Pine Tar: Uses, Benefits, Crafting, and More

You can discover many things by adding a Tapper on trees in Stardew Valley. One of its products is the Pine Tar which helps create interesting items. Here’s a guide that’ll walk you through everything you need to know about its uses and benefits.

A player holding a pine tar in Stardew Valley.
Pine Tar from a Tapper.

To get more benefits on trees in Stardew Valley, some players use items like Heavy Tapper and Tapper. This equipment helps extract goods from your trees without cutting them, and Pine Tar is one of its yields. It’s not the best money-maker, yet, it’s pretty useful in crafting, bundles, and more!

In this guide, you’ll learn how to effectively use this item and make some profit.

What’s a Pine Tar?

Pine Tar (PT) is a nonseasonal tree sap from tapped Pine Trees. You have to wait for five to six days to acquire it. 

Moreover, it’s an inedible Artisan Good that doesn’t benefit from the Artisan Profession but in the Tapper Profession instead. Having the latter career in Stardew Valley increases your tapped items’ by 25%.

Where to Get it?

A player surrounded by Pine Trees in Stardew Valley.
Areas filled with Pine Trees.

The easiest way to obtain it is by tapping Pine Trees from your Farm and other places like:

  • Cindersap Forest
  • Rail Road
  • Around the Carpenter’s Shop in the Mountains.

You also have 0.66% to get it from a Wood Chipper as it processes some hardwood.


You’ll get 100g by selling it, and if you have the Tapper Profession, it will increase to 125g. Obviously, you won’t make a lot of gold from it, so it’s best to use it in crafting.


Making valuable items from this tar isn’t tricky. Although you can’t create tons of things with it, these simple equipment and items would still make the game more engaging.

Here are some crafting recipes to make this loot more efficient:

ItemsIngredientsSelling PriceRecipe Source
Loom30 Fiber
60 Wood
1 PT
Not SellableFarming Level 7
Speed-Gro1 PT
1 Clam
20gFarming Level 3
Rain Totem1 Hardwood
1 Truffle Oil
5 PT
20gForaging Level 9


Maru would appreciate it if she received this tree sap, but other NPCs won’t since they dislike it.


A player wearing a floppy beanie in stardew valley.
The perfect winter outfit needs a beanie!

You can make a Floppy Beanie and use some of it to make an orange dye for your pots.


It’s an option in completing the Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room.


Fish Pond Quest. Woodskip may request Pine Tar to increase the pond capacity from five to seven.

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