Spook Fish: Catching, Fish Pond Farming, and More

What is a Spook Fish in Stardew Valley? Where can you catch one and how? Here’s everything you need to know about this big-eyed sea animal.

player with spook fish stardew valley beach
A Spook Fish has various uses in the game.

There are various kinds of fish in Stardew Valley’s oceans, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. There are some that only spawn at certain seasons or weather, so you’ll have to wait for these specific circumstances to try to catch them.

The Spook Fish has a number of uses in cooking and crafting, which you’ll learn in this article. Read on to know more about how to catch it and what you can do with it.

What is a Spook Fish?

This creature can be found in the deep seas and has huge eyes that help them catch their prey easily. It’s a Dart, which means it moves more erratically than others so its difficulty level is at 60.

Its size can vary from eight to 26 inches.

When you eat one, you can restore your energy and health at different levels depending on its quality. The table below shows the comparison.


Where to Catch a Spook Fish?

Like most sea creatures, a SF can only be caught under specific circumstances. See the table below.

Submarine ride at the Night MarketWinter 15 – 175pm – 2amAny
Southwest corner of the beachAnyAnyAny
Catch a Spook Fish at these times and locations.

Even though they’re more common during the Winter at a specific time period, you can catch one just as easily using Magic Bait anytime during any season. You can also use it to increase your chances of catching one in the southwestern part of the beach to 3.3%.

Player fishing at the beach stardew valley
Use a Magic Bait to catch a Spook Fish anytime.

Using a Curiosity Lure also increases your chances to 6.8% at this part of the beach, while the regular 16% chance of catching it at the Night Market will increase to 18%.

Fish Pond

Most marine animals in the game reproduce every four days when placed in a Fish Pond. Its initial capacity is three, but you can increase that up to ten by doing the quests below.

Item Requests

Each item request you complete will increase the capacity of your FP, as shown in the table below:

Initial CapacityItem RequestedFIshing XPImproved Capacity
Three• Amethysts (3)
• Coral (3)
• Iron Bars (3)
• Oyster (1)
• Red Mushrooms (3)
• Refined Quartz (3)
Five• Dried Starfish (1)
• Emerald (2)
• Granite (1)
Omni Geodes (2-3)
• Purple Mushrooms (2-3)
Seven• Diamond (1)
• Gold Bars (3)
• Iridium Ore (1)
• Mayonnaise (1)
• Pickles (1)
Complete these quests to increase your pond capacity.


SF also produces blue Roe when in the FP. You can also get Treasure Chests after population 9. See the table below for a detailed comparison.

ItemPopulationItem PercentageChanceFishing XP
Roe (1)1-8100%23-79%+15
Roe (1)9-1099.7%87-95%+15
Treasure Chest (1)9-100.3%0.3%+210
Get these other items and blue Roe, too.

Selling Prices

You can sell SF for 220g. Its value increases depending on the quality and your profession. The Fisher Profession will add 25%, while the Angler Professions will add 50%.

You can also sell the Roe it produces for an increased value (+40%) with the Artisan Profession. Aged Roe, which you can produce using the Preserves Jar, may also be sold.

QualitySelling PriceWith FisherWith AnglerRoeAged RoeWith Artisan
Sell Spook Fish and its Roe for various prices.


SF can also be used to make Quality Fertilizer.

ItemCrafting SourceIngredients
Quality FertilizerFarming Level 9Sap (2)SF (1)
Craft a Quality Fertilizer with Spook Fish.

You can sell it for 10g. When crafted with Qi Seasoning, you can sell it for 15g.


You can also cook using SF. The following table shows the recipes where you can use it.

RecipeIngredientsEnergyEnergy with QSHealthHealth with QSSelling PriceSelling Price with QSRecipe Source
Maki Roll• SF (1)• Seaweed (1)• Rice (1)+100+180+45+81220g330g• The Queen of Sauce, 21 Summer Year 1
• Stardrop Saloon for 300g
Sashimi• SF (1)+75+135+33+5975g112g• Linus, Mail at 3 Hearts
Cooke these delicious recipes with any fish, including Spook Fish.


Use it in the spool of the Sewing Machine to make a Fishing Hat. It can also be used at the dye pots as a blue dye.


No one likes being gifted this marine creature, but Demetrius, Elliott, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy are neutral about it.

On the other hand, Evelyn, Haley, and Pierre hate it and the rest of the Villagers dislike it.


Not used in any quest.


Not used in any bundle.

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