13 Best Fish to Catch in Stardew Valley

Fishing is better when you’re guaranteed to make the most money with less effort involved. Do you want the finest quality – the best fish in Stardew Valley? We’ll talk about them, including the catching process!

The player holding the best fish(es) in Stardew Valley.
No spoilers in this one!

Your fishing experience is not the most ideal in Stardew Valley. There are countless junk items in your inventory and a mix of Seaweed, Green Algae, and common catches in your storage. It can’t go like this after spending tons of time in the waters – you need that hard cash.

While being a Fisher in the game is never lucrative, taking a break from the activity is impossible. Not only does it offer fun, but also the perfect time-killer during the Winter season. Unless your spouse is throwing a fit on your house, or it’s farming time again.

The constant low-quality catch can become a massive turn-off for you and your career. However, there are still different types to catch, and we’re here to spill 13 of them. Since we want beginners and veterans to get decent money, we won’t include legendaries in this guide! After all, it’ll take time to master their behavior.

Why Do Fish Matter in Stardew Valley?

They’re all-purpose in the game, from crafting, tailoring, dyeing, and cooking. But the most crucial role a fish plays is bridging the profit gap between Winter and Spring. It’s at least a decent option if you want something extra for upcoming festivals where you can buy items.

The fish type also matters in Stardew Valley as a better, uncommon name is usually a big sale! However, you’ll need to consider the quality you can reel in from higher fishing zones. They improve prices drastically, but it’ll depend if it’s silver, gold, or iridium qualities.

13 Best Fishes Worth Catching

The following is a ranking of the best fish candidates in-game. We provide an in-depth explanation for each fish and everything you must know to catch one. Our standards are simple: put high-selling types on higher-tier. If we find a tie, it’ll be a battle between Fish Pond drops.

13. Tiger Trout

The player holding a Tiger Trout at the Pelican Town River.
Fun Fact: Its real-life counterpart doesn’t reproduce as in the game.

A Tiger Trout is one you wouldn’t expect on this list – but as earlier mentioned, legendaries deserve a separate ranking. This rare hybrid trout has a Dart behavior with 60 difficulty. Catching them has a 100% success rate if you don’t throw the fishing mini-game.

Tiger Trout also has the same selling value as Midnight Carp and Scorpion Carp, but we’ll later reveal why they’re placed higher. One thing is for sure. This fish isn’t impressive in becoming a Fish Pond inhabitant or a cooking ingredient.

Straight to the bin with the following prices or to your belly with its healing effects:

QualityHealthEnergySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

You can start catching Tiger Trout in the following locations in Stardew Valley. Here’s a detailed look:

Pelican Town RiverFall, Winter6am – 7pmAny
Cindersap Forest RiverFall, Winter6am – 7pmAny

Even the Aged Roe potential it offers is lower versus higher ones on this list. But it’s one of the reasons why Tiger Trout is placed last.

12. Scorpion Carp

The player holding a Scorpion Carp at the Calico Desert.
It has lethal toxins but is still well-priced in the market.

If you know your way to Calico Desert, you’ll encounter a small body of water near the Skull Cavern’s entrance. You can catch plenty of Sandfish, but the real deal is Scorpion Carp. Try not to consume it because it has a sharp and poisonous stinger.

With a Dart behavior and 90 difficulty, it’ll take you a while to perfect the art of catching this fish. Moreover, you’ll need to reach Fishing Level 4 first, where you may get a 12% – 20% chance, even boosted by buffs.

QualityEnergySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

Take a closer look at the requirements you’ll need to get a Scorpion Carp:

Calico Desert PondAll6am – 8pmAny

The only leverage from putting a Scorpion Carp into the Fish Pond is Cactus Seeds. Daily yield and overall chance are even lower for such a rare item (in the pond’s context). However, it’s slightly better than Tiger Trout except for the poisonous effects.

11. Midnight Carp

The player holding a Midnight Carp in Ginger Island.
Midnight Carp has to be the most secretive fish in Stardew Valley.

Night fishing is one of the calmest moments in Stardew Valley. Although going outside during the evening is a preferential decision, many players would agree it’s as relaxing as daylight. However, you’ll get a Midnight Carp along the way if you’re persistent on specific requirements we’ll reveal later. 

