the octopus, stonefish are the only fish caught with a rod that’re unable to be eaten unless they’re crafted into an edible recipe.

Where to find a Stonefish

Stonefish can be caught on level 20 of the Mines during any weather, season, and time of day. The Mines are located in the northeast corner of the map, just to the right of Linus’ camp and west of the Adventurer’s Guild.

How to catch a stonefish

Since stonefish have a low spawn rate, it’s a good idea to maximize your chances of successfully reeling it in. To do this, you should use the Iridium fishing pole, bait, and the trap bobber.

What to do with a stonefish

Stonefish are not used in any bundles, or quests, and no villagers like getting it as a gift. Demetrius, Elliot, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy are all neutral to receiving a stonefish as a gift. Meanwhile, everyone else either dislikes it or hates it.

It can be crafted into three basic recipes: Maki Roll, Quality Fertilizer, and Sashimi. Though, all of these recipes can be crafted using any fish in the game; and both Sashimi and Maki Rolls sell for less than the cost of just the actual fish.

Stonefish are also used in making the fishing hat with the sewing machine, and as orange dye in the dye pots inside Emily and Haley’s house.

It can be sold at a base price of 300 gold, 375 gold for the silver quality, and 450 gold for the gold quality. A stonefish can be caught in the size range of 14-16 inches. When consumed, you will receive a boost of 0 energy, and 0 health.

The most profitable, long-term thing to do with stonefish are to place them in a fish pond. This is because stonefish produce several profitable items depending on the capacity of the farm. It starts out with roe at a population of 1, copper ore at a population of 3, and geodes, stone, and even diamonds at a population of 9.



LocationMines (Level 20)
Level RequirementFishing Level 3 Minimum

Healing Effect

Energy Gain0 Energy
Health Gain0 Health

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