Midnight Carp is relatively easier to catch with its Mixed behavior and 55 difficulty. It’s higher ranking than the previous two types, albeit at the same prices. Speaking of which, here’s a table of Midnight Carp’s value and consumption effects:

QualityHealthEnergySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

Here are every place and criteria you’ll need to catch this nocturnal sea creature:

Mountain LakeFall, Winter10pm – 2amAny
Cindersap Forest PondFall, Winter10pm – 2amAny
Forest, Riverland, Wilderness, and Four Corners (Farm MapsFall, Winter10pm – 2amAny
Ginger Island North FreshwaterAll10pm – 2amAny
Ginger Island West FreshwaterAll10pm – 2amAny

Seafoam Pudding is the advantage you can get since Midnight Carp is a crafting component of the recipe. Upon consumption, you’ll get +4 in Fishing – the highest and best buff in Stardew Valley. Also, the fish is more convenient to obtain for its selling price. Not bad at all!

10. Stingray

The player holding a Stingray at the Pirate Cove.
It’s enormous!

Just because Ginger Island is notorious for Volcano mining and Golden Walnuts doesn’t mean you’ll skip the waters. Grab your Iridium Rod and attach baits because you’re getting a Stingray today! Warning: It has a Sinker behavior and 80 difficulty. If you’re adjusting the fishing bar, equip the Lead Bobber to prevent any bouncing effect.

Whether you eat it or sell it to Mayor Lewis or Willy’s Fishing Shop is up to you. But here are its healing effects and costs:

QualityHealthEnergySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

Putting a Stingray in the Fish Pond can give you impressive results! The Aged Roe sells decently higher, the rest of the drops are Ginger Island-exclusive, and there’s a lower chance not to produce anything. Ready to catch one? Here’s a complete look at the sea creature’s whereabouts:

Pirate CoveAllAnyAny

9. Catfish

The player holding one of the best fish - Catfish - in the Witch's Swamp.
Probably the last fish you’ll catch for a bundle.

Other players emphasize the Catfish’s place in the top five because of its significance. However, it’s lower than you’ll expect for many acceptable reasons. First is the availability and difficulty in getting one. It would be a good idea to decide to sell it, but the price isn’t much versus the effort.

There are no unique cooking recipes you can make. Also, Catfish doesn’t produce enough items, although it’s still one of the best fishes in Stardew Valley. With a Mixed behavior at 75 difficulty, here’s a sneak peek of the sea creature’s worth and rejuvenation benefits:

QualityHealthEnergySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

And if you’re enthusiastic about catching this fish, here’s everything you should know:

Pelican Town RiverSpring, Fall6am – 12amRainy
Cindersap Forest RiverSpring, Fall6am – 12amRainy
Secret Woods PondSpring, Summer, Fall6am – 12amRainy
Witch’s SwampSpring, Summer, Fall6am – 12amRainy
Riverlands and Hill-top (Farm Maps)Spring, Fall6am – 12amRainy

8. Pufferfish

The player holding a Pufferfish at the Docks.
Be careful! It might inflate and hurt you!

As one of the best fish to catch in the game, give space for the prickliest creature you’ll encounter. They’re not the best for emergency health and energy consumption, but they’re good for the money.

QualityEnergySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

If you happen to be fishing in the following locations, we recommend dumping these creatures at the Shipping Bin for profit:

Pelican Town BeachSummer12pm – 4pmSunny
Beach FarmSummer12pm – 4pmSunny
Ginger Island OceanAll12pm – 4pmAny
Pirate CoveAll12pm – 4pmAny

Pufferfish has a Floater behavior – one of two fishes to have it aside from Blobfish. Its difficulty is 80 and could be a problem for beginners.

7. Sturgeon

The player holding a Sturgeon at the Mountain Lake.
Tip: Its eggs make Caviar.

Sturgeon has been a game-changer since the Movie Theater was added to Stardew Valley. The instant popularity is from Caviar, helping players complete the Missing Bundle and access a new area. Since then, it has become one of the best fish to catch.

This ancient bottom-feeder has a Mixed movement type at 78 difficulty. Interestingly, its Fish Pond produce is slightly more valuable than Pufferfish. It’s because Caviar is worth higher than a regular Aged Roe. Here are all prices and healing effects to expect:

QualityHealthEnergySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

Catching a Sturgeon is essential if you want to unlock Stardew Valley’s theaters. So take note of the following conditions and only place before attempting to bring your Fishing Rod:

Mountain LakeSummer, Winter6am – 7pmAny

6. Spook Fish

The player holding a Spook Fish at the Fishing Submarine.
A rare glimpse of Spook Fish in the Fishing Submarine (Night Market).

If you’ve been playing Stardew Valley since version 1.3.27, it’s a guarantee you got excited for the Night Market. This new festivity offers new secrets, features, and even items! While it lasts for three nights, we know your wishes to extend it or make it a permanent Winter occasion.

Don’t miss out on Spook Fish – a mysterious and creepy-looking marine animal that lurks in the ocean depths. It has a Dart behavior at 60 difficulty. We’ll spill the locations and tips to catch one, but check this table of selling and healing effects first:

QualityHealthEnergySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

Ready to catch a Spook Fish? Here’s how:

Submarine Ride HatchWinter5pm – 2amAny

An alternative way would be catching your Iridium Rod near the Submarine outside with Magic Baits. You have a 3.3% chance on average and 6.8% with a Curiosity Lure. 

The most remarkable thing about a Spook Fish is its Fish Pond potential. Aging their eggs sell pretty nice, and you may get a Treasure Chest you can sell for 5,000g! While this Night Market catch appears alongside the Midnight Squid that produces a Squid Ink, it’s more valuable than the latter.

5. Super Cucumber

The player holding a Super Cucumber at the Ocean Docks.
It’s an Iridium quality Sea Cucumber!

Catching a Super Cucumber – one of the best fish in Stardew Valley – is a good indication of luck. They don’t appear as much as you’d expect (although you can manipulate your chances). But upon encountering, the Sinker movement type and 80 difficulty will be a tough challenge!

As opposed to Sea Cucumbers, you can consume them – and the effects are massive! They even do well as a Fish Pond candidate since they may produce Iridium Ore and Amethyst. Sell a Super Cucumber to Willy’s fish shop and Lewis or eat to get the following effects:

QualityHealthEnergySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

Take a deep breath before you cast your Fishing Rod to Zone 5. It’s crucial to compose yourself as you’ll need to focus on obtaining this rare fish. Now, equip a Lead Bobber to counter its Sinker behavior and throw as far as you can in the following areas:

Pelican Town BeachSummer, Fall6pm – 2amAny
Beach FarmSummer, Fall6pm – 2amAny
Ginger Island OceanAllAnyAny
Pirate CoveAllAnyAny
Fishing SubmarineWinter5pm – 2amAny

There’s a 4% chance to reel in a Super Cucumber at the exterior of the Fishing Submarine. It only triggers if you have the Magic Bait. Even better, with a Curiosity Lure.

4. Stonefish

The holding a Stonefish inside the Mines.
Does the shape come from another game?

The Mines is the best hotspot for gathering important stones for crafting basic items in Stardew Valley. There are also precious ores for smelting, where combining them with Coal at the Furnace will turn into a solid bar. Occasionally, you may acquire gems and geodes that could be a fortune or loss.

But if you think you need a relaxing break from swinging your weapons at the enemies, consider fishing. Stonefish is also one of the best fish to catch for many sensible reasons. One of them is its daily produce from Fish Pond. The highest and rarest item you can get is a Diamond. The rest are Mines-exclusive.

Stonefish is also beginner-friendly – you only have to bypass its Sinker behavior at 65 difficulty. It’s like most common fishes, but this type has better advantages! However, the issue to address is being inedible. But does that matter if the following prices are present?

QualitySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

Here’s the only location you can catch Stonefish:

The Mines (Floor 20)AllAnyAny

A valuable marine animal would be rarer – and it’s the case for this one. The highest chance you have is 12.5%. However, you’ll need a Curiosity Lure, Fishing Level 10, and your Iridium Rod on Fishing Zone 5.

3. Ice Pip

The player holding an Ice Pip at the Mines.
It’s surprising to see them not frozen.

Friendly Heads-up: The remaining fishes (this type included) are exclusive to the Mines. If this means anything, you know the ideal place to get the best fish in Stardew Valley.

Ice Pip resides at the bottom of the Mines, having a Dart movement type and 85 difficulty. Its price is costly – but you need to take the challenge before getting one.

QualityHealthEnergySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

Think about the Ice Pip’s potential if you place it in the Fish Pond. There’s a slim possibility of obtaining a free Diamond, Iron Ore (turned into an Iron Bar), and Frozen Geode! If you don’t want them in the artificial habitat, you can fish them out using a Rod. However, you should catch them first here:

The Mines (Floor 60)AllAnyAny

2. Blobfish

The player holding a Blobfish at the Night Market.
A Blobfish ready for selling!

This marine creature you brand as ugly is one of the best fish in-game as it has the second-highest value. Looks genuinely don’t matter in fishing for money. Besides, it has a Floater behavior at 75 difficulty, which is conveniently easy!

A single piece costs half a thousand gold and can go up to 1,500g! Here are the full prices with every regeneration effect per quality:

QualityHealthEnergySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

If you’re feeling confident in catching a Blobfish, here’s the location and requirements:

Fishing Submarine HatchWinter5pm – 2amAny

Alternatively, using a Magic Bait outside the Submarine’s vicinity with the same criteria lets you obtain one. 

Aside from the excellent selling price, Blobfish offers well-priced items through Fish Pond farming. Its Aged Roe product ranges from 560g – 784g, a Pearl costing 2,500g, and a Warp Totem: Farm that lets you teleport back to the Farmhouse.

Drop normal quality ones at the Fish Pond and sell the remaining higher-tier as you’ll need the extra gold. After all, you can’t withdraw the same gold or iridium qualities if you use the Fishing Rod.

1. Lava Eel

The player holding the best fish to catch in Stardew Valley - the Lava Eel.
They’re dangerously hard to get.

Hats off to the Lava Eel for providing the most value in the fishing industry in Stardew Valley. It’s an easy way to turn an enjoyable hobby into a lucrative business – but only if you have tons to sell. A straightforward solution would be depositing them in the Fish Pond and reeling them using a powerful rod.

Even better, build multiple Fish Pond and ready their potential item requests at a nearby Chest. You’ll experience exponential growth within a season, and you’ll get rich before Winter.

Lava Eel comes with a great price: it’s hard to catch and has a relatively low bite chance. Since it has a Mixed behavior at 90 difficulty, expect it to be as near as some legendary fishes. This creature may somewhat behave like an Octopus, but at the highest tier.

Almost passing out after trying to catch a Lava Eel? We highly recommend not to consume it because of its selling price, making it the best fish to catch in Stardew Valley. Here’s a table of proof alongside each quality:

QualityHealthEnergySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

At the deepest portions of the Mines is where you can get a Lava Eel – at least if you’re starting. The highest chance possible is 9.4%. However, you’ll need to equip a Curiosity Lure, have the maximum fishing level, and cast at Fishing Zone 5.

If you have already unlocked the Ginger Island, you can get a Lava Eel at the Volcano Caldera where the Forge sits in. This place offers a better and higher catching rate – 50%, specifically if it’s at Fishing Zone 5.

Here are the full details of the two locations and requirements to spawn one:

The Mines (Floor 100)AllAnyAny
Volcano CalderaAllAnyAny

A Lava Eel’s Aged Roe sells the most expensive in-game between 760g – 1,064g. Aside from that, you may get tons of Magma Geode containing minerals and Gold Ore for crafting. Spicy Eel may also appear at times, giving great movement and luck buffs.

Facts and Trivia

Selling list, fishing rod, crab pots and the Mines in Stardew Valley.
Common questions explained for beginners.

What is the most profitable fish to farm Stardew Valley?

Sturgeon is the best option if you want a stable profit by fishing. They have a slightly above average difficulty, can give decent Aged Roe income, and is quite common in Mountain Lake. However, they’re only available during Summer and Winter, so Midnight Carp is another long-lasting option.

How do you make the most money fishing Stardew Valley?

Making the most money by fishing shouldn’t rely solely on the skill itself. Sometimes, you need innovation, such as turning a Carp into a Sashimi (better selling price) or throwing them at the Fish Pond. The endpoint is at the Shipping Bin, where you’ll get massive profit after the day!

What is the rarest fish in Stardew Valley?

Aside from Lava Eel (a non-legendary), Legend (a legendary) is the rarest fish. After meeting some specific requirements and at the right season and weather, it’s available to catch! This lineup is followed by Glacierfish and Crimsonfish, albeit the former is the harder to get.

Before trying to hook in legendaries, consider equipping a Tackle. Cork Bobber and Trap Bobber are always the superior choices!

Where can I fish for the most money Stardew?

The answer to the question will depend on the season. In Spring and Fall, target River fish types in Pelican Town to get an average 385g – 1,155g and 685g – 2,055g, respectively. The Ocean will be the best place if it’s Summer as most catches in general total 1,080g – 3,240g.

On the other hand, Mountain Lake will work best during Winter. Cindersap Forest is another best spot, but make sure it’s at the tip of Arrowhead Island. 

Suppose you’re struggling with the season changes, it’s best to start small. Chub, Red Snapper, Red Mullet, Sunfish, Bream, Tilapia, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, and Tuna belong to lower-tier but still give something.

Is fishing good for money Stardew Valley?

This comprehensive list of the 13 best fishes to catch won’t exist in the first place if fishing is not good for profit. Whether you’re a Beach or Forest lover, you can get good gold in the depths!

Does it matter where you fish in Stardew Valley?

The best fishing spot matters, and it always depends on the season. But if it’s the Fishing Zone, make a great deal about them because the farther you cast, the higher quality is. But just because you’re doing a good technique doesn’t mean you won’t get Green Algae or Seaweed.

Are Crab Pots worth it in Stardew Valley?

Crab Pots are a passive way of getting money in the game, so the answer is yes. However, make sure to optimize the process by picking the right profession. Crayfish, Lobster, Oyster, and Mussel are some potential loots you may get.

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